Redeem US Airways Miles For Turkish And Singapore: Last Chance

Even though US Airways left the Star Alliance and joined the oneworld alliance on March 31, 2014, they’ve continued to have partnerships on the side with a few of their previous Star Alliance partners.

Some of these partnerships had short term expiration dates. As of now US Airways still partners with the following Star Alliance airlines, per their “other airline” award chart:

  • Aegean Airlines
  • Air China
  • Shenzhen Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • South African Airways
  • TAP Portugal
  • Turkish Airlines

It’s worth noting that two of these partnerships will expire in roughly a week. US Airways Dividend Miles will be discontinuing their partnerships with Singapore and Turkish as of July 31, 2014.

Turkish 777-300ER

For most people this probably isn’t significant, as there are lots of great uses of miles on oneworld partners. That being said, if you do specifically want to redeem miles on either of these carriers, you’ll want to book within the next week (even though travel can be after that).

Keep in mind that if you redeem Dividend Miles for one of US Airways’ non-oneworld partners you can’t mix airlines on the award — you have to exclusively fly that carrier for the entire trip.

To some that will still be useful. For example, you can fly Turkish business class from the US to Asia via Istanbul with a stopover there (they have a great business class lounge in Istanbul). It’s definitely not a bad use of miles, though you’re committed to flying them the entire way.

Turkish 777-300ER business class

Singapore Airlines only releases economy and shorthaul business class award space to partner airlines, so if you’re looking for a premium cabin redemption then you’ll want to look elsewhere (though there are plenty of ways to accrue KrisFlyer miles directly, so that shouldn’t be so difficult). If you’re looking to redeem miles for economy class, though, since definitely has one of the better economy class products out there.

Singapore Airlines A330

Is anyone planning on still redeeming Dividend Miles for travel on Turkish or Singapore?


  1. @ arthur — If you’re looking for Star Alliance carriers I’d suggest using or the ANA tool. Otherwise and the British Airways tool work well.

  2. It would actually work very nicely for me as Turkish flies from my airport (SKG) and I love transiting IST (plus the lower taxes) – but, I have already burned all my US miles 🙂

  3. Lucky, can I use my US miles to book a SQ business (two-cabin flight) for SIN-DPS? If so, do I have to book a roundtrip?

  4. Can it be combined with us airways metal? Tk don’t fly directly to my home city. Can I connect from Tk destination city in USA to PHILLY on us airways metal? Like IAD ORD.

  5. Redeemed last week… I was trying to figure a way to get to Europe without fuel surcharges…



  6. Where does it say that you cannot mix and match former Star carriers? I had no problem booking a US/CA/TK/TP award recently. It even auto-priced.

  7. Matthew is correct. I booked an Eva award before they terminated their partnership. It also has US Air and Singapore legs included.

  8. Hmm this might work for me as I have a flight to Europe booked at Christmas time but nothing to come back. Maybe might be a chance to do a trip on Turkish. Then again, maybe stick with my original plan of getting enough points in Flying Blue so I can get another ceramic house full of gin.

  9. I also have a couple of awards booked with multiple *A partners (booked after they moved to OW)

  10. @ Steven — Not something I’ve given much thought to, to be honest. I haven’t flown long-haul economy in over a decade.

  11. Lucky, can you book mixed partner awards (ie. Cathay Pacific and South African Airways) on the same ticket or do all carriers on the same ticket have to be either OW or other partners?

  12. @Lucky you CAN mix non-OW partners together, I have a booking that includes US, TK, SA and 9W flights, you just can’t combine the non-OW with OW carriers (other than US itself)

  13. This might not be that ralavent, but can I use Turkish miles to book a round trip from US to Asia? And what is the best way to do it?

  14. I agree with the majority that it is possible to book with non-oneworld partners together, as written in the partner award chart here:

    When I made my booking 2 months ago (includes EVA Air, Air China, Singapore), the agent at first stated that I could only book on one partner but when I told her to look at the award chart online, it literally states “Travel on any one or combination of the following US partner airlines – Aegean Airlines, Air China, Air New Zealand, Hawaiian Airlines, Jet Airways, Shenzhen Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, TAP Portugal, and Turkish Airlines.”
    Thereafter she was able to book my award ticket.

  15. @ Daniel — Yes, you can redeem Turkish miles for travel on Star Alliance carriers, including between the US and Asia. You would want to search space and then call them to book.

  16. The other partner chart would be open for all of the listed region-to-region awards, correct, i.e. there wouldn’t be any need to originate in the U.S. would there? I was searching for SIN-AKL or SIN-BKK, and it couldn’t even find those IATA codes, so naturally it returned 0 results. Is their site really THAT weak when it comes to searching? If so, then I assume the tip about using applies, and I’d have no choice but to call U.S.’s phone center to book? I feel a headache coming on…. 😉

  17. US Airways was able to book a SFO-IST-CDG-(open jaw)-IST-SFO for me. However, they were having problems issuing the ticket. The agent said that SFO-IST sector was unable to issue electronically (“no response from Turkish Airlines on the computer system”). They said to call back tomorrow and check again. Anyone else having this issue?

  18. Just made a Business class reservation with US Airways miles that includes US, CA, and TK. No problem with TK. I even checked my TK account afterwards, and the reservation shows up correctly as Business class flights.

    Thanks, Lucky, for all your tips! I had no trouble at all with US Airways. I had done my homework and was prepared with all my flights. Still, I was nervous– it’s only my second award booking, and first with US Airways. The agent I spoke with was knowledgeable, efficient, and business-like polite. She knew the cities, the airlines, and the fare rules. Right away she told me how many miles it would be. Taxes took a while, but the agent kept coming on the line to apologize for the delay.

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