Hilton Triple Your Trip Promotion Excluded Hotels

Last night I posted about Hilton’s third quarter Triple Your Trip promotion, whereby they’re offering double HHonors points on Monday through Thursday night stays, while they’re offering triple HHonors points on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night stays.


The issue with Hilton HHonors promotions is that they always have a list of non-participating properties. Yesterday when I posted about the promotion, they hadn’t yet uploaded the list of properties excluded from the promotion, even though the page was there and simply had a “Coming Soon” message.


While I still don’t see the list uploaded, LoyaltyLobby has the full list. It seems the list just isn’t showing up in certain regions. According to him, 1,362 hotels have chosen to opt out of the promotion, which is ~33% of all Hilton family properties.

Admittedly Hilton has a ton of hotels, though I think this is the highest number of hotels we’ve ever seen on the non-participating list.

And really this kind of comes down to one of my big gripes with Hilton HHonors. First of all, keep in mind that Hilton doesn’t own their properties, but rather simply has a management contract for running the properties. Their individual hotels always have the option as to whether or not they want to participate in promotions, meaning they’re looking at their individual interests rather than the interests of the overall group.

With the hotel industry doing amazingly well, hotel occupancy is high and room rates are high, so why would an individual hotel pay an additional fee to participate in a promotion? At least from their perspective, that explains why so many hotels have chosen not to participate.

Conversely, at Hyatt Gold Passport all properties participate in promotions by default, so even if it’s not all that exciting of a promotion, I really respect that they’re able to get all their properties on the same page about the overall goals of the chain.

Bottom line

As I explained yesterday, this promotion can still be very lucrative, as you can earn up to 52 HHonors points per dollar spent on select Hilton stays. That being said, with so many properties excluded, be careful where you book.


  1. So much for that promotion, all my usual places in San Diego are opting out. Looks like all of San Diego opted out.

  2. Well, when 33% of the Hilton hotels opt out to participate in this promotion it tells me a lot about how they like Hilton.

  3. Unbelievable 1246 U.S. Hilton Family Hotels NOT participating in this offer!?! That just helps me to finally decide to switch my allegiance back to where I was before: Mariott Rewards. The bulk of my business stays are in Illinois south of Chicago and all of these have chosen not to participate. Therefore, Fairfield Inn is where I will go to accumulate my points from now on.

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