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While I’m very active on Twitter and Instagram, I’m trying to work on improving the blog’s Facebook page.

I’ve had a blog Facebook page for quite a while now, but have done a horrible job managing it. It didn’t even occur to me that posts weren’t properly synching to the blog’s Facebook page for a couple of months, even though they were showing up correctly on my end.

So at least I’ve worked out those kinks, and posts should once again be displaying correctly.


Ultimately the goal with the blog’s Facebook page isn’t to get as many people to “like” the page just for the sake of liking it, but to figure out how I can add more value there.

I know a lot of people subscribe to the blog via email and aren’t active on Twitter and don’t use RSS feeds, and I think there’s a lot of value to being able to get posts “live” instead of only once per day. That’s because some of the best deals don’t last very long, so seeing those “live” can be the difference between getting in on them and not.

I’ve tried to make the Facebook page a bit prettier, but am curious what information you guys would find more useful there, because I’ve heard people go both ways.

Would the most value from the blog’s Facebook page come from:

  • Keeping it fairly uncluttered and just synching all posts there so that they can easily be read?
  • Actually interacting beyond that, be it answering questions, sharing travel tricks, funny cat videos, discounts for laundry detergent, etc? šŸ˜‰

I’m open to either, but would appreciate some feedback on what you guys would find most useful. In the meantime I will of course continue to sync posts there, and will also start sharing “micro” deals and tricks there that don’t quite warrant a blog post, but are worth mentioning nonetheless.

So if you’d like to “Like” the blog’s Facebook page, I’d sure like that! šŸ˜‰

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


  1. Facebook is a tricky platform for businesses/bloggers. Basically, your posts don’t get reliably blasted to even a small fraction of your audience on their news feeds unless a) you pay Facebook to promote your posts or b) a lot of people like & comment on the Facebook posts. I started with Facebook more than a year ago and then have migrated much more to Twitter and Instagram. Hard to reach people in a timely fashion otherwise. My take would be just to sync your posts on Facebook and leave the real-time interaction to other platforms. You already have a huge and engaged Twitter following, so if it ain’t broke….

  2. Ben, I would prefer if you stick to Twitter/instagram and this site. What you can also do is link your Twitter account with Facebook to you can harmonise your posts. x

  3. I might select a handful of bloggers to follow individually through FB. Boarding area traffic is now too high for my feed. I’d prefer not to recieve twitters through FB link, adds to irritating noise (unless there is away to screen it out). Save tweets for those who want them.

  4. Corporate network blocks FB and I hardly spend any time on it anyway, so I will continue to do this the old-fashioned way – by refreshing this blog manually šŸ™‚

    @ Lucky — I guess there’s a regular (daily?) newsletter but, FYI, I also continue to receive individual notifications of new blog posts because I selected “new post notification” checkbox on the old design. So not sure if it’s possible to enable it again but wanted to give you a heads up that those notifications continue to go out (and I very much like having them!).

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