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In mid-June I wrote about La Compagnie, the new French airline that was planning to launch all business class service between Paris and Newark as of July 11, 2014.

I wrote about them again last week, after their supposed inaugural flight, which never actually happened. As I explained, they offer ridiculously good business class fares, even though their product is not competitive. At the time business class was 1,000 Euros roundtrip, which is as cheap as economy class in some cases.

Of course that’s no way to make money — you’re not going to turn a profit selling business class seats at the price of coach seats. But sadly it almost looked like that was their only option, since their business class is so mediocre that no one would pay business class prices for it.

There are just so many aspects of their operation that are fascinating, though I won’t rehash them all here — check out my previous post if you haven’t read it already.

Last week I asked them on Facebook when their inaugural flight would be, to which their response was “Soon, very soon ! You’ll have all the pictures on this Facebook page.” Of course I was asking because I wanted to be on the inaugural flight.


I’ve been monitoring their schedule like a hawk, and they haven’t been selling tickets for flights before this Thursdays up until now.

According to their Facebook page, it seems that out of nowhere they had their “inaugural flight” yesterday from Paris to Newark. Here are all two pictures that they posted of it on their Facebook:

La-Compagnie-Inaugural-2Ā La-Compagnie-Inaugural-1

Dear La Compagnie — shuttling a plane empty across an ocean doesn’t qualify as an inaugural in my book. šŸ˜‰

Anyway, I do have some other legitimate updates regarding La Compagnie:

La Compagnie’s US website is now live

Up until yesterday, La Compagnie didn’t have a US website. When you went to their US website you simply got this page:


Now their US website is finally live:


So you don’t need a non-US IP in order to book a ticket on La Compagnie anymore — woohoo!

It’s still not clear when La Compagnie will actually fly

It’s great that they had their “inaugural” flight yesterday. You’d think that would mean they’ll actually start flying now, no? Well, so far their schedule has made Qatar’s A380 delivery schedule look reliable by comparison.

Looking at the calendar, it seems the first date they’re selling seats for is Saturday, July 26. And then after that it’s another six days till they have another flight, on Friday, August 1. You will notice the excuse for not operating flights alternates between “Not Available” and “Not Operating.”

La-Compagnie-11 La-Compagnie-10

La Compagnie has already raised prices

When I talked about fares last time, they were charging 1,000 Euros roundtrip per person (~$1,360USD).


Looking at the US site, the lowest roundtrip fare I’m seeing is ~$1,800USD.



Yeah, admittedly the ~$1,350USD fares were ridiculously low, but they weren’t a totally stupid idea (even if the airline as a whole is). You want to get people on your planes so they’re talking about your product and familiar with it, and that wasn’t necessarily a bad way to accomplish that.

Bottom line



  1. Ben, I love how you tear this airline apart -repeatedly! This whole venture seems so absurd that it’s almost surprising it didn’t go live on Apr 1. You really have to fly them once, I guess the resulting trip report will be epic…;-)

  2. Allocating B0 to a French airline? I’m glad to see that somebody at IATA has a sense of humour!

  3. Are those video screens on the ceiling? So I guess there are no individual screens with video on demand?

  4. SWEET JESUS there are no individual video screens. This is just getting too tempting. And ridiculous that someone would subject themselves to that.

  5. They need to pull the English language website entirely (like the French on all hair and beauty products) and make it a trendy “underground” flight. Hand out business cards to the glamorous and beautiful people and models at trendy NY and Paris clubs…

  6. From the FB page, it seems like they don’t have individual video screens, but give out tablets to each passenger pre-loaded with IFE options. Which sounds fine to me, as long as there’s a place to mount them rather than holding it on your lap the whole flight.

  7. They are advertising two round trip tickets for $2014…anyone having any lucky actually pricing 2 tickets at $2014?

  8. How about being positive every once and awhile? I for one hope they make it and will cheer them on rather than poke fun at them.

  9. @Keith, Lucky’s traffic is down so he needs to take cheap (and non funny) shots at people/products/planes to help bolster his living.

  10. A couple things:
    – hilarious article. Bravo!
    – B0 comment FTW!
    – while Ben isn’t a high powered executive, his armchair CEO skills are still better than SMI/J. I’d be happy if he took over the reigns šŸ˜›

  11. @lucky is that why you sent me a last ditch email to donate more (and to tell my friends) for your kickstarter campaign since im sure your traffic would be more than enough for your readers to fund your increasingly snobbish travels. Tlimits of florida’s states marketing program are showing like a german teetotaler.

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