Winner Of The $250 American Airlines Gift Card

Yesterday was the World Cup finals, so I decided to have an impromptu giveaway. I asked you guys to guess who you would win the World Cup, and what you thought the score would be.

Then I’d pick a winner at random to win a $250 American Airlines gift card. If the winning entry happened to guess both the winner and the score, I’d double the gift card to $500.

Using, the randomly selected winner was Branson, who left the following comment:

2-1 Germany with the win!

He even happened to guess the right team. Congrats, Branson, I’ll be in touch shortly!

At the end of the day the right team always wins, in my opinion. And to those of you that are sad about the outcome because you were rooting for the underdog… worry not, I was rooting for the underdog as well… Andy!

Andy will be living the good life, it looks like!

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