Asiana A380 LAX Flights Delayed Until August 26, 2014

The most recent airline to take delivery of the Airbus A380 is Asiana, which started intra-Asia A380 service in mid-June. Their A380 launch routes were Seoul Incheon to Tokyo Narita and Hong Kong, which makes sense given that they’re both short routes with high demand.

Back in March Asiana announced that their first longhaul A380 destination would be Los Angeles, as of August 15, 2014. I was very excited about this, and managed to snag a first class award seat on the flight using Avianca LifeMiles.

The reasoning behind waiting two months before starting longhaul operations is twofold:

  • To work out and kinks and train crews on the aircraft on shorthaul flights first, so that they’re putting their best foot forward when they start longhaul operations (when British Airways took delivery of their first A380, they first flew it between London and Frankfurt for several weeks)
  • To wait for the second A380 delivery, since it takes two A380s to operate daily service to Los Angeles, and they weren’t taking delivery of two A380s at once

While not as extreme as the delays that Qatar Airways is experiencing with their A380s (which sure seem to be self inflicted), it does appear as if there may be a delay in Asiana’s A380 service to LAX.

Asiana’s promotional A380 website still lists A380 service to Los Angeles as of August 15, 2014.


However, in looking at their actual schedule, they’re now showing a 747-400 on the Los Angeles route through August 25, 2014.


The same is true for the other routes which were scheduled to get the A380. They were also supposed to send the A380 to Bangkok and Osaka starting July 24, 2014, but those A380 flights are delayed as well. Per

ASIANA AIRLINES is delaying planned introduction of Airbus A380 service to Osaka, Bangkok and Los Angeles, as a result of apparent delay of aircraft delivery. Revised A380 operations as follow.

eff 30JUL14 Seoul Incheon – Bangkok OZ741/742 5 weekly, until 13AUG14 (14AUG14 from BKK)
eff 01AUG14 Seoul Incheon – Osaka Kansai OZ112/111 daily, until 14AUG14
eff 26AUG14 Seoul Incheon – Los Angeles OZ202/201 daily

So if you booked Asiana in July or August solely to be on the A380 (like I did), beware!

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. Hi Ben,

    We have two first class seats from LAX to ICN on August 17. Just checked our reservation and it now shows 747 when it used to show A380. However, we return on August 29 from ICN to LAX and it still shows A380. Hopefully, it stands so we can experience the A380 if not on the outbound at least on the inbound.

  2. Same goes for our reservation on Aug 22. Really bummed but if I had to pick an older aircraft for the flight I’d pick the 747… Those are getting rare these days.

  3. So it seems now that Asiana’s goal is to have their A380 inaugural flight before Qatar’s…

    Strange, I actually caught a glimpse of Asiana’s A380 when I was taking off from Seoul last month… on Korean Air’s A380.

  4. @ Euro — I wouldn’t read too much into it. They’ve already had their first A380 flight, even though it wasn’t longhaul, while Qatar hasn’t.

  5. @ Robbie Plafker — To add to that, don’t think LAX flight has first class on the 777 either.

  6. Possibly to replace the door seals on all A380s which currently have slow/noisy leaks.

    Only the LAX A380 will have first class (just as the 747 today).

  7. Hey Ben,

    I booked BKK-ICN on Asiana just to try the A380 using United miles, but now the aircraft is switched to the 747. United won’t allow me to change for free would it?


  8. @ — You could try to make the argument, but generally an aircraft swap in and of itself isn’t cause for allowing a change, assuming your original class of service still operates.

  9. @lucky – different airline I know, but I managed to get SQ to let me swap flight when they did an aircraft swap on me – managed to retain my A380 Suites Class as a result 🙂

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