Win Swiss, Ethiopian, And Schlappi Swag!

Back when I still had an apartment I was big into collecting airline amenity kits, menus, pajamas, etc.ย Now that I live in hotels, I don’t have any space in my carry-on to spare.

Since I’m wrapping up my last US Airways 90,000 mile business class award, I have a few things to give away:

  • Green Ethiopian Airlines Cloud Nine amenity kit
  • Red Ethiopian Airlines Cloud Nine amenity kit
  • Swiss first class amenity kit (which the friendly purser gave me because I didn’t get my meal choice on my Zurich to Beijing flight)
  • Schlappi the teddy bear, who I bought while mildly inebriated on my Swiss flight, simply because his name is one letter off from my last name — I hadn’t considered that I had nowhere to store him)

I mean, this is some high stakes stuff, folks:

  • Trust me, after my Ethiopian flight from Addis Ababa to Frankfurt, winning this contest is definitely the best way to pick up an Ethiopian amenity kit ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Swiss first class awards are now exclusively available to Miles & More elite members, so most of us won’t have a chance to pick up one of these kits on miles
  • Schlappi… well… who wouldn’t want a cuddly, (slightly) handsomer version of me minus the “g” (okay, I guess that’s really not much of a selling point)

To win the above swag, simply leave a comment on this post by 11:59PM ET tomorrow, Sunday, July 6, 2014, letting me know what you’re up to this (hopefully) long weekend. One entry per person, please, and I’ll randomly pick a winner on Monday.


While my July 4 weekend consisted of flying Ethiopian Airlines and watching Germany kick some butt in the World Cup from the Vaterland (okay, they didn’t actually kick butt and really just lucked out, so I can’t say I’m looking forward to their semifinals game against Brazil), hopefully others had a more patriotic weekend. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Flew my first A38i0 LHR-HKG in BA Firstl Spending some time in Hua Hin, Thailand before moving on to Siem Reap and Hong Kong.

  2. Enjoyed the NYC fireworks last night from our NJ vantage point and off to a Kimpton for a staycation tomorrow night to help maintain Inner Circle status.

  3. Keep Schlappi. If you don’t find a significant other that likes flying with you, your hotel kong beds can be shared with him/her.

  4. Leaving Banff on our way to Jasper Alberta. Doing the ice field bus plus rafting. Tough day eh!

  5. In Aruba with the family, on mile and point ๐Ÿ™‚
    Watched fireworks on the beach last night!!

  6. Taking a breather from the road to clean up our flooded basement before enjoying new Marriott Platinum status at the Mayflower in DC next week followed by 2 weeks in Cambridge. After surviving Chocago’s flash flood, living in hotels sounds pretty good!

  7. I am going to go pick up my friend from the Bus station and spend some time with them this weekend.. a much needed break. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. My long weekend ended up visiting HKG and SIN! United had a very good W fare with lots of R seats available so upgrade cleared instantly!

  9. Finishing my exams next week , so I’ll be studying ..But I’m constantly checking the M&M Meilenschnรคppen (talk about procrastination ๐Ÿ˜€ ) and as soon as I’m done with uni I’m spending my miles on a C-class flight!! Right now i’m torn between Orlando(LH) and Newark(OS) :).

  10. Not a long weekend up here (ours was on Tuesday) but still out enjoying the sunny weekend.

  11. Post-Arthur fireworks over the water in Rehoboth Beach. It’s a perfect day to spend onthe beach today with friends – clear blue skies and low humidity. Rare in July.

    I would love the Ethiopian amenity kit. I was dying to book USDM partner award travel IAD-ADD-KGL to see the mountain gorillas in Rwanda before US left Star Alliance, but my partner would have no part of it. The kit would help console me.

  12. Enjoyed watching Germany’s winning game yesterday and today enjoying some quality family time in NYC.

  13. Staying home this holiday…being retired means I don’t have to travel on busy travel holidays….can leave room on planes for people who have no choice and need to travel this weekend.

  14. Caught some fireworks yesterday and will spend the rest of the weekend shopping and hanging out at BBQs

  15. My husband and I went to a lovely wedding in Orlando, then promptly returned home to our kids to spend some quality time over the weekend. Hubs made his famous ribs that marinated for three days while we were away and we had some friends and family over to eat and watch our neighbors light fireworks and possibly blow their hands off in the process. Beer. Meat. Explosions. ‘MURICA!

  16. Enjoyed the fireworks here in SF. Also helps to maintain Diamond status. ๐Ÿ˜€ Now off to Yosemite for some hiking fun.

  17. Just chilling out at home this weekend. Had a few cold beers and threw a couple of nice ribeyes on the grill.

  18. Unfortunately no big plans this weekend. Watched the fireworks last night. Happy Fourth!

  19. I’ll be attending a band concert / fireworks display Sunday evening. The finale will be the U.S. Army band playing the 1812 overture including a half dozen civil war cannons as percussion instruments.

  20. Well my weekend consisted with hanging out with my good friend Arthur. My in-laws decided it would be a fantastic time to go to their beach house in the outer banks with a hurricane come. We we were there staring at ourselves with 100 mile an hour winds, while the eye of the storm drew closer. Good thing they had vodka.

  21. Making a massive homemade pizza for friends tonight and catching up on all the books I’ve neglected to read in the past month.

  22. Beautiful weekend here in Palm Springs. It’s fun watching the military jets practice take offs and landings at PSP.

  23. Having a beer and Relaxing, watching the Tour of France, and going to the Mall on monday to see it.

  24. Unfortunately no long weekend for me – sitting in the office and reading your blog, so you’d make me a great weekend if considering me in that lottery ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Trying out the Forbidden Pavillion first suites on Air China 777-300 ER PEK-IAH tomorrow. Fingers crossed…

  26. Showing out of town friends the SF Bay Area…Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square, Stanford,google campus.

    Pick me! Please. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. For the long weekend I am staying local and spending time with family and friends in New York ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. I’m taking a test this weekend. Don’t ask.

    I want the bear! GIVE ME THAT BEAR! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sounds like the second ET flight was…ETish?

  29. Finally going home after being in the air and on the road for work for 3 weeks! JFK > LAX I hope I get upgraded.

  30. I’ll be attending my graduation party tonight! Sunday I’ll probably be recovering from the hangover and then celebrate my mom’s birthday with my family! Cheers Lucky!

  31. I’m an American living in Canada, so Canada Day on Monday/Tuesday, July 4th yesterday… two long weekends back-to-back!

  32. While I am an American, I currently live in Japan, so no long weekend for me, however there is a Tanabata festival nearby to where I live, so I am going there.

  33. Just got to Tokyo from Hyderabad for a wedding, and then headed to Korea for a mini vacation. But not before sushi!

  34. Great way to wake up in the morning seeing some greens outside of four seasons dallas, and getting to spend the short holiday with mom. In regards to the world cup, brazil injured Nemar and Silva is out due to double yellow cards, so Germany has the much upperhand against Brazil. Plus, the Germans built a resort in Brazil just to host its players for the game!

  35. Great sports weekend. Deutschland gegen Brazil, start of the Tour de France and the British Grand Prix where Nico Rosberg sits on pole.

  36. I jetted over to San Francisco for the weekend using my southwest companion pass and I’m staying at the intercontinental Mark Hopkins on points.

  37. While I don’t mind Green Ethiopian, I much prefer to collect a teddy bear to add to my bear, tortoise, elephant, duck collection from Conrad hotels, Lufty, and others. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Celebrating our 18 month anniversary by flying to Spain and India to see my folks (all in J!)

  39. Trying to decide if it would be a waste of everyones time to send Points Pro our booked Aeroplan awards itinerary to see if better flights to LHR can be booked and Money can be saved.

    PS. If my entry is drawn, please only send Schlappi Jr. Send amenity kits to second draw.

    Good Luck Everyone

  40. Enjoying the long with end with friends and family out of the lakes of MI! Nice recharge before traveling starts.

  41. Other than a few hours in the office, I’m working on (a) starting the MS for my new AA MC which arrived by FedEx this a.m. (I had thought I would skip that one due to the high, 10k, spend, but caved last week when they said it was going away. Now I’m quietly freaking out about meeting the spend–along with the 3-4k I have left on other new cards.), and (b) starting to plan my first ever aspirational trip. Definitely thinking Pacific Island of some sort, unless I find something better. Not sure about airlines, but it WILL be one of the more highly reviewed soft and hard products. (Until I started reading your blog, I didn’t even KNOW about amenity bags and suites!)

  42. Overnight in Tulsa, and I’m all set for either the zoo or a museum. Nice to play it by ear once in a while.

  43. Not much. Work! Although I just returned from a vacation in Boston, and was able to enjoy the fireworks show.

  44. Hanging out at home in the Bay Area — watching soccer and planning remaining of F trip in 2015.

  45. I’m home for July, reading every travel blog, including yours to stay current. Just booked a 3 day trip to NYC for November and a 6 day trip to London & Dublin for Feb 2015. Thanks for all your great updates and content.

  46. This weekend marks the first weekend of the Calgary stampede! Off to the rodeo and chuck wagon races! As well, my first flight after having a baby is coming up. Yay!

  47. Travelled from FRA-BKK on TG A380 and that was our fifth A380 (all in F) ride after QF, SQ, EK and KE. Hope to change our flight to LH A380 F next week ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Well, the 4th was actually spent on attempt number 2 traveling from Chicago back to NYC after multiple flights on the 3rd were cancelled. However UA, who never ceases to amaze (good or bad), did not put enough fuel on a 767 for it to sit on the tarmac for 40 min and then circle in the air over Cleveland for 1 hour before it had to land for fuel in Pittsburgh. Oh and did I forget to mention the pushback team forgot to take out the locking pin so we sat for another 25 minutes while they figured that out?

    Then once we landed in Newark, they could not get the jetbridge to the aircraft door for another 20 minutes.

    All I’m doing is sitting at home, doing laundry (flying again Monday) and watching West Wing.

  49. Taking care of my two beautiful children and trying to stay out our my wife’s way! ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Packing for a month long trip!
    MIA-LHR in BA First, Then Rosewood London for a few days, Easyjet (!) from Gatwick to Mykonos for a month. ahhhh ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. I spent this weekend exploring the city of Memphis, TN checking out the great BBQ, Graceland, and other highlights. In addition to checking out the world, also good to check out your country. In addition, spending the weekend trying to figure out how an American can travel to Cuba – after all that, an amenity kit would be nice

  52. Watching the World Cup, packing for my big trip in a week, and celebrating my birthday today.

    Ps neymar is out for brazil so Germany has a great chance !

  53. In Munich celebrating the fact that Air France finally found and delivered my missing luggage. Trust me, you don’t want to know the details.

  54. I’m enjoying the ‘very charm vhelcome to vharsaw’ and I’m planning on going to the sight panel on 30th level in the ‘very creepy building’. I’m also planning to go to Royal ลazienki Museum, again in Warsaw. It’s funny cause it translates completely into “Royal Toilet Museum” and apparently there aren’t any toilets there… I’m also watching the World Cup. Enjoy your weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰

  55. Watched the fireworks over the East River in NYC, and hanging out with some friends in the city for the weekend!

  56. Working on the 5th–the electronic door locked me out of the office on July 4. A door with a keyhole for a metal key would not have locked me out.

  57. Nothing special for me, just normal working. When your boss has the company open everyday, there is not much to do outside off work.

  58. Spending time at Copenhagen Airport.
    Pretending to do my work – but of course I spend most of the time looking at airplanes ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. not entering contest, but really curious if you figured out what the “mini holes” were on Ethiopian.

  60. Plotting and planning my trip home to the States in August! Stoked about trying CX J for the first time.

  61. Going to Woodstock (now called Bethel Woods) to see Crosby, Stills, @ Nash!
    I was there 45 years ago @ saw them at the original Woodstock but have not been back since
    Looking forward to it.

  62. We went camping in Iowa. This may not sound impressive, but two thirds of the state campgrounds are closed due to flooding, so we lucked out to find a spot for $16/day. They had cleaned up nearly all the debris from the suspected tornado on Monday and the kids had a great time getting muddy in the caves.

  63. Working on my visual communication and design folio, which funnily enough, is designing an airport concept in Hong Kong…….. What fun………

  64. Spending time with family and friends, drinking beer, going to 80’s tribute band concerts and watching a little soccer. Also, working on details for an upcoming Munich trip for Oktoberfest. ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Began searching for flights to Dubai next summer, still conflicted on what one of the ME carriers I should go with.

  66. I am probably watching Formula 1 Silverstone GP..
    Btw, do people outside USA stand a chance in this?

  67. Watched the DC fireworks at a distance from my balcony. Also having to take the cat to the vet (not fun).

  68. I’m going through my collection of UA domestic F menus from the ’90s and getting angry

  69. As it’s Ramadan spending the weekend at home and picking some delicious food especially the “Haleem” for the evening fast breaking meal!

  70. Trying to get home from to New York from Boston through a thunderstorm / tropical storm

  71. We are not doing much since we have the wee ones. We are getting ready to leave for a LONG driving trip across some big states early next week though!

  72. Watched the kids’ bicycle parade and fireworks yesterday. Tomorrow I’m having friends over to enjoy a pork butt I’m smoking. Then we’re going to see some movies at our local drive-in.

  73. I’m in HKG due to the fact that United botched my connection to SIN today. I’m hoping for an amenity kit! ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. I’ve been sitting at home revising for my finals, wishing it was the summer already so I can fly away

  75. Working at yyz for me :(. If you ever stop by, I would love to get the chance to buy you a coffee and chat :).

  76. We are chilling with the puppies this weekend, planning a trip home from NOLA to NC

  77. Trying to get some work done instead of reading every article on your blog first ๐Ÿ˜‰

  78. Your blog both crushes and fuels my dream of flying first class. But I will always come back!

  79. Im in the KAL first class lounge at ICN, about to hop in board the A380 for Atlanta in first

  80. Fireworks, spending time with the family, getting some work done and going to the beach.

  81. Enjoying the long summer days and crisp wines in Lake Bled, Trieste and Cividale del Friuli

  82. Long weekend has passed up north here. Heading to Toronto to meet some family.

  83. Planning a short road trip with my friend which will occur in a few weeks and then finish editing my pictures from my first trip to Hong Kong last month.

  84. So far I’ve spent my weekend home just hanging around. Last week took a bit of a road trip, drove 12 hrs LA to Boise, spent 12 hrs in Boise for a wedding then drove 12 hrs home. So its time to relax.

  85. I’m impersonating Cinderella today: doing laundry, digging up weeds in the garden, cleaning up after houseguests and dreaming of how much better my life would be if I only had some fab airline swag.

  86. Recovering from jet lag after returning from 18 days in Amsterdam, Utrecht, and London–on a free flight via Delta Skymiles and eight free nights via Club Carlson points!

  87. Not a long weekend here, but furiously researching award flight availability for a good pal’s honeymoon vacation!

  88. Moving files from my old computer to my new computer. Oy, this tedious work. So, much for PC Mover….

  89. Flying home to California from a trip to Nashville, Charleston & Savannah to celebrate my daughter’s college graduation.

  90. After many tough weeks at work and a teenager away at pre-college, we’re spending the weekend chilling…as much as this humid Hawaii weather will allow.

  91. Trying to make fresh pasta, ain’t going so well.

    Also tinkering around with making a thai-inspired bloody mary. TBD how that’s going to turn out.

  92. Not a long weekend here, but my father did visit me so went out for a bunch of nice meals.

  93. I was volunteering at Travelers Aid JFK International Airport today. Helping passengers from all over the world navigating JFK.

  94. I’m enjoying this hobby by taking tours in Kyoto, Japan this weekend. First time to Japan and I love it here! Also love my business class award ticket booked last year using US Airways ….IAH to NRT for 90,000.

  95. Not really a long weekend here in Brazil, but I’m watching the World Cup… So, it’s even better!

  96. Not a long weekend for us here in New Zealand but happy fourth to all my American friends! Am spending the (not long) weekend cleaning the house… exciting stuff eh.

  97. Driving 1.5 hours each way to Canada and back for a grand total of 30 seconds of interviews each from US and Canadian immigration officers for my 9 month old’s NEXUS appointment.

  98. Watch the world cup and decide on which airline shall i purchase my fall asia- US flight on.

  99. Building Ikea furniture in the summer sunshine followed by hunting redemption flights on BA Avios!

  100. Hanging out with my sister-in-law’s family, who are staying with us for the weekend. Watching the world cup and letting the kids stay up until nearly midnight.

  101. I’m catching up with family and friends by phone after being away, in New York City, last weekend. And I plan to do some genealogy research on cousins I’ve recently discovered through DNA testing! But mostly, I’m watching the World Cup!

  102. Worked this weekend @ blessing of hospitality industry.

    Now surfing the ( airlines/miles ) blogs to get some FREE BonVoyage (trip) and Good Night sleep (hotel)………..

  103. Watched the World Cup at home with bf, and spent time finishing up plans of a reunion trip with friends to France– utilizing my miles again! Feel great to be able to save on peak summer travels.

  104. I ate fried chicken and drank a 40 for dinner on July 4. Then more Miller lite and some Jack.

    Last night I drank more Miller lite and helped my friend burn some moonshine on the floor of his garage.

    We tried making a back to the future style flame with a bottle rocket and the shine but it didn’t work

  105. I am about to start first vacation in five or six years….seaside is waiting ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. Pick me! Since your choice is random, I don’t have to pretend to care what everyone else is thinking up to add as a comment in order to win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. Trying to keep my dog from freaking out about all the fireworks – and packing for an upcoming trip to Ireland!

  108. BBQ’ing and hanging out with family for the 4th and 5th. Catching up on work on the 6th.

  109. Starting a two week holiday today including KUL, BKK, HKT! Asia always has a great spread in the hotel club lounges too so looking forward to it!

  110. Finalising plans for a trip to New York with a friend (his first time) in December and logging a Round The World itinerary on Flight Simulator; LHR-ZRH-SIN-MEL-ZQN-AKL-YVR-FRA-LHR. Yes, I’m a geek ๐Ÿ˜€

  111. I’ve never flown first class. I can use this swag to fake everyone out that I did so their jealous.

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