Korean Air Fixes Homophobic Lounge Filter

Last weekend I wrote about the filter that Korean Air’s JFK Lounge had on their wifi network. Basically when visiting any mainstream gay website (even sites like hrc.org) you’d get the following message:

The web page is blocked because it violates network policy.

Reason: Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual – Web pages that cater to or discuss the gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender lifestyle.

Having a filter like that in the US in 2014 is just ridiculous, plain and simple. Ultimately I wasn’t sure if it was intentional or just a (horrible) oversight.

Well, based on a Tweet I received from Korean Air, it looks like they’ve fixed this issue:

Thank you all. We have checked with our lounge internet provider and fixed the issue. /CB

Kudos to them for getting this fixed so quickly!




  1. I was on Amtrak recently and their onboard WiFi blocked the site I maintain, outprofessionals.org. One email later it was accessible.

  2. Not sure there are any “mainstream” gay websites. Let’s get back to our focus on points and miles collecting and your expertise on that subject and your hilarious commentary and wit.

  3. Sorry Ron, there are plenty of mainstream gay sites. You sound like someone who’s uncomfortable with gays and the progress we’ve made? Thanks to this blog for bringing this issue to light.

  4. Cool post. V. brave of you to champion something that could potentially hurt your numbers.

  5. Lucky–Thanks for bringing this issue to light, and to the attention of people at the airline who took care of the problem. Hopefully the lounge staffer who blew you off got a lesson on general customer service too.

    Regardless of who you’re attracted to, you deserve credit for correcting a simple but insulting wrong for our LGBT community.

    Keep up the great work with this blog!

  6. Have to disagree with the suggestion that these posts were somehow off-topic for this blog. They involved a premium lounge facility, and a service problem that I would probably have encountered if I had visited the lounge. Thanks for getting this fixed, Lucky!

  7. Cuz the US is the beacon of equality for around the world… Sorry to burst your (virgin) bubble, but its not.


  8. Props for raising the issue and having enough clout in the interwebs to drive a reaction from a major international carrier. And just as many props to Korean for taking swift action to fix the issue.

  9. I was surprised by the post and was surprised that Korean fixed it so quickly……..fighting for civil rights is often a lonely road and those that do it should be nurtured in our society as often the blowback seems much worse than the progress it makes………..

  10. Now you can get on grindr in the Korean Air lounge. Well done. You have made the world a better place.

  11. Fully reasonable it seems. This wasn’t anything worth getting upset about.
    It would have been easier to just contacting the KA twitter team directly without creating a massive amount of drama and speculation on your blog.

  12. @ ABC

    Did you feel drama? You poor dear. You really need to gain some perspective.

    Ben pointed out a wrong that needed to be righted, and then…drumroll…it was righted. The conversations it inspired were a welcome addition to the many dialogues Ben facilitates. Some of the hateful comments on the original post were unfortunate, but hardly surprising.

    And hardly dramatic, and Ben’s integrity in bringing it the attention it deserved, and got it fixed, is something that the non-dramatic here are heralding.

  13. I was just in ICN at the SQ lounge, and i’m not sure exactly which site caused it, but I got a warning about the content I was viewing from some Korean government department.

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