American 777-200 New Business Class To Santiago

I’ve written in the past about American’s new 777-200 business class product, which will be completely different than the new business class products they offer on their 777-300ERs and 767-300s.

American 777-200 new business class seat

The seat will apparently be an improvement on American’s 777-300ER reverse herringbone seat, which I find to be one of the best business class hard products in the world.

American 777-300ER new business class seat

And the product does look very good, though whether it’s actually better is anyone’s guess.

The one thing we found out last week is that American is already planning on reducing the size of their 777-200 business class cabins. Their original plan was to have 45 business class seats, though long term have decided to reduce that to 37 business class seats. As an Executive Platinum with American that likes using my systemwide upgrades I of course don’t like this, but at the same time I can’t really say I blame them. What I think really stingy is that not only is economy seating going to ten seats per row, but so is Main Cabin Extra.

Anyway, it looks like American has finally loaded the first route which will receive service by the newly reconfigured 777-200, and it’s Dallas to Santiago as of September 4, 2014.


So the new business class product will operate AA945/940. The service by the reconfigured 777-200 won’t be daily, but rather just 3x per week initially:

  • The reconfigured 777 will fly Dallas > Santiago Monday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • The reconfigured 777 will fly Santiago > Dallas Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday

The other days of the week will be operated by a 767-300.

The first flight between Dallas and Santiago scheduled to have the new business class has both award and upgrade space, if you want to experience it early on. That being said, I wouldn’t necessarily count on the schedule for the 777-200s with the new business class sticking.



Interestingly back in March they had accidentally loaded the new 777-200 business class seatmap for the Dallas to Santiago route as of June 12, 2014, so as you can see, the project is somewhat delayed compared to what they were originally aiming for.

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  1. From the first photo, it would appear that if two tall passengers, whose heads actually reach anywhere near the top of the headrest, would be sitting very close to one another, albeit separated by the ‘wall’. Wonder if that will be a problem… noise (e.g. accidentally hitting the divider) or just the ‘feel’ of having someone’s head so close to yours… They could, alternatively, have made that divider adjustable, in which case it may actually be good for acquainted travellers.

    One wonders…

    (and eagerly awaits Lucky’s review)

  2. I just flew DFW-SCL 2 weeks ago on the old config 767 in Biz. Not terrible, but certainly a dated product. This will be a nice upgrade for AA.

  3. While the old product is dated, it’s not the end of the world (it’s better than couch!). I think it’s worth noting that the old product sucks for using miles…but if you find a reasonable fare, I wouldn’t hesitate to fly the old configuration.

  4. Being based in DFW this is awesome news… HOWEVER there is almost NO SAAver level availability in biz from DFW to anywhere in South America. Very frustrating!

  5. Yeah, just checked again. I think I found a total of 10 days loaded in their system where 1 SAAver biz seat is available. AA changes lately have gutted the SAAver level awards without a doubt. There is no need for them to change their award chart to match other airlines. They already have…

  6. @ Curtis – I have a feeling AA/US will adopt US’s award pricing scheme (or what Delta is doing) so instead of Saver/Anytime, there will be multiple ties. For example, searching a simple IAH-PHX route on US site gives me four prices for Economy: 12.5K, 20K, 30K, and 50K.

  7. yeah, though they kind of have that already with saver and then multiple levels of AAnytime already. Either way, they are clearly moving seats from SAAver level to AAnytime. Never seen so few SAAver before. On DFW-SCL it jumps from 50k to 110k or 150k in biz. Ridiculously expensive compared to 20k for SAAver economy that is available and very hard to justify additional 130k miles one-way to sit up front at that point. As much as I like J & F!

  8. @ Curtis – yes, low-level availability kind of sucks on AA & US which makes redeeming Avios a challenge, especially in economy. Although, United isn’t exactly great either.

  9. I guess I forgot to comment back here that we were able to get this flight booked for next March! Apparently by then they intend on operating the route with a different schedule than Lucky mentioned above. My wife and I both are on the 777-200 yet she has to fly home on a Sunday and I fly home Monday (the next day). Both seat maps on indicate 777-200 and not 767, so that’s good news. Very much looking forward to this product!

  10. And for those that didn’t know, this route is now NOT operating the retrofitted 772 anymore :(. Our plane got downgraded for late March, however we decided to upgrade to F for just 12.5k each more. Might as well, right?? Was looking forward to that new J class though…

  11. @lucky Presently, the 787 dreamliner is now used on the DFW SCL route and business class is almost always wide open outbound . No que for upgrades . An 8 1/2 hour flight would be a real treat . I can fly non rev standby so I won’t even need to use any miles. The 777 is used on MIA SCL looks like a more popular route than DFW . The MIA loads look full. The 787 is also on the JFK SCL route but operated by LATAM .

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