New Blog Coming Today!

Yeah, I know it was a really rough weekend for the blog. The timing was rather unfortunate, since I was planning on launching the newly redesigned blog this week.

Rather than postponing it due to the 72 hours of downtime we had over the weekend, I figured we’d make this the week from hell and just complete the switchover now.

I’m not much of a tech person, but I’ve been told this should go pretty smoothly, so I’ll optimistically believe that.

What should you guys expect?

Starting at 12PM ET you won’t be able to comment on the blog anymore. Let me take it a step further — you’ll never, ever, ever (like, Taylor Swift style) be able to comment on Like, ever.

That’s because this afternoon when the new blog is up, the URL will instead redirect to šŸ˜‰

No, I’m not leaving Boarding Area, but rather I’m switching from a multi site to a single site, which should hopefully help with the technology issues I’ve had as well.

If you have bookmarks, RSS feeds, etc., those should all move over (I’m told), but if you don’t hear from me by morning you might want to double check those.

The hope is that by this evening the “new” blog will be fully functional. There should be no downtime, but during the transition you won’t be able to comment on posts.

In the (hopefully unlikely!) event we experience any technical difficulties, I’ll be posting updates to Twitter.

Thanks for your patience in advance. Once the new site is up I’d love feedback on it, as I’m always open to tweaking things. That being said, it would likely make sense to hold off a couple of days, as you’ll see a lot of stuff being changed over the coming days as we update stuff on the new site.

The new blog will finally technologically get me into this decade. And that’s not just the case aesthetically, but on the back end of things there’s so much more I can do as well, which is great.

Crossing my fingers — thanks again for your patience!


  1. Hi. I go through a number of websites daily, and used the links on the right to see many of them. Where would they be under the new format?

  2. You said “never, ever, ever be able to comment on”… why not? Isn’t it that we can’t ever be able to comment again on

  3. @ hkairlinenews — Hah, it was correct this morning. I think it got changed as we were updating redirects.

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