Awesome Qatar Airways Promotional Video

I love good airline advertisements. If you can incorporate airplane porn, onboard products, and a sense of “travel” into an ad, I’m sold. While it’s not new or anything, I stumbled upon this Qatar Airways advertisement over the weekend (I happened to have a lot of free time), which I really enjoyed:

I did notice one little detail in the video which isn’t technically inaccurate, but is certainly a stretch given the product they’re promoting – can anyone spot it?

Certainly a better – and less ironic – video than their Qatar Airways international women’s day video:

They have quite a ways to go there, given how they apparently treat their (in particular female) staff.

I think Air France still wins when it comes to airline promotional videos, with their “France Is In The Air” campaign.

Do you have any other favorite airline promotional videos?


  1. Not a very impressive ad; drags on for way too long – perhaps, would’ve been better as a few shorter, focused stories like recent Singapore Airlines ads. If you make a long ad, at least make it interesting or touching, like BA’s Visit Mum ad from a few years ago.

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