First Club Carlson 75% Points Bonus Flash Sale Live!

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Earlier I wrote about how Club Carlson will be offering a flash sale on the purchase of points over the next two weeks. Well, the first such sale is now live!

Here’s the link to purchase Club Carlson Gold Points.


With a 75% bonus you’re paying just 0.4 cents per point.


Even though Club Carlson points purchases are processed by, people are reporting that if you use your Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature® Card you’ll earn 10 points per dollar spent (I haven’t been able to verify this directly). If that’s the case, that means purchasing 70,000 Gold Points would actually get you a total of 72,800 points as long as you use their co-branded card. So that’s a rate of 0.385 cents per point!

That’s a hell of a value in conjunction with their co-branded credit card. Most of their top hotels go for 50,000 points per night, and when you redeem for a two night stay the second night is free, assuming you have their card. So this is like paying less than $100 per night for one of their better hotels, including in London Paris, Stockholm, etc.

The sale is live through 11:59AM EST tomorrow, Thursday, June 19, 2014. You’re limited to purchasing 40,000 Club Carlson points per calendar year.

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  1. Done! Thanks so much, Lucky, for this tip, and all your wise advise and help.

    BTW, will this count as spend on the card I used (new SPG Amex)? Just hoping . . . .

  2. I don’t trust the program or the company
    They have proven that historically
    They will sell you the points and then have a massive devaluation with no notice
    That’s been their pattern
    Earn em and burn em if you insist

  3. First sale? Does that mean they are running the same sale multiple times over the next two weeks?

    I would hate to see them offer 75% today, jump on it, and only to see they offer 85% or 100% a few days down the line

  4. @ Ben — They said “flash sales” are coming, so I’m not sure. That being said, I highly doubt we’ll see more than a 75% bonus.

  5. lucky- thanks for your blog it is brilliant. Is this offer worth it without the cobranded card? I am in the UK and haven’t much experience of club Carlson (have status through Amex plat though) but with the exchange rate as good as it is…..a winner?

  6. @ JBis — Well without the co-branded card it’s basically like paying $200USD per night at a top club Carlson property. That’s a rate that can still make sense, it’s just not quite as compelling.

  7. Thanks for the tip, Lucky. Just bought 210k miles (over 3 accounts) for an upcoming trip to France.

    BTW, it’s showing up on my credit card statement as “Carlson Hotels Worldwide” with no mention of so I’m guessing that means it would be considered travel spend, and Club Carlson spend more specifically.

  8. @ Alex — It CAN be. It’s like paying $200 for a night at a Club Carlson property in Europe, which definitely could be a good value.

  9. Lucky, You may want to note that Club Carlson points are freely transferable for elite members and if you have the CC card, you’re a Gold member. That means a couple could easily do the deal twice and combine points into one account.

    That said, I’m not biting on this offer. MSing with the CC card can generate CC points at .21cpp, but it could be valuable for non MSers..

  10. Why do we think using club Carlson credit card will get more points? Last time since processed by points. Com it didn’t work. Anyone call and ask?

  11. @ Andyandy – is there anything special about MSing on CC card (like some way to get 10x points) or are you getting 5x?

  12. Per their twitter feed you will not get the 10x points from using their Visa card. Just normal 5.

  13. Um, hello! Has anyone ever heard of that newfangled thing called “manufactured spending”? Go buy $1000 worth of cash with their credit card and earn 5000 points. Rinse and repeat as often as you’d like. What could 5000 points cost you? Maybe $5? So 70,000 points would cost $70 (and likely less with cheaper MS techniques). So can anyone tell me why on earth you’d pay $280 for these points unless, perhaps, you were the busiest person in the world (but not too busy to follow these promos!).

  14. @iahphx Because time is money. This transaction will take less than a minute, but your MS will require many hours of time. Also, unlike MS, buying the points directly will not subject your CC account to closure for abuse of the program.

  15. With the Citi AA Exec, the purchases codes as follows “POINTS CLUB CARLSON 888-288-8889 IL; Servces – BUSINESS SERVICES, NOT ELSEWHERE CLASSIFIED.” No metion of travel, or lodging. Doesn’t look good for those hoping for hotel or travel bonuses.

    And +1 to Robert F. Since I have the CC Visa, I’m realizing $0.002/point with the flash sale since I’ll be redeeming those points (2-for-1) on 2-night stays. At that rate, I’m a buyer. I’d much rather nab 70k in 30 seconds than make a multitude of trips to the drugstore and/or WM.

  16. Lucky:

    Can I open multiple club Carlson accounts in my name, max the 40k purchase, and redeem the points via one credit card and still take advantage of the 2nd night free perk?

  17. @ Chad — The terms and conditions state “An individual may maintain only one Club Carlson membership and may not earn Gold Points on more than one Club Carlson account.” But if you wanted to combine points from multiple accounts belonging to multiple people, that’s absolutely allowed.

  18. POINTS CLUB CARLSON is how it shows up on the card I used. And it is processed by So I don’t see how this would get 10X but good luck.

  19. @Ben Re: the possibility of a better than 75% bonus. If you check the CC twitter feed you’ll see they wrote “The rumors are true. Gold Points Flash Sales are coming! Follow us over the next two weeks for the chance to buy points with a 75% bonus.” Doesn’t seem to leave much room for CC to change the % on offer.

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