75% Bonus On Purchased Club Carlson Points Flash Sale Coming

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Yesterday Club Carlson points were on sale through the Daily Getaways promotion. Through this promotion points were available for ~0.45 cents each, in increments of 50,000 or 100,000 points.

The sale went live at 1PM ET, and at 12:58PM I actually didn’t think I’d bother, but I said “why the hell not? I can’t go wrong with purchasing Club Carlson points at that rate.”

As I mentioned, the single greatest thing about Club Carlson points is that if you have the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature® Card — which is easily one of the most lucrative hotel credit cards — the second night of your award redemption is free. So if you stay in the right increments, you can basically get half off award redemptions.

I purchased 100,000 Gold Points for $445.50. I can redeem that for two sets of two nights at most of Club Carlson’s top properties. Since I plan on doing a lot of Europe travel this summer, that’s like paying ~$111 per night for hotels in London and Paris, which is almost impossible to beat.


However, it looks like the deal on purchased Club Carlson Gold Points might get even better soon.

Club Carlson Tweeted the following yesterday:


I’ll post as soon as I see the sale go live, so there’s no need to stalk their Twitter or Facebook, since the sale will last for 24 hours (just stalk my blog). 😉

The ordinary cost to purchase Club Carlson Gold Points is 0.7 cents per point, and you can purchase a maximum of 40,000 points per calendar year.


So presumably with a 75% bonus you’d be getting 70,000 Gold Points at a cost of $280, which is 0.4 cents per point — that’s more than 10% lower than the lowest Daily Getaways cost! So if you have the Club Carlson Visa Card, that’s like paying $100 per night for stays at properties that would cost 50,000 points per night in two night increments.

That’s a rate at which I’d definitely purchase points, assuming you have the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature® Card.

Anyway, I’ll post again once the sale goes live.

Do you plan on taking advantage of the flash sale offering a 75% bonus on purchased Gold Points?

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  1. I believe purchasing Club Carlson points through clubcarlson.com counts as a Club Carlson purchase on the U.S. Bank Card. So really you can buy 72,800 points for $280 = $0.385 each.

  2. My wife and I have the personal and business Club Carlson cards.

    So we get 160,000 every year (plus gold status) points for a total of $260 in annual fees.

  3. If I don’t plan to use the points until after I get the c. card (which I plan to do in a few months, once I have room for the MS), it still makes sense to buy the points, right? I joined Club Carlson yesterday, in hopes of getting in on the Amex buy (no luck there–congrats on getting in!).

  4. Is it possible to transfer points from one Club Carlson account to another? Do these points expire? Thx =)

  5. I don’t think that I would qualify for the card, but, if someone redeemed points from their account for me, would I still benefit from the 2nd night free benefit, or do I need to check in with the card. What if I had someone add me as a secondary card holder? Could I then use points from my own account (or does it only work for the primary card holder)? Thanks.

  6. @ mbh — Yes, I’d say so. I don’t think they’ll dilute the benefits substantially in the next couple of months, though I suppose anything could happen.

  7. @ Ang — You sure can transfer Club Carlson points between accounts for free. They don’t expire as long as you have some activity at least every 24 months.

  8. @ Jon — You don’t need the card at check-in, but rather the reservation has to be in the name of the primary card holder. So as long as you make the primary account holder the primary guest and add someone else as the secondary guest, they should be able to check-in as well.

  9. There’s a lot of buzz about limited Club Carlson reward availability. I don’t know how difficult it is to actually book rewards, but if availability is limited, then you’re buying a big flash sale full of Skypesos.

  10. @ Robert F — While they don’t have last room availability, I’ve in general found availability through their program to be very good. Nowhere near as bad as Kimpton is nowadays, for example.

  11. Just a thought: if you have just received your Club Carlson Visa and are looking to do the minimum spend in order to get the bonus points offered to new card owners, purchase Gold Points through this sale and really maximize the value.

  12. Not to rain on the parade, but this “great sale is BS”
    Just step back and think

    If you have a premier visa and a business visa – and just pay the annual fees
    75$ gives you 40k
    75$ gives you 40k
    50$ gives you 25k
    Total = 105k for 200$ = 0.22 c each

    This sale is 70k for 280$. Why is this great value?
    especially since cc allows free transfers = so if you can get 4 members of a family get these cards and just pay their annual fees (as I do) you can get 4 x 150 = 600$ for 2x2x40k = 320k points = 0.19c each, less than half the price of this “sale”

  13. At less than 0.2c each, then a 50k redemption at a top hotel becomes less than 100$ for 2 nights or about 50$ a night
    75$ for free breakfast and a suite for a family at a top hotel!
    – a true “sale”

  14. @ffi: You are apparently much better than I at MS. I am struggling to make the 3k/mo average for the cards I got recently, and holding off getting any more until I am sure I can handle the MS. AND, I don’t see why one wouldn’t think “more is better” even at a higher price. It’s still a great deal for hotel rooms.
    Also, you are lucky if you have family or friends willing to “play”. Unfortunately, everyone I know thinks I have lost my mind, and won’t even agree to be an authorized user on a card. 😉 With no spouse or SO, it’s just little ole crazy me trying to MS to some great travel.

  15. @ffi Not all of us have 4 family members that we can use for credit cards. I can also basically use as many CC points as I can get. If 320k club carlson is enough for you each year, that’s great. For me, the fact that the points are cheaper from the credit card annual fee doesn’t mean that 72,800 points for $280 isn’t also worth it to me. If I had access to unlimited points via credit card annual bonuses, this would be different, but I don’t.

  16. OK, I bought the points. Now a question about using the points with the “one night free” deal. Let’s say a husband books two nights (In on Monday, checkout on Wednesday) and a wife books the next two nights (checkout Friday) how do you avoid changing rooms on Wednesday? Having to change rooms would be a deal breaker for my wife.

  17. @mbh

    NO MS required at all!
    75$ fee gets you 40k POINTS (not $)
    So cost per point is 0.2c (not 0.4 as in this promo)
    Half price for less work
    AND you can have a business card a personal premier card and a personal basic card in total
    Total Annual fees 200$ = miles/points = 105k miles, less than 0.2c each, enough for 2 nights x 2 = 4 nights at cost 50$ a night for free food for a family in EU!
    Just been there done that in our last EU trip. 6 nights, 300$ cost.

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