American 767 New Business Class To Madrid

American is in the process of refreshing their longhaul fleet, both in the form of taking delivery of dozens of new aircraft, as well as reconfiguring their current aircraft which they plan on keeping in their fleet long term.

American’s 777-300ER business class consists of reverse herringbone seats, which is my favorite type of business class hard product.

American 777-300ER reverse herringbone business class seat

American will also soon begin reconfiguring their 777-200 aircraft, though they will be installing a new business class product on them altogether. Apparently it’s even better than the reverse herringbone seat they presently have on the 777-300ERs.

American 777-200 new business class seat

However, because the 767-300 isn’t quite as wide, they’re installing a different type of business class product on it. I outlined the new business class product American will be installing on their 767-300s in March.

American 767-300 new business class cabin

American will be installing their new business class product on roughly half of their 58 767-300 aircraft, as the remaining ones will be retired in the near future. They hope to complete the installation of the new business class on those aircraft by late 2015.

Right now American has one 767 with the new business class product in service, which flies between New York and Zurich since April 1, 2014.

The second 767 featuring the new business class product will soon be entering the fleet, and it appears as if it will be flying between New York JFK and Madrid as of July 25, 2014 (July 26 westbound).

So the second reconfigured 767 will operate daily with the following schedule:

AA94 New York to Madrid departing 7:00PM arriving 8:30AM (+1 day)
AA95 Madrid to New York departing 10:25AM arriving 12:40PM


Bottom line

American’s non-reconfigured 767s feature pretty tight angled business class seats, so this is a huge improvement over the old product. If you’re traveling to Europe this summer on American and can’t get on one of American’s 777-300ERs, I’d say this is the next best option.

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  1. Lucky,

    I am on 94/95 at the end of August. My itinerary has equipment as 757 on the service. Does that mean that they are changing out the new 767 for the 757?

  2. @Lucky is the only way to see if a flight is on the new 763 via the seat map on And if so is it possible for a flight in Aug to show the old version now but change to the new one? Flying DUS-ORD in Aug & Sep hoping to see the new version then but not holding my breath.

  3. “American will also soon begin reconfiguring their 777-200 aircraft, though they will be installing a new business class product on them altogether. Apparently it’s even better than the reverse herringbone seat they presently have on the 777-200s.” Shouldn’t the end say 777-300’s?

  4. @ Tony — American doesn’t really release much space here unfortunately. The best way to snag business class on these planes is using systemwide upgrades.

  5. @ @Orlijr — Whoops, it does indeed seem like they switch aircraft, so that 767 might not be permanent. Not sure where it will be deployed after Madrid then.

  6. @ Drew — Yep, only way I know of is via the seatmaps on As they progressively retrofit them I suspect seatmaps will be updated, though I think it’s unlikely the Dusseldorf flight would have the new business class by August or September. I could be wrong, though.

  7. @Lucky

    So basically, it’s a new version of their pre-existing herringbone seat, right?

    The staggered seats looks nice, though not at private as what some other airlines offer on their staggered seats.

  8. Ok, saw on the link you posted, the seats will be both herringbone and reverse herringbone which…why, exactly? The cynic in me wonders if it’s a design that allows them to squeeze in more seats or something.

  9. @ Lucky – why would American install a different product on the 772 compared to the 773? And what benefit is there to the forward-backward configuration of the 772 business cabin? The rear-facing seats look to be quite cramped with the board up on one side and the table on the other…

  10. @ wwk5d — Right, some face forwards and some face backwards. The people I know working close to the project say it’s actually an improvement over current herringbone configuration, so guess we’ll see soon!

  11. @ Charlie — I don’t know, exactly. One theory I’ve heard is that the reverse herringbone product was only licensed to them for the 777-300ER, so it was cheaper for them to design a new concept than to get the licensing extended to the 777-200s as well. For what it’s worth, it’s apparently an improvement over the reverse herringbone product, so I guess we’ll see with time.

  12. There’s a thread on which says that while AA was originally going to put 45 C seats on the 772’s, they are now only going to put 36 C seats and increase coach seating instead. Seems like that would really crimp upgrades in most markets. Maybe that reflects the thinking of the new US management team.

  13. @ Carl — Working to get official confirmation of that, as my sources at American weren’t aware of it. Hope to have an update soon.

  14. Any idea of their timeline on rolling out the new configuration on the 767’s? All I have heard is by the end of 2015. They don’t seem to be in any big hurry as this is only the second aircraft retrofitted.

  15. it seems like BCN is next because the seat map for next May is showing the new configuration.

  16. I see my seat assignments on the that flight in April have been changed to reflect the new 1-2-1 configuration.

  17. Ben,
    It’s now a year later since you wrote about the coming retrofit, but today when I made 1st class booking for March 2016, SFO-JFK-MAD is showing for flight #94, the old 757 first/biz seat map for the 7pm, JFK-MAD leg. Thought AA had changed to new flat-bed config? Did this not happen? Tell me it ain’t so!

  18. Hello,

    I just booked JFK-MAD and will be flying economy on aircraft 763. Is there IFE on this flight for economy? Can’t seem to find any information about it.

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