Hyatt Diamond Closed Club Lounge Bonus — 2,500 Points

I’ve written in the past about Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond status, which I absolutely love, since I find that Hyatt does a great job managing expectations. Hyatt also offers what I consider to be the most generous top tier status challenge in the industry.

I figured I’d briefly cover one of the Gold Passport Diamond perks that I receive a lot of questions about. Specifically, Hyatt offers Diamond members 2,500 bonus Gold Passport points per stay when the club lounge is closed.


Here’s what the Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond benefits page says about club lounge access (bolding mine):

Receive exclusive access to the Regency Club or Grand Club lounge featuring complimentary continental breakfast and evening hors d’oeuvres. Enjoy daily complimentary full breakfast in hotels without a club lounge.

During periods of high demand access to the Regency Club or Grand Club lounge may not be available; therefore Diamond members will receive 2,500 bonus points per stay plus daily complimentary full breakfast inclusive of one entrée (or standard breakfast buffet), juice and coffee (tax, gratuity and service charges included) for each registered guest in the room, maximum four (4) people.

So the terms technically state that you receive 2,500 Gold Passport points when a club lounge is closed due to high demand, though this also applies when the hotel decides to close the club lounge.

Below I’ve answered some of the most common questions I receive regarding this benefit:

Why would a hotel close their club lounge?

Many hotels will close their club lounges on weekends due to low demand. The idea is that if there aren’t many guests that would have access, it’s cheaper to just close it down and offer them full breakfast and bonus points instead.

For example, I frequently stay at the Grand Hyatt Tampa, and the Grand Club there is closed from Fridays through Mondays due to low demand.

Grand Club Tampa hours

As a result, a stay over those days of the week would earn you an extra 2,500 points.

Grand Club Tampa, which is closed on weekends

While there’s not an official list of all the hotels with closed club lounges, this FlyerTalk thread is going to be your best resource of tracking which hotels have closed club lounges.

Do I receive 2,500 bonus points per night or per stay?

When the club lounge is closed you receive 2,500 bonus points per stay. That means you’d earn 2,500 bonus points on a one night stay where the club lounge is closed, or 2,500 bonus points for a six week stay, where the club lounge is closed every weekend. It doesn’t matter.

How do I request the 2,500 bonus points?

The hotel should proactively add the bonus points to your reservation, though you can always confirm with them that they’re on there. If the club lounge is closed you should see “DN” on your folio under the “codes” section, which is the code for a closed club lounge, and triggers the 2,500 points to post. Similarly, the “1W” code is for the 1,000 point Diamond welcome amenity.

In the event that the points don’t automatically post, you can call Gold Passport customer service after your stay and they can manually add them.

What if the hotel doesn’t have a club lounge?

If the hotel doesn’t have a club lounge you receive a full breakfast in the restaurant, though don’t receive the 2,500 bonus points.

Bottom line on Hyatt closed club lounge bonus

Hyatt is extremely generous with their closed club lounge bonus. Heck, up until last year Marriott didn’t even offer their top tier elite members breakfast on weekends, at which point they started offering continental breakfast.

Not only does Hyatt offer a full breakfast, but they give you 2,500 points on top of that. That’s tough to beat!

If anyone has any questions about the benefit or knows of hotels with closed club lounges on weekends, please share them below!


  1. The 2,500 GP benefit for lounge access seems to have been reworded in a way that makes it seems as if the benefit is now only applicable If the lounge is open but not accessible by a Diamond member due to high demand making the lounge inaccessible due to capacity restrictions when the lounge is open.

    If this is what they have done or intend to do, this benefit/game is over and the proportion or Diamonds getting 2500 bonus points is going to plummet.

  2. As a diamond member I recently stayed 2 weeks at Andaz shanghai which offered no executive lounge though the suite was pretty nice. Personally I do prefer the meals:-)

  3. That’s really awesome of them. When I worked at Starwood and the club lounge was closed, it was tough luck for everyone. Working at the Front Desk was terrible with that. Our management was really cheap and refused to provide any sort of compensation for breakfast, even if the lounge was closed.

    Props to Hyatt for that.

  4. i followed the advice per this post:

    for those who are in the NYC tri-state area, and decide to begin the diamond trial, one can search for upcoming weekend rates for friday and saturday nights, which are typically the cheapest since this is primarily a business hotel – land rates under $100, and rack up an additional 2,500pts because the club lounge is ALWAYS closed on the weekends!

  5. Can’t seem to find the answer to this on any forums. When staying at a Category 4 Regency on a Saturday using annual award night, do you still get the 2,500 points?

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