Buy One Get One Free Movie Tickets With Visa Signature Card

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I’m not usually one for going to the movies (since I watch my fair share in-flight), but I have become a fan of the “business class” style theaters that offer recliners and menu service.

Apparently this has been going on for a month or so now, but Fandango is offering a promotion for Visa Signature cardholders whereby they can receive Buy One Get One Free movie tickets on Fridays this summer.

Fandango 2 for 1

You must purchase the tickets through the Visa Signature portal, and the offer is limited to one free ticket per card per 30 day period.

I don’t know about y’all, but I happen to have more Visa Signature cards than I have friends to go to the movies with, so that doesn’t seem like a real obstacle. 😉

Visa Cards

On top of that, you can also purchase gift cards at a 20% discount. That’s obviously not as great of a deal, but if you want to go to the movies on days other than Friday, or after August 8th, that’s better than nothing.

20% off $25

Many of the best travel credit cards happen to be Visa Signature branded, and you likely have at least one in your wallet:

So, does anyone have suggestions for summer movies (or who I should take with me other than my mother)?

Keep in mind that I have very discerning movie tastes, think Taylor Lautner is a great actor, and SPG even sent me to a film festival once. 😀

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  1. Be aware fandango charges a convenience fee, so some of the savings are lost. They waive the fee if you are an AMC theaters member, but that membership costs $12 annually.

  2. Four Alaska cards? Nice. I guess that answers my question about whether you have to close your existing account before applying for another card.

  3. I guess you are LUCKY… they never let me have more than 2 Alaska cards at a time… not sure why. 🙁

  4. FYI, if anyone else was thinking of buying the giftcards as potential gifts (that was my plan), all you get is an email with a code–no “card”, not even a nice cut out-able email one. Just a code. So, not really gift-worthy. Sigh.

  5. @Lucky

    As of June 2014, all freedom cards that are approved with more than $5k are visa signatures.

  6. Maybe some others would disagree with me, but I’d prefer you sticking to travel and travel-related deals. There are tons of websites out there for “good deals” (e.g slickdeals), and if I want to know about those, I go there. If I want to know about travel stuff, I come here.

    I know you’re just trying to give a heads up to readers, but trying to also do a decent job on these types of “regular” deals isn’t your specialty and is kind of a losing battle. For example, this has been going on for over a month and has been extensively been covered on deal sites. Leave it to the sites that specialize on deals, and keep your focus on travel IMO.

  7. Just my 2 cents, but since I don’t follow many other blogs, I really appreciate any “heads up” you can offer. I can’t see the harm in it. If it doesn’t interest people, they can skip it.

  8. Agree with Antipode. This post just seems like another way for you to push credit cards to get the referral bonus.

  9. @Joseph my Freedom is a Visa, they have a M/C ves too, so my next amp I’m going after the M/C version.

  10. Great info, Lucky! Wish I’d known before I bought my Edge of Tomorrow tix for tonight, lol. Oh well, there’s plenty of Friday’s left in the summer.

  11. This offer has been going on and off for a few years; it used to be less restrictive (e.g. could buy tickets on any day for a Friday showing) but this is still pretty good.

    Regardless of the convenience fee Fandango charges, 2 for 1 tickets using this offer are a great, great deal especially if you are going to a new movie (no passes) and/or it’s in 3D/IMAX as you get up to $19.50 credit for ticket/fees.

    For example, a theater I usually go to charges $17.50 for an IMAX showing and Fandango charges $2.00 fee. So we get a full benefit and each ticket ends up being $9.75 even after fees.

  12. Ann – why do you care whether Ben gets a referral fee for promoting credit cards? It’s his business model. If you don’t like it, don’t read his blog.

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