Earn And Redeem Membership Rewards Points For Uber

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I’m a huge fan of Uber, which really has revolutionized the car service and taxi industry. For the two of you not familiar with Uber, they basically offer an on demand car service which you can order directly from your phone.

No cash changes hands when you ride with Uber (you’re not even supposed to tip in cash), but instead your card is charged automatically for the ride. And the best part is that Uber offers several types of services, including UberX (which is often cheaper than a taxi), and Uber Black, which offers great rates on town cars.

If you’re not yet a member of Uber, you can sign up for Uber now and will automatically receive a $10 credit. You can sign up using my referral link or feel free to post your link below and people can sign up through there. Once you’ve signed up with a referral link you should immediately see the $10 credit in your account. In the past they’ve offered higher promotional bonuses for new members, but that’s the current “standard” offer.

Anyway, American Express and Uber announced an extension of their partnership today, which consists of a few things:

Earn 2x Membership Rewards points for Uber rides

Card members enrolled in the US Membership Rewards program can earn 2x Membership Rewards points when they link their card to Uber and use it to pay for rides. Once a card member with an eligible card on file with Uber downloads the latest version of the app, they will see the prompt to enroll the card in the program with just one tap.

This is nice in theory, but I think it’s worth keeping in mind that the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card already offers double points on travel, which includes Uber. That means with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card you’re already earning 2.14 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent on Uber, which I’d consider to be at least as value as 2.0 Membership Rewards points.

So if anything this is American Express simply “catching up” with Chase, but they’re hardly creating a unique value proposition here.

Spend Membership Rewards points for Uber rides

Card members enrolled in the US Membership Rewards program also have the option of redeeming Membership Rewards points for Uber rides, at the rate of one cent per point. That’s definitely not a way I’d choose to redeem my Membership Rewards points, given that there are much more valuable uses.

If you do want to use this option, be sure to download the latest version of the Uber app, enroll your card which accrues Membership Rewards points, and then you’ll be given the option to “use points” with each ride.

American Express Rewarding Uber drivers with best customer service

This is probably my favorite part of the program:

Sixth Star Awards Program for Driver Partners Rewards Best in Customer Service
As part of the launch, Uber will also roll out a new incentive program funded by American Express – the Sixth Star Awards.  The awards will recognize the highest-rated Uber driver partners for service excellence and loyalty. Each week, Uber will select one of its most highly-rated driver partners to receive the award, which includes a special prize valued at $1,000.

I really love Uber

I really can’t emphasize enough how much I love Uber. A couple of weeks ago I was in Miami before Uber launched there, which was the first time in forever that I’ve had to use car transportation that wasn’t Uber. The driver was rude, and when I asked to pay with a credit card he huffed and puffed and claimed I couldn’t (even though the sticker specifically said I could). When I explained I didn’t have cash, he agreed, though claimed his “machine was broken” and that I “better tip good.” So he had to call in my credit card number, which meant I had to sit in the taxi for 10 minutes at the airport. On top of that I got double charged. I wish the taxi companies would invest money in improving their product rather than greasing the palms of politicians.

Compare that to my Uber ride yesterday. The driver was basically offering a convenience store worth of goodies from his console. He asked me if the temperature was okay, what kind of music I wanted to listen to, and what route I wanted to take. The service with Uber is just consistently excellent, in my opinion.

Uber car goodies

It’s amazing what good instant feedback and competition does for the world…

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  1. Apparently, I’m one of the 2 people not familiar with Uber. Wonder who the other person is. Haha.

    I’m heard of Uber, just not familiar with their service. I would like to try them out at some point though.

  2. This promo code doesn’t expire, and offers $10 off your first ride: uberMinus10

    I’d echo Lucky’s remarks… uber rocks.

  3. Lucky – I had a similar time a few weeks ago in a Miami cab. I asked at the airport before getting in the cab if I could use a credit card. The guy seemed to say yes but was confused. I then asked again in French (he was from Haiti) and he confirmed I could. Then when I got to my hotel he said no card, I needed to get cash out of an ATM. Eventually he used his phone to call the card in but then I got charged an extra fee. I am still deciding whether to charge back the whole thing. Its only three bucks it shows why uber is so important. In Boston this type of thing was common, then uber came in and now you never have a problem using a card in a cab.

  4. Uber’s great and I’m so happy that Miami finally got UberX (although not the other Uber variants). Taxi service there is sorely lacking competition!

    Here’s my invite code if you’d be so kind. You get $10 off your first ride: https://uber.com/invite/a8ivd

  5. Here is my link:

    I signed up when it was $20 credit, and then used Uber for the first time in Brussels. But I was charged the full amount on my credit card, and the credit was not used, and stayed at $20. Maybe that’s because the charge was in EUR and the credit in CAD?

    I used a Canadian Amex Gold which is supposed to get 2x points on travel, but only got 1x points, so Uber was not an eligible travel expense on Canadian Amex.

    Uber is banned by authorities in Vancouver (and in many other places), so I can’t really use it at home.

  6. Sadly,

    The Uber experience in Chicago has been in decline. The first year out they were fantastic. Now it seems they will team up with any crappy guy with a car–taxi or otherwise. Uber got sloppy in their push to grow fast.

  7. So far as I can tell UberX is the same price as a taxi and the other Uber options are all more expensive than a taxi. I’m hoping that we’ll eventually see some more competitors to Uber that undercut the current pricing and do away with the taxi mafia entirely. Good riddance.

  8. I just linked my AMEX and my Uber account.
    In your app, make sure to go into your account’s Payment section and TURN OFF the “use points for rides” option for the card. It was turned on by default!!

  9. I only use Uber if i have alot of free credit in my account, otherwise, I hope you and your readers realize you are paying more and sometimes a lot more for using uber.
    Definitely not worth it just so because you are too lazy to pay with cash or card. Also, the benefit of calling a cab using the app isnt a big. Call a cab, tell them where you are. Is it really that hard?

    Compare the cost of uber ride to lets say in NY. Either compare it to a yellow cab or private cab companies (especially the asian ones). Uber is much more expensives ALWAYS.

  10. @Mike (maybe #13) How do you end up with “a lot” of Uber credit in your account? All I ever see are bonuses for first sign-ups.

    I agree with you on the pricing.

  11. @Lucky: Do you have any concerns about the lack of applicable insurance? Apparently the insurance market is not setup to provide appropriate insurance services at reasonable rates to Uber drivers and similar services.

  12. Hi lucky, how much have you paid out of your pocket to uber? I agree the drivers are nice, the concept is cool but uber charges really high, usuall higher than their own estimates, and their customer service guys are really bad. Uneducated, arrogant. I have reached out to their customer service in many occasions and usually left with feeling that the company has a really low ethical standard. The way they set up their app is all about charging more. See defaults, see how much they charged on nye? No intention to change the defaults to charge more even after i told them their bugs. You get $10 but they charge you way more, so you end up paying much more. I pay every ride out of my pocket, so I evaluate how much value I get after the convenience. I also try to encourage creative entrepreneurs, but not sneaky ones with low moral standards. You can read how their top management thinks and handles cases online easily. It is no different than Qatar airways in a different way. Please consider all of these before advertising uber and try to get more referral credits for free rides.

  13. @ Dax — It is generally concerning, though I believe that issue is more with UberX than with Uber Black, as I believe Uber Black cars are “fully insured” in the same way a limo company would be.

  14. Gary Leff (View From the Wing) indicates you should earn 3 MR (1 basic + 1 Uber + 0.5 * (1 basic + 1 Uber) on the Everyday Preferred assuming you met the 30+ purchase requirement that billing period.

  15. @ Paul — That’s a good point, the EveryDay Preferred does offer a 50% points bonus, so under those scenarios that would be a good option.

  16. @Mike, UBERx is ALWAYS cheaper here in Seattle, always. And when you’ve been left stranded by dispatched taxi’s enoough (they can never seem to find my house) and have to scramble to get to the airport, UBERx is the only way to go for reliable transportation.

  17. Haven’t used Uber here in Houston yet but when I visited Europe last year it was interesting how to see how their taxi service worked. In Prague, my relatives didn’t even need a smartphone – they would just send an SMS and a taxi would pick us up in 5-10 minutes. Was very convenient 🙂

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