SWISS A320 Cockpit Video

There’s nothing that gets me quite as excited as a good cockpit video. And here’s one from a SWISS A320 that’s among the best that I’ve ever seen:

Just gorgeous, from the plane itself to the scenery!


  1. “There’s nothing that gets me quite as excited as a good cock…” Lucky we all knew it 😀

  2. Let’s start this with – I know nothing about flying an A320….that said I was shocked at the amount of input he was putting on the joystick in the landing sequence. I would have assumed it would have been light, small adjustments. At one point it looks like he momentarily had full left input on the joystick in a fairly straight in approach sequence. Very unexpected.

    Thanks for the link.

  3. @Dave: Whenever he/she is the Pilot Not Flying (PNF) – at least that is what is the norm here in Europe/EASA-land.

  4. I’d also recommend you the youtube channel “bjorn pilot” He is a captain for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and flies the A330 and A340. He is posting some pretty nice videos too!

  5. @SK the footage of bay area eastern span bridge work just starting suggests we have an A380 from 2004?

  6. The video is nice but I feel bad for the pilots – cockpit looks very cramped with no leg room (not a huge deal here though since it’s only 1 hr 10 min flight).

    Side question – what airplanes today have yokes instead of side-stick?

  7. @ Ivan Y — Airbus aircraft have joysticks, while Boeing and most other commercial planes have yolks, if I’m not mistaken.

  8. @ Lucky – Thanks! That’s kind of what I found on a forum post but it was old so was mostly curious if newer Boeings had joysticks since they are now also fly-by-wire (FWB). But from a quick search right now looks like 777 and 787 kept yokes (or “control wheel” as Boeing calls it).

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