Air France FlyingBlue September Promo Awards — Up To 50% Off

One of the best uses of Air France/KLM FlyingBlue miles is booking their Promo Awards. They publish these every couple of months, and offer 25-50% off award tickets on Air France and KLM metal. Back in the day they would consistently be for 50% off, though unfortunately they’ve devalued the program somewhat since, and the discounts now vary.

However, there are still some great values to be had. FlyingBlue just published their latest Promo Awards. These are valid for bookings made between June 1 and June 31, and for travel between September 1 and September 30, 2014.

I’m always looking for the business class promo awards that are 50% off, and for the June 1 through June 30 booking window there are no such opportunities for travel to/from North America. The only Promo Awards available to North America are for travel in economy class to Boston (25% off) and Houston (50% off).


If you’re looking to book an economy class award, though, it’s tough to beat just 12,500 FlyingBlue miles for travel in economy to/from Houston. There are ~$176 in taxes, fees, and fuel surcharges. This is significantly less than in the past, given that FlyingBlue decreased fuel surcharges on economy class award tickets last June.


Interestingly the last set of Promo Awards was for travel over peak summer dates (July 1 through August 31), and they even had business class Promo Awards available to North America on that list.

There are some other destinations that have promo awards available in business class, including:

  • Europe to Almaty on KLM — 25% off
  • Europe to Brasilia on Air France — 50% off
  • Europe to Caracas on Air France — 50% off
  • Europe to Dubai on Air France/KLM — 25% off
  • Europe to Fort de France on Air France — 25% off
  • Europe to Guangzhou on Air France — 50% off
  • Europe to Mumbai on Air France — 50% off
  • Europe to Wuhan on Air France — 50% off

As a reminder, FlyingBlue is transfer partners with Membership Rewards, and points generally transfer instantly.

Check out the full listing of Promo Awards, all of which are bookable immediately.


  1. Did you notice that Mumbai is the only one where travel is for Aug, for all other cities its Aug & Sep.

  2. Interestingly – the promo award cannot be cancelled or changed… not even for a fee, bummer!

  3. I’ve been waiting for this promo and your post reminded me! Thank you. Here’s my dilemma: do I do the 25k FB miles +$264 and add on my flight to IAH (MEM-IAH-MEM) for $400 on United? Or do I just use 70k flexperks for the $1350 ticket. I could also use 20k flexperks for the IAH leg.

    But in the last two weeks my UA flights have been cancelled and/or delayed significantly (6+ hours). I will lose my freaking mind if UA makes me miss the IAH-CDG AF flight (or vice versa on the return) and I have no option but to purchase another ticket home. My experience is that if the ticket is not booked together, then no one cares what happens on your other airline. Any advice?

  4. @ Beck — That’s a real toughie. While Air France is a better value, in this case I’m not sure if I’d risk it by booking two separate tickets unless you leave a REALLY long connection.

  5. UGH! I know. Thanks for the reply. I’m really torn about this one. SO cheap at 25k to CDG and back, but that 1 hour leg from MEM-IAH could really screw me. I’m going to sit on it a bit and see if I can figure out a creative solution. One thing that occurred to me is that I could get travel insurance for the domestic legs, do a super long layover on front end and a shorter one on the return and if I don’t make the return, I can invoke the insurance. That’d be for the paid tix not award. But UGH!

  6. @lucky – thanks, wanted to make sure there was no other way before i went through the trouble of creating an account!

  7. @lucky – so looks like I can’t take advantage of the promotion 🙁 Is flying blue generally the best value for booking Air France, India – Europe? It is 150 K in Business and I would be transferring from AmEx? Is that my best bet?

  8. @ SK — You’re traveling between India and Europe, or from the US to India and Europe? If from the US, you’d be better off booking through Delta, as they don’t impose fuel surcharges on award redemptions on Air France that originate in the US.

  9. @lucky – just India to Europe roundtrip. Does delta see the same availability as Flying Blue?

  10. @ SK — No, they see slightly different availability. That being said, if the price you saw was 150K roundtrip then it sounds like it wasn’t the “Classic/Saver” award availability, so that space wouldn’t be bookable through Delta.

  11. @lucky- unfortunately that is how much the charge for a classic (not promo) business class round trip. I don’t see the space on Does that mean delta can’t see it or is it worth calling them ? Sorry for so many questions!

  12. @ Lucky – I believe you meant to say that travel can begin August 1 🙂

    I’m in Houston so it’s kind of tempting to take them up on this offer but not enough vacation time. Seating in economy doesn’t sound all that exciting either *sigh*

  13. Anyone have experience with transferring SPG points to Air France? The SPG site says it “may” take 10-14 business days to transfer. I’d like to take advantage of this, but I only have a two week window in August when I’d be able to travel, and I fear that the availability will be gone by the time the transfer clears.

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