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In March, American Express announced that they would be adding further benefits to their Platinum Card issued in the US. I would assume that this was designed to (somewhat) offset the value that the card has lost over the past couple of months due to:

As part of the new benefits, American Express announced:

  • A complimentary Boingo Preferred Plan, giving members access to over 700,000 hotspots worldwide
  • A TSA Pre-Check fee waiver, which isn’t valuable to most since there’s already a Global Entry fee waiver, and that comes with TSA Pre-Check (and you can only choose one fee waiver or the other, and not both)

Registration is now open for the Boingo Preferred Plan for American Express Platinum cardmembers.


To register go to, where you’ll be prompted to enter your Platinum Card number to confirm your eligibility. For what it’s worth, both primary cardmembers and authorized users are eligible for this benefit.


Once your eligibility is confirmed, you’ll be prompted to create a Boingo account, which should only take a minute. You’ll be brought to a confirmation page, and then within a few minutes will receive an email confirmation with your account details.


Once enrolled, cardmembers will have simultaneous internet access for up to four devices with connection speeds three times faster than 3G. A similar plan would cost $59 per month. It’s worth noting that while you can use Boingo to sign into GoGo inflight internet, this plan doesn’t cover inflight internet, so you’d have to pay for that separately. The extent of that relationship is making it easier to log-in once onboard, as opposed to actually getting you free inflight wifi.


While I don’t think this even begins to make up for the loss of American and US Airways lounge access, or the restricted guest access at Delta SkyClubs, it’s better than nothing.


  1. In regards to getting the tsa pre or global entry fee refund, Do you have to choose which before hand?

  2. Hi Lucky, thanks for the reminder!! You’re always the first with the latest news and updates, really appreciate it!

  3. Lucky, not Boingo related, but do you know if the $200 airline credit from the AmEx Platinum covers buying Premier Access on UA?

  4. “It’s worth noting that while you can use Boingo to sign into GoGo inflight internet, this plan doesn’t cover inflight internet, so you’d have to pay for that separately. The extent of that relationship is making it easier to log-in once onboard, as opposed to actually getting you free inflight wifi.”

    The person at Boingo I spoke to yesterday said that tomorrow – Sunday – the relationship between GoGo and Boingo is ending. We’ll see.

    I saw somewhere that Amex Plat at one time offered 10 free GoGo sessions a year for cardholders – THAT would be a real value!

  5. Does this benefit work similar to how the Priority Pass benefit works (ie. if the Amex card is cancelled, your Boingo benefits is canceled as well)?

  6. Regarding Boingo: Anyone know why the boingo iOS app seems to think your’e on a mobile plan with 2GB/month?

  7. Ed – that is not your plan. That is what they use to tell you what you have “saved” by using boingo wifi instead of cell data overcharges. From their Help section
    “The usage screen can be set up to track data date usage to help avoid expensive overage charges….we preset the tool settings to calculate savings based on a default cellular data plan of 2gb per month…”

    I had the same question before….

  8. @Rob: Thanks. That’s about the last thing I would have thought it meant (which is probably why I didn’t see it when I looked at the help).

  9. As far as the Global Entry & TSA PreCheck, makes more sense to go with global entry because once you are approved you automatically benefit all of TSA PreCheck benefits where as if you sign up for PreTSA, I don’t think you benefit for Global Entry benefits!!!

  10. Dear Boingo User:
    Because you’re a loyal Boingo user who has logged in to the inflight Wi-Fi services provided by our partner Gogo, we thought it was important to let you know that effective June 1, that will no longer be possible. We’d like to apologize for this change, since we know our customers really appreciated this convenience.

    It appears that demand for airborne Wi-Fi is just too much of a good thing. As more people with more devices take to the skies, inflight Wi-Fi has become a scarce commodity of sorts. So as demand for the limited supply of inflight access continues to climb, Gogo – our partner since 2011 – has opted not to renew our roaming agreement.

    If inflight is your thing, we still have a roaming agreement in place with Deutsche Telekom, which provides inflight access on overseas flights for 9 international airlines, including Air France, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, KLM, and Lufthansa, among others.

    We also just added more than 32,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the U.S. via a new roaming agreement with Time Warner Cable, in addition to the more than 1 million hotspots already available through roaming agreements with more than 140 network operators around the world.

    Again, we’d like to apologize for this change in service. We made every effort to keep the agreement intact so you could continue to enjoy this convenience while traveling.
    If you have any questions, you can always drop us a line at or ring us up at +1-800-880-4117. We’re here to help.

  11. Just spent two weeks in Europe. Boingo connected for all of 29 minutes and each time it was a painful experience.

    I guess the Amex plan is better than nothing but Boingo is a frustrating hassle that only occasionally works.

  12. @ Lucky – thanks for the heads-up. Signed up for Boingo account; guess may be useful when traveling internationally.

  13. Does anyone know if the Boingo benefit is per card or only one per account? The Global Entry fee waiver, for example, was for each card, but other benefits ($200 airline credit) are one per account.

  14. … and it’s up to 4 devices per account, so even if you don’t have AU cards, that ought to be plenty.

  15. I have still found zero use for this boingo wireless membership. I recently traveled through three major cities and could not connect to any wireless points that I could not have connected to in any other way. I was really disappointed that it had nothing to do with the GoGo inflight wireless. I had to pay extra to join that network.
    Once again this seems to be another useless “benefit” that Amex is trying to pass off as justification for their $495 annual fee.

  16. Never understood the people who on the other hand complain about the annual fee as “unjustified”, yet on the other hand obviously pay it. Why pay it then?

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