Qatar Airways Next A380 Destination: Paris Starting July 3, 2014

Along with Asiana, Qatar Airways will be the next major carrier to take delivery of the Airbus A380. They’ll be launching A380 service to London Heathrow as of June 17, 2014, on the following flights:

Qatar 3 Doha to London departing 7:55AM arriving 1:15PM
Qatar 4 London to Doha departing 3:05PM arriving 11:50PM

I managed to snag a seat in first class on the inaugural flight (thanks to a reasonable ex-Cairo paid first class fare), so look forward to reviewing it.

Qatar Airways A380 first class cabin

Qatar Airways will be taking delivery of their first three of thirteen A380s this summer. They were supposed to take delivery of their A380s earlier, but due to the delayed opening of the Hamad International Airport they had the delivery dates delayed by a bit.

They did announce from the beginning that they’d fly the A380s primarily to Europe, so it’s no surprise that the next A380 destination for Qatar Airways will be Paris Charles de Gaulle.


Qatar Airways will be launching A380 service to Paris Charles de Gaulle as of July 3, 2014, on the following flights:

Qatar 39 Doha to Paris departing 8:10AM arriving 2:10PM
Qatar 40 Paris to Doha departing 4:00PM arriving 11:20PM

As you can see, the flight operates with a nearly identical schedule to the London Heathrow A380 service. Meanwhile the other two daily frequencies between Doha and Paris continue to be operated by A340-600s, which are also in a three class configuration.

As was the case when Qatar Airways announced A380 service to London Heathrow, there’s no award space on the A380 in first or business class to Paris. Even looking months in advance, there are two first class and four business class award seats on the other two daily frequencies between Doha and Paris, but nothing on the A380 service.


So if anyone really wants to fly the Qatar Airways A380 without booking a paid ticket, I’d probably recommend booking one of the other London Heathrow or Paris Charles de Gaulle frequencies, as I would guess they’ll increase A380 service on one of those routes before starting a third destination. After all, London and Paris are the only two destinations in the world they presently offer a first class product to.

(Tip of the hat to Joey)


  1. I got excited when reading the title, but unfortunately I’ll still have an A340 as I’m on the 10:30PM flight out of Paris mid-July.

  2. I’ve got to say the cabin looks really sleek, on looks alone possibly my new favourite!!

  3. Cairo seems like a dangerous place to visit right now? Are you positioning from Europe and never leave the airport ?

  4. IMHO, I think QR1 will be the next flight for the 3rd QR A380.
    @Lantean, just go to ita matrix and you’ll see the fares are cheaper ex-CAI but only on QR. I flew CAI-DOH-BLR in business class last February and QR served Krug in CAI-DOH sector (it was considered a First Class cabin even though there were only 2 classes in the 777 plane.)

  5. @ Lantean — There are some decent paid first/business class fares out of Cairo. One way on Qatar Airways from Cairo to Doha to London in first class is ~$1,600-1,900. Seemed worth it in order to review the inaugural flight.

  6. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the review for this flight…more because I’m curious as to how Qatar’s rather erratic in-flight service will be on this inaugural flight. Lucky, I’m sorry you will not have the ability to spend some time in Cairo. A view of this fascinating city through your eyes would have been a great read. And perhaps would have helped to dispel the erroneous perception that it is a dangerous place.

  7. Just watched the video. Are their claims of the widest seat true? Certainly didn’t seem very wide compared to SQ.

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