300 Free Lufthansa Miles & More Miles

Lufthansa is currently offering 300 bonus Miles & More miles for downloading their new Miles & More app and linking it to your Facebook:

With the new Miles & More app, ‘my Miles & More’, members can connect the worlds of Facebook and Miles & More for the first time. In the beta test phase we want to give users the opportunity to get to know the system and to point out any necessary final adjustments to us. We will give 300 award miles to all the dedicated testers: once you have registered and have connected your own Miles & More account, you can start.

This isn’t very time consuming at all, so is an easy 300 miles. It’s worth noting, however, that you must have an existing mileage balance with Miles & More in order to be able to take advantage of this.


(Tip of the hat to Malta Points)


  1. This only works if you have a physical M&M card – temporary numbers (i.e. never earned 1 mile) do not work.

  2. Same thing here, not sure why they provide a link to sign up, then ask you for a pin. The only way to get the pin is to have miles in your account and it gets mailed to you. Typical, build an app and not think it through, that’s software development 101.

  3. I set up a new account just to try this promotion. 500 for joining, and within a week, I got the 300 for linking to my Facebook. I don’t have a physical card, and I requested my PIN through the website and got it no problem. So you don’t need a card or existing mileage.

  4. @Adam: did you click ‘forgotten PIN’? it tells me that my number is temporary and as such I won’t have a PIN assigned before 1st mileage accrual. Where did you get the 500 miles for? sixt?

  5. Hi R. I did click forgotten PIN and it sent me one straight away, I don’t know why that would be different for you. My 500 miles were for signing up for the newsletter:
    23/05/2014 Miles & More Facebook App +300
    20/05/2014 Newsletter Subscription +500

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