Delta Introduces New Perks For Alaska Residents

Alaska Airlines has something called Club 49, whereby they offer residents of Alaska special perks.

The benefits of joining Club 49 include the following:

  • 2 Free Checked Bags — When traveling to or from Alaska on Alaska Airlines (Benefits not available on all codeshare itineraries)
  • Travel Now Discount — Two annual one-way certificates for 30% off Refundable Coach fares when flying to, from or within Alaska
  • Weekly Fare Sales — Receive exclusive emails featuring new deals every week


As most of you probably know, Alaska and Delta have a really heated battle in Seattle over market share, though it seems that Delta is now trying to extend that battle to the state of Alaska, where Alaska Airlines still has a near monopoly.

To do that, Delta is introducing a targeted offer for residents of the state of Alaska, similar to Alaska’s Club 49:

Living in Alaska is already a bonus, but when you fly on a Delta or Delta Connection®-marketed and –operated flight you’ll receive even more. All Alaskans receive two free checked bags each for up to eight travel companions through December 31, 2014, plus the convenience of expanded service starting in June.

And for a limited time, register by October 31, 2014, to receive:

    Enjoy 60 days of Silver Medallion status and all the benefits that come with it. Keep Silver Medallion status through February 2015 by earning 4K Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) or 4 Medallion Qualification Segments (MQSs) within 60 days. Get Gold Medallion status through February 2015 by earning 8K MQMs or 8 MQSs within 60 days after registration.
  • 30% DISCOUNT
    A one-time discount is available toward the purchase of a full Y fare-class Delta or Delta Connection-marketed and –operated ticket. Travel must commence within four days of redemption and ticket purchase. Book and redeem by December 31, 2014.
    Purchase an Economy Comfort™ ticket by December 31, 2014, then fly and watch a one-time $25 land in your SkyMiles account. With Economy Comfort, enjoy prime seating at the front of the Economy cabin, Priority Boarding, quicker deplaning, and more legroom.


So really they’re one-upping Alaska here by not just offering two free checked bags and a 30% discount, but also offering a Silver Medallion trial, e-certificate for purchasing Economy Comfort, etc.

This is clearly intended to simply piss off Alaska. Delta can’t even begin to compete with Alaska Airlines in Alaska. Here are the destinations Delta serves:


And here are the destinations Alaska serves:


But ultimately this battle is just about them pissing one another off, much like Alaska’s promotion offering double miles for travel on British Airways between Seattle and London the same week that Delta launched their service.

(Tip of the hat to James)


  1. A flash in the pan. To devote marketing resources to something like this leaves me scratching my head. Just goes to show how silly things can get when things get personal. The Telenovela continues!

  2. Lucky to your point yes bigger reach for Alaska but you should probably add one more blue dot for Juneau starting May 29th. They are adding new flights there and Fairbanks from Seattle.

    The consumer wins for now. While Delta flies in the summer is lowers the average rates by $80.

  3. Looking closely at this DL promo it really is mostly fluff and show with no real bite. A 30% discount FULL Y fare is a joke since most one way no advance purchase fares are not Full Y to begin with and are discounted close to 30% in some cases.
    25.00 when looking at very high airfares is not much to smile at thought it is something more than nothing.
    Status for a few months..Oh.. but by the time I earn it I will have a hand full of months to use it.
    Baggage is simply a match not a one up on AS.

  4. I am a big fan of Alaska Airlines. I never flew them but applaud the fact they are trying to do some damage to the most evil of the airlines: Delta

  5. I suspect the residents of both Alaska and Washington state will have a different Skymiles program than the other 48 states.

    Delta wants to move it’s Narita hub to Seattle and they have to compete with their comparatively weak Skymiles program to a very good airline with a terrific rewards program.

    Residents of those two states will be big winners assuming the market will be big enough for both of them.

  6. Sure Alaska flies all over the state but I suspect the profitable routes routes are ANC/JNU to the lower 48.

  7. Yep, looks like the panhandle got chopped off both maps, which would’ve added (on the Alaska side): Juneau, Gustavus, Sitka, Petersburg, Wrangell, Ketchikan (am I missing any)?

    Also, the Alaska map seems to include their code shares. For example Alaska doesn’t fly out to the Aleutian Islands. However Penn Air does that flying for them. So it’s probably not a fair representation of Alaska’s presence in their namesake state, considering that Alaska itself is a Delta code share. Unless that’s already ended too!

  8. Wow nevermind. Ignore my second paragraph there. It looks like they actually do fly out to some locations I thought were only served by commuter airlines. The dot on Dutch Harbor DUT threw me off… cause that specific one is only served by Penn Air.

  9. The photo they used for the promo even looks like the image on my Alaska Visa, lol

    Anyway, the offers is better than nothing but would be a lot more beneficial if you got status until 2016.

  10. Delta offers “Alaska gets more perks”
    promotion # 161001 free baggage
    if you have a registered skymiles account
    Thank you Delta

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