Great Abu Dhabi Hotel Deals This Summer

Perhaps file this under the category of “no $hit, Sherlock.”

For the past couple of summers I’ve written about what great deals Phoenix hotels can be in the summer. This is hardly surprising given the temperatures. And if you book a hotel that participates in the American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts and Virtuoso programs, you can get even further benefits.

For example, last summer I stayed at the Arizona Biltmore for $99, and received free breakfast, a $100 food & beverage credit, and an upgrade to a huge suite. It’s tough to beat the value of that!


I now live in hotels full time, so deals like these are even more tempting to me. Not because I’m looking for a fun place to “vacation,” but rather if I can get a great deal “living” at a destination that’s interesting/different, I might as well. And I really do like traveling places off season to avoid the crowds and get better deals all around. For example, Sydney over New Years isn’t appealing to me in the slightest.

In the case of destinations with really hot climates, I ultimately don’t mind them too much. Just because I’m living in hotels doesn’t mean I’m on a permanent vacation. I still have a full day of “work” to put in, so ultimately if I have a comfortable hotel from which to work and can enjoy the local area for a couple of hours a day, I figure I’m good to go. And I don’t mind hot climates, since I simply try to go outside either early in the morning or late in the evening, to avoid the heat.

This brings me to the Middle East. Yes, it’s miserably hot in the summer, but the hotel deals are even hotter (that’s my attempt at a Home Shopping Network sales pitch).

Take the St. Regis Abu Dhabi, for example. American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts has a third night free offer through September 14, 2014.


The rate is $206 per night, so for three nights you’d be paying an average of under $140 per night.


Meanwhile for booking through Fine Hotels & Resorts you’d get the following benefits:

  • Room upgrade upon arrival, when available
  • Daily full breakfast for two
  • Complimentary massage for up to two people, once during your stay
  • Noon early check-in, upon availability
  • 4:00 pm guaranteed late check-out

Meanwhile the Hyatt Capital Gate, which is easily one of the most architecturally unique hotels in the world, has rates of just under $100 per night for their “Summer 3 for 2” package.



And then of course there’s always the good old reliable Park Hyatt Chennai for under $100 per night, which I plan on eventually spending quite a bit of time at.


Bottom line

I’ll share some more great summer hotel deals (particularly ones with Fine Hotels & Resorts) over the coming weeks, though these are a few that I personally plan on taking advantage of this summer.


  1. Lucky,
    Going to Dubai in February, any suggestions for reasonable hotel rates? Certain sites to book, ect.? Thanks!

  2. Note not just summer heat, but Ramadan drives down UAE hotel prices. I am staying at Qasr al Sarab for ~$200/night in July.

  3. I can tell you from experience that Abu Dhabi in summer is EXTREMELY boring (Abu Dhabi is pretty boring to begin with, and in summer many people are on vacation and even the limited set of outdoor activities are not recommended), so you will certainly have a lot of time to get work done. It may also not give you a totally accurate experience with some of the higher-end hotels — in August especially many of the better staff (concierges and such) at the top-end UAE hotels go on vacation back to their home countries, and guests get the second-string front-line staff who may not be quite as good at some of the finer points of customer service.

    Dubai tends to also have some good summer hotel rates and isn’t quite as boring, so that’s another option.

  4. @ Darla — All depends what kind of hotel you’re looking for. I love the Park Hyatt, where paid rates are usually quite high, though it’s a great value on points.

  5. I’ll be staying at the Capital Gate in December, I’d be interested in your take on it if you do decide to stay there in the summer!

    I found a great BRG rate for Capital Gate, so I’ll probably stick with that as it included breakfast. Going to try to get Hyatt Diamond during my Etihad F mistake fare trip as well, so having Hyatt Diamond would be helpful as well.

  6. I’m heading to the UAE this weekend.

    I booked the St. Regis Abu Dhabi for 615 AED/night ($167) for two nights, through an SPG Hot Rate and the Park Hyatt Dubai at ~$243 through the Hyatt MER, and used a DSU to confirm into a Park Suite.

    The AmEx rate was tempting, but it matched to the Best Available Rate at the St. Regis, which was around $217. So, cumulatively over three days it was very similar to the Hot Rate, and I didn’t really want to stay there that long.

    FWIW, the Grand Hyatt Dubai is Category 4, so I used a free credit card night there.

    Also worth noting that there is now a 9am flight a few times a week from Abu Dhabi’s executive airport to DXB. It runs about 100 AED OW, so if you’re able to get out at that time in the morning, it can be a better deal than taking a taxi or shuttle from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

  7. We’re headed to Abu Dhabi in June – stopover on a EK F ticket through AS – and booked the St Regis Saadiyat where the forth night was free. About $208 ai/night. It’s going to be too hot to lounge at the beach all day but we really only have three days which is enough for one relaxation/spa, one for the F1 circuit tour and mosque visit, and then a day trip to Doha. Can’t wait!

  8. A few weeks back I was checking Virtuoso rates and actually saw the Shangri La Abu Dhabi for $150/night including breakfast and a $100 F&B credit. Almost booked it but ended up at the St Regis Saadiyat for $220.

  9. Have you ever been in ME during summer? It’s HOOOOT….
    So there’s your reason for cheap hotels 🙂

  10. I stayed at the St. Regis Abu Dhabi in February. I loved it. The butler service was amazing. Nice gym too.

  11. okay… AD hot is about a million times worse than you can imagine… plus ramadan is coming this summer. and calling the hyatt “architecturally unique” is incredibly polite. it is hideous!

  12. The Hyatt Captial Gate is one of my alltime fav hotels! Would return in a heartbeat! Service was just extreemly good!

  13. @preston – The Rotana flight is presently operating from AZI to DWC, which makes it even less useful to most people!

  14. Can the $100 credit for dining be applied to everything on the check: cost of food, drink, tax and tips, or just the food and drinks?

  15. For FHR’s 3rd night free offer, if I book 6 nights I’d only have to pay for 4, correct? Or is it more restrictive and I have to split it into 2 reservations?

  16. @ Ivan Y — Hmmm, I believe you’d have to book it as two reservations, though I could be wrong. That should do the trick, though.

  17. From all your comments so far I’m guessing the answer is no, but is MERS concerning anyone? I’m not one to avoid travel for the normal concerns (e.g., theft, uprisings, culture shock, etc) but this one has me thinking twice about my June trip to AUH.

  18. @ Lucky – hmm.. thanks! Conrad Tokyo has that deal so was wondering. Wish Amex FHR site would display final price.

  19. Haha I’m doing exactly the same ‘free’ FHR at the Biltmore this summer thanks to previous article, Lucky! I’ve got an overnight stopover on the way to HNL so it seemed nicer to stay there than at an airport hotel!

  20. Hey Lucky you should check out and book Sunday through Thursday at the Quad in Las Vegas for around $18 plus $20 resort fee and then book in Laughlin for the weekend for $18 a night.

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