Fly From Miami To Rome On Aerolineas Argentinas

I’ve written in the past about how I really want to fly Aerolineas Argentinas Club Condor Class.

I’m big into technology, and this is an area where Aerolineas Argentinas really excels.

There’s no way you’ll ever get bored on an Aerolineas Argentinas flight — they have four movies for you to watch… in stereo:

Each seat has a screen of individual video, where you will be able to enjoy four movies, previews or just opened in Argentina, in stereo.

And in the unlikely event you run out of movies, you have 12 music channels with varied genders:

The audio system has 12 channels with the most varied musical genders.

Forget onboard showers and wifi. In case you’re still not amused, you can always resort to faxing:

You will be able to make satellite phone calls through an individual telephone from your seat, paying with your credit card, to a cost of U$S 7.50 per minute. If you wish to send a fax, you will be to request it to the crew to a cost of u$s 7.50 per page.

So I have to fly them, and I think my friend Mac might just have found the very best use of miles for travel on them. The Air France/KLM FlyingBlue award search tool shows the following routing on Aerolineas Argentinas from Miami to Rome:


A 40 hour journey in Aerolineas Argentinas Club Condor Class from Miami to Rome via Buenos Aires? Yes, please! I’m more tempted than I should be by this… I think…



  1. I’m from Argentina.
    The site with the explanation of club cóndor is hilarious, but in fact It’s totally outdated.
    A few years ago they have started renewing the planes, and they are a lot newer than before, like between brand new and 10 years old.
    For short distance, they have 22 brand new Embraer E190 with video on demand. For the MÍA-EZE leg, you will probably have a not-so-old A330 with video on demand too.

  2. +1 to what Nicolas said. I’m also from Argentina but live in DC. The domestic routes feature the new E190 with USB ports in each seat (I’m talking coach), IFE screen on each seat with movies and music, decent legroom, etc. Plus you get a few snacks on every flight, even 40-minute ones (AEP to MDQ). Way better than any domestic flight in the US with the exception of Jetblue maybe.

  3. Well, at least you have a full day in BA that I hope you spend eating in one of their amazing restaurants than staying at an airport hotel. 🙂 I hope they still allow you to send a fax to your readers!!!!

  4. As a resident expert on Aerolineas Club Condor class (flown it three times from Miami now), I can give you a couple pieces of advice.

    1) Bring an iPad stocked with plenty of viewing material. Unless you wanna watch Philomena and only Philomena. Last time I flew it was the only “channel” they had working and couldn’t explain why the VHS player wouldn’t work for the other ones.

    2) Bring snacks. After take off, breakfast was served, and 2 hours later dinner. The crew said that with only 6 hours left of flying time, they would not have enough time to clean the galley and prepare for landing, so they had to serve the second service right away. And don’t expect champagne. Of the 6 wines listed, they only served two stating that they would have to open the other bottles and that would cause the wine to go to waste.

    3) And the most important, SEAT ASSIGNMENT. Make sure to choose rows 1/2. They are actually first class seats from old Cathay Pacific planes that have not been retrofitted as of yet. You can assign those by calling, or hell, I’ll do it for you if Spanglish isn’t your strong suit.

    Let me know how it goes!

  5. You can always start a kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for this, if that Residence thing doesn’t pan out 🙂

  6. …or if it does pan out you can…and should…do a comparison of opposite extremes in “Premium” cabins….

  7. PLEASE PLEASE don’t do this! I’m from Argentina and I know how this government managed corrupt airline works. I rather fly Delta economy than condor class.
    This is an airline whose president stated publicly that HE DOESN’T LIKE FLYING! (google it if you dont trust me)

    Please use your skymiles wisely and don’t waste it on your worst trip of your life.

    This is if you get to fly because your flight might get cancelled because our president decides to use it for her shopping trips.

  8. Not bad considering that most FB J awards to Europe typically have big fuel surcharges. The 18hr layover in EZE is kind of cool too!

  9. Funny. I flew them in January from Buenos Aires to El Calafate. About 3 hours on a regional jet. Was a newer plan, and each seat had personal video – – but it was very limited. Just a handful of shows, but there was a usb port to watch what you had on your cell phone.

  10. I think it would make for an interesting trip report. The only downside to the 18 hour layover is that Argentina charges US citizens a $160 “reciprocity fee” to enter the country (Americans don’t require a visa to enter, but we must pay this fee because that is what the US govt charges AR citizens for a visa application). But I think you have a passport from Deutschland so this is probably not an issue?

  11. Given that other readers seem to clamor for coach review, perhaps this could be your Y trip report? 😉

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