US Airways Flight Diverts Due To Fume Leaks

As I’m sure many of you heard yesterday, US Airways 715 from Venice to Philadelphia diverted to Dublin after much of the crew became ill.

Via The Irish Times:

A US Airways flight between Venice and Philadelphia has been redirected to Dublin Airport after members of the crew fell ill.

The plane turned around over the Atlantic this afternoon after seven of the nine flight attendants on board reported symptoms including nausea and dizziness.

After leaving Venice at 11.35am local time (10.35am Irish time), the diverted plane landed safely in Dublin Airport around 3.15pm, where ambulances and fire engines awaited its arrival.

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in envisioning this scene in my head:

As it turns out there were apparently fume leaks in the galley which caused the flight attendants to feel not well.

Happy that everyone is okay at least!


  1. @Marshall Jackson: The simplest explanation would be that the fumes were coming from somewhere only the flight attendants had access to, a location that had almost but not quite adequate ventilation. Nausea and dizziness are common symptoms of mild carbon monoxide poisoning.

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