2014 Daily Getaways Packages and Deals Revealed

Daily Getaways, sponsored by American Express and the U.S. Travel Association, will be returning this year. For those of you not familiar with it, it’s intended to promote tourism, and there are often some good deals.

This has been offered for several years now. The first year it was great because there was very little competition for the packages, given that not many people knew about it. But the past couple of years it has been super competitive, and being able to buy one of the better packages was akin to winning a raffle.

Every weekday from May 19 through June 20, 2014, travel packages and getaways will be on sale at discounted prices. The good thing is that you don’t have to decide on your dates or travel right away, because most packages come in the form of certificates or points, which can be redeemed over time.

Anyway, Daily Getaways has just published the first two weeks of packages. Keep in mind that if you pay with an American Express card you receive a 10% discount on the listed prices.



Lets take a quick look at them:

Week 1, Day 1: Monday, May 19
Discounted Wyndham Rewards points

  • 14,000 Wyndham Rewards points / $84 / 500 available
  • 32,000 Wyndham Rewards points / $192 / 450 available
  • 40,000 Wyndham Rewards points / $240 / 440 available
  • 60,000 Wyndham Rewards points / $360 / 100 available
  • 75,000 Wyndham Rewards points / $450 / 200 available

Week 1, Day 2: Tuesday, May 20
Discounted Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points

  • 5,500 Hertz points / $280 / 45 available
  • 13,200 Hertz points / $475 / 35 available
  • 16,500 Hertz points / $775 / 50 available

Week 1, Day 3: Wednesday, May 21
Discounted Choice Privileges points

  • 20,000 Choice points / $108 / 216 available
  • 32,000 Choice points / $132 / 655 available
  • 36,000 Choice points / $175 / 786 available
  • 40,000 Choice points / $165 / 325 available

Week 1, Day 4: Thursday, May 22
$50 Alamo discount certificate

$50 Alamo discount certificate sent via email for $25. 2,000 available.

Week 1, Day 5: Friday, May 23
Discounted Hilton HHonors points

  • 100,000 Hilton points / $550 / 160 available
  • 150,000 Hilton points / $825 / 200 available
  • 250,000 Hilton points / $1,375 / 200 available

Week 2, Day 1: Monday, May 26
Discounted IHG Rewards Club points

  • 15,000 IHG points / $100 / 2,500 available
  • 25,000 IHG points / $167 / 2,000 available
  • 50,000 IHG points / $325 / 1,250 available
  • 100,000 IHG points / $630 / 1,000 available

Week 2, Day 2: Tuesday, May 27
Caesars Entertainment Discounts

  • Two nights accommodations in a Mini-Suite, two Buffet-of-Buffets passes, daily fitness center access, complimentary internet access and roundtrip limousine transportation between hotel and airport / $299 / 20 available
  • Two nights accommodations in a Red Room Premier at Paris Las Vegas, dinner for two, spa treatments and more / $350 / 10 available
  • Two nights accommodations, two all-day Buffet of Buffets passes, two fitness center passes, complimentary internet access, and roundtrip airport transportation / $465 / 20 available
  • Two nights accommodations at Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace, in-room tea service, dinner for two at Nobu Restaurant and Lounge, daily fitness center access / $590 / 5 available
  • Three nights accommodations in a Suite at Caesars Palace as well as show tickets, a $200 dining credit, daily fitness center access, daily internet access and roundtrip limousine transportation between hotel and airport / $1,540 / 10 available

Week 2, Day 3: Wednesday, May 28
CityPASS Discounts

Does anyone really care? Didn’t think so.

Week 2, Day 4: Thursday, May 29
Diamond Resorts Discount

Five consecutive-night stay at select Diamond Resorts International properties by July 4, 2015. 200 available.

Week 2, Day 5: Friday, May 30
SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Discount

  • SeaWorld one-day pass / $49 / 900 available
  • Busch Gardens one-day pass / $45 / 640 available

Bottom line

I’ll crunch the numbers as the dates approach, though overall this isn’t as exciting as it used to be. The prices are higher, and points on the whole are worth less than they were a few years ago.

Do any of the above packages interest you?


  1. pure crap, why bother? I don’t even like to be a negative person but really, why bother?

  2. Nothing except the lower tier Caesars and I won’t actually be bidding on those. Can always get nice rooms in LV cheap.

  3. What, no one is going for a night at a Super 8 for only $84? Such a deal… 😉

  4. I’d really been looking forward to this, but these seem like the Buy Miles bonuses that keep popping up: worth it to top off your account for a specific redemption, but otherwise nothing to cheer about.

  5. I can get better prices on these hotels/motels just by showing up and blagging, so why would I bid on these offers? Can’t imagine who this is right for? 1 night at Super 8 for $84? Really? They’ll have a better price than that posted on the sign outside, at least they do around here.

  6. Ohhh, I can’t wait to bid for 1 night at a Super 8. That has been in my wish list for years but I could never find a good deal. Thank you Gateway Packages for making my dream possible 🙂

  7. There is actually one super-deal imho and I hope very few people see it so as to increase my odds of snagging one. I bet lucky can find it though.

  8. Their logic escapes me. last year they could not sell the Hilton packages… they were left over after it all ended. so for this year the increase the prices??? Makes no sense to me at all.

    I guess IHG points could be worth it if you redeem at Boring-Boring.

  9. I’ll pick up some choice points. I bought a modest amount last year, and found decent redemptions. Wyndham is not a trustworthy program, so I don’t think I’d buy points without an immediate need. Buying points through daily getaway for Wyndham used to be a great deal before Wyndham devalued points to miles transfers (with no notice), but now it’s barely break even and there are better ways to accumulate/buy miles. If you’re working toward a WN companion pass, buying Wyndham isn’t a bad idea to transfer over. You lose money on the deal. If you buy Wyndham points with Amex and get the 10 percent discount, you are basically buying SW points for 2.7 cents. Since they have a redemption value of 1.5 cents, you’re overpaying by 1.2 cents per point, but to top up to a companion pass, this could be worth it.

  10. I find this to be a big waste of time. Any of the decent deals are gone within seconds and not available.

  11. I might be interested in the IHG points or the Hilton points – not familiar with Hilton, so I don’t know if they’re worth what they’re asking. The IHG points are a bit better value than doing the 0.7cpm C+P bookings though!

  12. Doesn’t sound amazing but please let us know if you can figure out some ways to turn any of these lukewarm deals into something nicer 🙂

  13. Choice points at less than 0.5 cents each seems reasonable (use them for hotel stays, or, if they’re about to expire, or you need them for CP, transfer them to Southwest at a fair value). Having a small stash of Choice points can be worthwhile. Last year, over a holiday weekend, I had to pay $250 for a hotel room that normally goes for less than $100. If I’d had points, I could have booked it for 25,000 points – a good value.

    Similarly, HHonors points at 0.5 cents each seems worthwhile. Last year, I bought one of the packages, and used 120,000 points for a 5 night stay that would have cost me about $1200 cash. I wouldn’t stockpile them, but I’ll pay that price to maintain a reasonable stash.

  14. looking to buy some choice points, but a crucial question.

    once i buy the points, how long till they post or are usable? will all this be done online, or are any snail mail certificates or confirmations involved.

    i live in hotels all the time, will not be back home, this would be for an early june stay, with no possible use after that time.

    thank you

  15. ok i see that the points get credited within 10 business days, so just over two weeks, so it will still work for a late june stay if availability remains. soes choice charge any fees for redeeming for one of their hotels, in particular if it is done only a few days in advance?


  16. @ Lantean

    The prices for the Hilton points did not increase, they are exactly the same as they were last year.

  17. Rooms at Super 8 were going for $500 a night here in Austin while F1 was in town. Maybe I should pick up one of those vouchers and sell it when time comes =p.

  18. Hmmm, I like the hertz points. Used 4400 points to get a week in a mini-van in London, saved me about $800.

    IHG points could be valuable as well, especially since I’m considering a trip to Bora Bora.

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