Silvercar Sending Out Referral Credit Payments

In February I wrote about Silvercar, an innovative new car rental company with only one type of car — an Audi A4 — which comes with a bunch of cool features, including:

  • Free GPS
  • Free wifi
  • Free satellite radio
  • Free toll tracking
  • Reasonable fuel plan (if you choose not to fill up your car you pay the local pump price plus a $5 fill-up fee)

Earlier in the year Silvercar introduced a referral program, whereby they offer first time renters (and those referring them) a $25 gift card after their first rental. This isn’t like Uber where the referral bonus comes in the form of more credit with the company, but rather you’re getting a $25 Visa electronic gift card which will be sent out within 30 days of the end of the month when the rental is completed.

Anyway, I’ve referred quite a few people to Silvercar and up until last week didn’t see any referral credit. I received an email on April 30 with the headline “Your Visa Reward Has Arrived!” It actually ended up in my spam folder, and even when I saw it in there I still assumed it was spam.


But when I clicked the link I realized it was in fact the Silvercar referral credit, in the form of an electronic Visa gift card.


The redemption process took only a few seconds, and I was then given an electronic Visa card number, expiration date, and security code.

So if you’ve referred people to Silvercar be sure to keep an eye on the spam folder in your email. Do keep in mind it takes them a while to pay, as you only get paid 30 days from the end of the month when the rental is completed (not when the rental is booked). And there’s also not a way to track online how many people have rented using your referral link, but rather you can just tell when you receive the email.

If you haven’t yet used Silvercar or a referral code, simply go to the sign-up page on, and enter the “Referral Code” at the bottom of the page. If you’d like to use mine (which I’d of course be incredibly grateful for) it’s BSCHLAPPIG, though feel free to post yours below as well, and someone else can use it.

Also, keep in mind that through June 30, 2014, Silvercar is offering new customers $50 off a rental. Simply enter promotion code AFF-FTD when making a booking. To add a promotion code push the “add promo code” button at the bottom right of the booking page.


With this offer, the price of a rental can drop to just $9 per weekend day plus tax. Obviously this offer works out best for a one-day rental, since the $50 discount applies per rental and not per day, and it’s only available to new customers, so you can’t use it multiple times.

This basically means you can make money on your first rental. The above rental is $11 including taxes after the promotion code, and then you can receive a $25 Visa gift card if you’re referred to the program.


  1. Ben,
    Signed up w/your code only to find out that their app is incompatible with my smartphone. Looks like Silvercar has a ways to go yet. If they solve the problem (I emailed support) I will post back.

  2. I don’t know if the number on the card is yours, Ben, but it certainly passes the Luhn Check. Might want to black it out.

  3. Just used BSCHLAPPIG. Thanks for the Referral.

    If anyone is interested, they can use mine SDEGALA. Thank you

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