Win $200 Visa Gift Card Courtesy Of LoungeBuddy

Keep reading to find out how you can win a $200 Visa gift card courtesy of LoungeBuddy.

LoungeBuddy is an innovative app that — as the name suggests — is all about the airport lounge experience. It’s location based so can automatically tell which airport you’re at, and will show you the lounges nearby, along with their amenities, hours, ways to gain access, and user generated reviews.


If you load your preferences such as amenities you’re looking for and lounge memberships/status/tickets you hold, it will even automatically recommend a lounge for you. While I know most of the lounges I have access to in my everyday travels, I do sometimes find myself looking up lounges at airports I haven’t visited yet, and this app is great for that.

LoungeBuddy is launching their Android app today, and to celebrate they’re running a giveaway in conjunction with Cathay Pacific:

From May 1st through the 31st, those who use LoungeBuddy can enter to win the “Escape to Hong Kong” sweepstakes, where the prize consists of:

Flight to Hong Kong: Two (2) round-trip premium economy tickets from any Cathay Pacific gateway in North America to Hong Kong.

Airport Lounge Access: Receive full access for you and your guest to the highly-acclaimed Cathay Pacific lounges on your trip. In addition, get a private, guided tour of Cathay Pacific’s lounges at HKG.

Elite Status: After traveling like an Elite, officially become one by being granted Marco Polo Silver status. Forget mileage-runs and mile redemption tricks. The winner will be granted Marco Polo Silver status, which includes perks like access to Cathay Pacific Business Class and Dragonair lounges on eligible trips, priority on waitlists, and priority baggage handling.


Anyway, I have no financial relationship with them and am in no way being compensated for this post, though they did offer to give away a $200 Visa gift card to one lucky reader of mine.

To enter to win, simply leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite airport lounge amenity is, whether it’s common (wifi, showers, etc.) or something unique. You can enter once between now and 11:59PM PT on Saturday, May 3, 2014. At that point I’ll randomly pick a winner, so be sure you’re using a valid email address when leaving a comment.

Thanks to LoungeBuddy for the giveaway, and if you haven’t already checked them out, download their app in the App Store.

For giggles I might as well share a few of my favorite lounge amenities:

I love the complimentary hour-long full body massage you receive as a first class passenger in the Thai Airways First Class Lounge & Spa Bangkok:


I love the shower rooms/cabanas at the Cathay Pacific “The Wing” First Class Lounge Hong Kong:

I also love the “water bar” at the Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt, with over 40 types of water:


And in terms of simpler amenities, I love the pancake machine in the Alaska Airlines Board Room:


Curious to hear what your favorite lounge amenities are!


  1. wifi is critical as well as a bit less of the hustle and bustle outside the lounge.

  2. My favorite lounge amenity are showers, especially after you get off a transatlantic flights in the morning and want to freshen up

  3. my favorite airport lounge amenity is food like the water and pancakes you mentioned. 🙂

  4. This looks like a great app and one that I will be downloading today! I am always looking for a lounge with clean shower facilities and cold champagne!

  5. I’m easy to please. Nice breakfast, natural light, and a quiet corner. Though I suppose that’s three.

  6. +1 on the messages in bkk

    love the showers in ewr c

    (i didnt eat any) but TONS of amazing looking food in KUL

  7. Definitely the massages at TG’s first class lounge in BKK. I usually opt for the foot massage, since I’ve been doing so much walking every time I’m in BKK.

  8. Some peace and tranquility from the rest of the airport or free booze! Matters where I’m flying and what day of the week it is.

  9. Thanks for the app info, downloaded and searching it now 🙂
    Unfortunately, I have never used the lounge at any airport yet, but I would think the wifi, hot tea and some reading material ( new papers and magazines) would be great 🙂

  10. I like the drinks/snacks, but my favorite amenity is showers, especially after a long flight or red-eye.

  11. Shower and decent bar are a must! Lufthansa lounge in Frankfurt gets my vote!

  12. “The Wing” cabanas are my favorite so far…and afterwards, to relax even more, the Champagne Bar.

  13. Definitely the showers during layovers between international flights. And the unlimited croissants at the AA CDG lounge… 🙂

  14. Frankfurt Lufthansa business lounge – free German beer on tap makes layovers seem much shorter.

  15. Nothing will ever beat the looks of people (even sitting in First Class – those who boarded at the gate with…commoners!) when you are driven to the plane on the tarmac, escorted directly past everybody boarding and then escorted to your own first class seat.

    So that would be the driven to your plane at Lufthansa’s FCT.

  16. I’m an easy guy. A fast wifi will be most critical. But an adequate shower facility is also welcoming.

  17. I love the OSIM massage chairs. It is the simplest and quickest way to relax, saves the trouble of traveling to a Spa, and works even on a tight schedule.
    Second to that is perhaps decent food& shower.

  18. Water Bar at the Lufthansa FCT — I think not. I love the champagne bar. For every day lounge access power plug, comfy chair, and wireless access.

  19. I love when there’s great tarmac or runway views from the lounge, there’s nothing like kicking back and watching planes while waiting for a flight.

  20. In terms of something quirky, even on recent visits to various NRT *A lounges I don’t fail to enjoy watching the automatic beer machines in action.

    Mrs. Fredd, who spent a college year in Vienna many moons ago, loves the Bavarian Meat Loaf in the LH lounges.

    Like a number of other posters, we both really value access to a decent shower while flying internationally is

  21. I posted to soon. Please add your own adjective to the above, eg. heavenly, spectacular, fantastic, comforting…

  22. My favorite lounge amenity is the full bar (and, specifically, the spicy margarita :D) at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Heathrow.

  23. Maybe something we underestimate in the lounges, but having your own power supply (plugs) is pretty clutch compared to the “outside” terminal having to fight over plugs.

  24. I love the high quality food at the Centurion Lounge in Las Vegas and look forward to trying out others.

  25. I like having airline staff in the lounge that can help with any flight changes and upgrades. There is usually no line to see an agent.

  26. I’ve only gotten to use it once, but showers! Getting to the airport and feeling clean right when i step on the plane is fantastic.

  27. hot water machine… (I always bring my own tea bags with me so hot water is all I needed to relax)

  28. My favorite airport lounge amenity is Biscoff cookies. First introduced by Delta – OMG, has anyone tried the 2 Biscoff spreads? There is a ‘smooth” with the red lid, and the “crunchy” with the yellow lid.

    OMG, seriously? Everyone should try the crunchu Biscoff spread- it is like a spreadable cookie and the taste is amazing.

    Yes, when an airport lounge has one of those, it is heaven.

  29. Definitely a nice shower after an international flight, although I love the free massages in BKK too.

  30. Obviously slurping noodles at the noodle bar in the Wing (Cathay’s phenomenal lounge).

  31. I have to be boring but practical here. I love all the random perks of any lounge but WiFi is a life saver since I like to be connected at all times. But the showers. The showers are SO,SO clutch if you have two long flights like I did for South Africa.

  32. The jacuzzi at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. After a few glasses of champagne who wouldn’t want to take a dip?

  33. It’s nice when lounges have healthier snacks (like friuts and veggies). Although, I will admit the yogurt pretzels in the Admirals club are pretty addictive.

  34. Spent a few hours at The Wing First Class section…the cabana has to be the best amenity ever! Also, some lounges have great restaurants. Definitely a must!

  35. I love the being driven to the plane in a car at Lufthansa first class terminal in FRA

  36. Peace & quiet. Gotta get out of the herd and find a place to sit down w/o getting run into.

  37. And the winner is…. showers! Wait…are we eligible to win any amenity kits, ducks or any other of Lucky’s remaining possessions? 😉

  38. I’m usually flying early in the morning or late at night, so definitely being able to grab some free grub when I get hungry!

  39. Free booze – a nice, pleasant buzz before boarding makes any flight go by faster.

  40. Definitely the showers – great when taking an overnight flight after a long day’s work!

  41. It definitely has to be the cabanas in Cathay’s First Class Lounge in HKG. I could sit in them for hours!

  42. A good strong cup of coffee, a shower, and the NY Times available to read. Nothing like the feel of newsprint.

  43. Great food and drink! This really sets a good lounge apart – it saves you time (you don’t have to go eat and THEN go to the lounge) and really takes the hassle out of fulfilling your most basic necessities.

    Second favorite would probably be excellent customer service; we often forget about the value of the lounge agents, only remembering how great they can be when we’re in a pinch and flights are cancelled! A great lounge agent makes the rebooking process stress-free and has the power to make things happen.

  44. I really appreciate showers in lounges, especially when I’m in transit in the midst of several long haul flights!

  45. Oops!!! No duty free shops at lounges 🙂 Love the food and comfortable chairs in the lounges

  46. Free wifi, showers,breakfast and lunch
    A nice place to relax waiting for flights to depart

  47. Definitely showers — especially when transiting from international back to domestic!

  48. Quantas First Lounge massage in Sydney. I also love their live plant wall. It’s simply stunning.

  49. Love the gourmet dining experience at the Qantas First Lounge in Sydney. Perfect way to start a long-haul flight!

  50. I love that it is an oasis of calm in what is (for many) one of the most hectic parts of traveling.

  51. The showers definitely save the day! Two lounges that I have been to recently takes top rewards in this aspect — The Wing by Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong (HKG) and The Arrival Lounge by Lufthansa in Frankfurt (FRA).

    A shower after a long flight or before a transpacific flight is crucial to a good night sleep on the plan. 🙂

  52. You guys are too fancy. I’m just happy to be in a quieter area with WiFi and free drinks!

  53. Competent agents who can assist with travel rebooks. Don’t need often but does come in handy.

  54. Definitely enjoy the free drinks, both alcoholic and non. A couple cocktails can run you upwards of $20 at an airport bar, and it seems like airport Starbucks are always pricier than those outside the airport.

  55. My favorite is definitely the restaurants in the Cathay Lounge in Hong Kong. So serene, so well done, and just a pleasant place to be with some good food for weary travelers. Thanks!

  56. I’d say my favorite is the open bar. Nice to enjoy a tasty drink in a calm environment.

  57. My favorite is without a doubt the Thai spa. I also love the pretzels and Fanta in the Lufthansa lounges.

  58. the cooking stations at Turkish Airlines Lounge in Istanbul; oh and their sour cherry juice

  59. Honestly, just a cup of nice, fresh, hot coffee nestled in a cushy chair overlooking parked planes.

  60. The lounges offer relative peace and quiet, which let’s me put off the hustle bustle immediately outside for as long as possible.

  61. I like showers and wifi. But my favorite is sleeping rooms at the Turkish business lounge in Istanbul for long haul passengers in transit.

  62. Peace and quiet, which is priceless; a clean place to sit; wi-fi and the most important …… the ability to have a nice cup of tea! Oh, and a glass of bubbly doesn’t hurt either!

  63. Food, booz, wifi, a clean, quiet bathroom, and power outlets! Order of priority depends on type of travel day I’m having. 🙂

  64. A quiet(er) place to sit and relax while waiting my connecting flight. I just received my United Club Card & downloaded Lounge Buddy for my upcoming trips thru Toronto, Paris & Munich.

  65. My favorite amenity for domestic lounges is complimentary WiFi and for international lounges are the showers (with or without the rubber duckies). How great it is to be able to refresh and clean up after a 8-12 hour flight before you depart the airport or have to catch a connecting flight.

  66. I enjoy having somewhere quiet to go and the free food while waiting for a flight!

  67. The beer pouring machines at Haneda! Maybe not the best thing, but the most entertaining!

  68. The martini bar in the Qatar Airways lounge at Heathrow Terminal 4. What a great way to start a reward flight in first!

  69. Rubber Ducks of course! hahaha JK.. Definitely showers! love the ones of the Senator Lounge in FRA

  70. Decent food… I just get sick of run of the mill food court food when I don’t have time to sit down for a nice meal.

  71. showers, massage or facial, and champagne! some lounges also amazingly have friendly helpful staff

  72. As a dad, Kid’s area is great to calm down the kids while we enjoy the drinks/food

  73. The family room (if there is one) is the best amenity hands down when traveling with kids.

  74. I liked the Pancakes in the Alaska Boardroom in Seattle and Portland coming back from FTU!

  75. The spa treatments in Etihad’s lounge in Abu Dhabi or Air France’s lounge in Paris

  76. The “quiet room” when available is a great break away from the noise of the terminals.

  77. After a long flight with another long flight to go, a shower is a great lounge benefit

  78. Showers and the private toilet facilities. Especially if you can’t check in early to your hotel.

  79. Clearly the best amenity is a good tarmac view to let you properly enjoy your drink after a shower.

  80. My favorite amenity is wifi with a decent amount of bandwidth backing it. Not all that common, unfortunately.

  81. Hushed quiet, space, sparkling clean bathrooms with great showers, Champagne, fast WiFi and an awesome Spa facility … just the basics 😉

  82. My favorite amenity is a nice spa (for a wonderful massage) or getting my nails done!
    Thank you and thanks to LoungeBuddy

  83. Free premium Vodka to relax before a flight. My only chance of catching some sleep on the flight haha!

  84. I’ll go for high-speed wifi. It’s nice to have internet, especially here in Europe data roaming can be expensive, but it’s only irritating when it’s horribly slow.

  85. favorite Amenity is the whiskey / scotch selection at the Lufthansa FCT in Frankfurt! Always wish i had more time there to continue trying new things.

  86. The showers for sure, and especially a roomy shower area that doesn’t make you feel like you’re trapped inside a closet!

  87. Food — need that energy to keep moving! though depends on the lounge. Sometimes the food is unpalatable and all I’ll need is water for a meal replacement shake…

  88. Nothing beats a shower after a long flight. Really refreshing. Although when you really need them, the clean bathrooms are very much appreciated.

  89. Food is my number 1 priority. Any lounge where you can get a decent meal is good enough for me. The food doesn’t have to be spectacular, but it’s got to be good enough to make a satisfying hot meal.
    I also like cappuccino machines 🙂

  90. My favorite lounge amenity is the cabana in the cathay pacific first class lounge where I would be able to freshen up between long-haul flights with a shower and enjoy some relaxing time in the day room

  91. my favourite amenity is when lounges provide shaving kits!! absolutely necessary after long flights

  92. At SeaTac, love Dillatante Chocolates for a mocha…seeing a huge line at Starbucks and getting something so much better, so much faster!

  93. Some way to relax – either a quiet room, comfortable chairs, or a massage. Wi-Fi and food would be next.

  94. Butt washing toilets, like the onces they just installed at ohare united lounge. Giggles!

  95. Love the different snacks and drinks available depending on where you are – dim sum and noodle bars in Asia, local sodas from around the world – it’s a touch of international food sampling.

  96. I prefer a clean and spacious shower room, followed by quality complimentary alcoholic beverages.

  97. A bottle of Bombay Sapphire and some good Tonic Water coupled with peace and quiet. A shower after a long-haul flight is definitely a must-have.

  98. I have two, which are equally important to me. They are wi-fi and wine. I can do without anything else usually. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  99. Reliable wifi and being away from the hustle and bustle matters. Wish there was the old amenity from the US Airways arrivals lounge at Gatwick – clothes pressing.

  100. Showers. I mean, seriously, you can get wifi and drinks and food in a lot more places at most airports than you can find showers. Showers. Ahhh…

  101. Definitely the showers after a long flight and the sauna at HEL doesn’t hurt either.

  102. A comfortable place to relax with a drink and some food, plus the obligatory wifi 🙂

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