US Airways 40,000 Mile Sign-Up Bonus

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Link: The US Airways Premier World Mastercard®

There have been more versions of the US Airways Mastercard sign-up bonus lately than there are cat fights in the Real Housewives of Atlanta. There are lots of offers out there, many under “ghost” links which aren’t publicly available through the Barclaycard website.

However, the “official” offer is now 40,000 US Airways Dividend Miles after the first purchase. There is also an $89 annual fee, which isn’t waived the first year.

The card comes with some other benefits that are potentially useful, including:

  • Your first checked bag free for you and up to four companions on domestic US Airways flights
  • Priority Boarding with Zone 2 on US Airways flights
  • One companion certificate for up to two guests on US Airways operated flights at $99 each, plus taxes and fees

But mainly this is just a great way to rack up US Airways miles. This card will be going away sometime early next year since Citi eventually has the exclusive contract for the co-branded AAdvantage Cards. So there’s definitely no rush in applying, though it is a good offer.

As of now it’s still not possible to transfer miles between American and US Airways accounts. Now that both carriers are in oneworld, in 90% of cases the redemption values are going to be better through US Airways. Between the more generous routing rules, lower redemption costs, and ability to do stopovers, the only major downside is that you can’t do one-ways for half the cost of a roundtrip.

Just last night I booked what’s quite possibly my best US Airways Dividend Miles award yet, which I’ll be sharing the details of soon.

There’s no reason to turn down 40,000 US Airways miles, it’s that simple. If US Airways offers another 100% share miles bonus, you need some miles to begin with in order to take advantage of that. US Airways has offered that promotion several times in the past year, and every time there are people commenting about how they don’t have any US Airways miles, and are sad that they can’t basically US Airways miles for ~1.1 cents each. So rather than buying miles at a discount, this is another (much more efficient) way to source those miles.

Link: The US Airways Premier World Mastercard®

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  1. The “first check bag free”, is that available if you’re booking an award ticket? It is not clear to me. My card is the 30k mile offer with no annual fee for first year. I got an email telling me “first check bag free…”. Be sure to put in your dividend miles number in your reservations.

  2. @Mike and any other readers,

    what are ppl’s experience with applying for 2 and 3rd card while still keeping previous cards open?

    i currently have 2 open cards both with the 10k anniversary bonus and would like to apply for another one with the 10k annual bonus. i don’t mind the lower initial bonus as the anniversary bonus will pay for itself in long run.

  3. @AC – I talked with 2 credit analysts there after getting a “pending” and was told you could NOT have two the same card (personal is different than business). They were adamant and denied me.

    That’s their third time turning me down on cards (while no other banks have ever done it), so I cancelled my Arrival and US Air cards.

    Life’s too short to deal with Barclay Bank.

    It would have been nice if they had skipped their inquiry since they were going to deny anyway. And the reason showed as “business loan” even though I applied for the personal credit card.

  4. got the card based on a 30k signup bonus + 10k for a balance transfer. they went ahead and gave me the 40k without the balance transfer after one purchase.

    another benefit worth mentioning is cardholders can book award tix on US metal for 5,000 miles less than listed. doesn’t work with AA or partner airline metal.

    all in all, 89 dollar fee plus one purchase (a hamburger) plus $15 award fee and i got myself a RT on the AA 32B in F to LAX. not bad.

  5. Ben,

    I know that US Airways Barclay accounts will most likely be converted into Citi accounts. Of course, we don’t know exactly how Citi will handle it, but do you think it would be good to cancel Barclay cards before that happened, in order to be able to apply for Citi’s AA cards and get the sign-up bonus? (Or maybe Citi will apply the same 18 month bonus restriction to their newly acquired Barclay accounts that they apply to their current accounts…)

  6. @ Coutureguy — Yes, I would say it probably makes sense to cancel it before they convert the cards automatically.

  7. I just finished a fun us airways award flight. 30k in business. From chengdu china to Guangzhou to Cairo (4am til midnight) then Beirut (3am til 3pm) then Istanbul (5pm til next night 10pm) then Bishkek, Kyrgastan (48 hours) Istanbul for 8 hours then Karachi, Pakistan 12 hours then Bangkok then chengdu. All business class and $150. Had an incredible time with two friends. We did 8 countries in 7 days (saw a few extra by driving) us airways miles are great.

  8. @ Travis – road trip US Airways-style 😛 ! Just how exhausted are you right now, lol?

  9. Hi Lucky, when did you receive your 40k miles? I made a first purchase and paid the balance, including the AF. it’s been a few weeks but I haven’t seen the miles posted in my US airways account.

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