Chase Ink 60,000 Point Sign-Up Bonus Back!

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The single most lucrative business credit card out there is the Chase Ink product, which comes in two forms — the Ink Plus and Ink Bold.

Chase Ink limited time increased sign-up bonus

For a limited time (they haven’t told me till when), Chase is offering an increased sign-up bonus of 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points on the card after spending $5,000 within three months.

Up until recently the sign-up bonus on the card was 50,000 points, so this represents a 20% increase in the sign-up bonus, and is the highest publicly available sign-up bonus we have ever seen.

The last time they ran this promotion was last June, and it turned out to be the most popular credit card offer of the year.

Amazing earning ability with Chase Ink

This isn’t just a great sign-up bonus, but the Chase Ink Cards are also among the most lucrative cards for everyday spend. You earn 5X points on the first $50,000 spent annually at office supply stores, and on cellular phone, landline, internet, and cable TV services. That’s some amazing earning ability given that these are expenses that most of us have on a day-to-day bases.

No foreign transaction fees on the Chase Ink

This is also in my opinion the best business credit card for foreign travel, given that there are no foreign transaction fees.

What’s the difference between the Ink Bold and Ink Plus?

The Ink Bold is a charge card, which means the balance has to be paid off in full each month. Meanwhile the Ink Plus is a credit card, meaning you can finance charges over time. That means in theory the Chase Ink Bold should be easier to be approved for, given that it’s lower risk to Chase (since you can’t finance charges). But in practice that’s not always how it works. The benefits of the cards are virtually identical, though.

Is it possible to have both cards at once?

You can have both the Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus at once. I certainly do. They’re considered separate products, and I even have kept both of them for several years now.

Bottom line

This card sells itself. It’s the best sign-up bonus on what I consider to be the best business credit card. Along with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, which offers double points on dining and travel, these cards get about 90% of my spend.


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  1. Lucky,

    My wife got her Chase Ink Plus about a week ago—applied two weeks ago. Any chance of getting an extra 10k with a SM? Any tips for how to ask for it?

  2. Hi Lucky! Thanks for this update! Question, I currently have the ink bold MC version. If I were to apply this time around, is it better to apply for the ink bold Visa or the ink plus? Or it doesn’t matter? Thanks!

  3. @ Jamie — It certainly can’t hurt to ask. Just send them a message and explain she just applied and you now see there’s a better offer, and if they’d be willing to match it.

  4. @ Ang — Shouldn’t really matter either way, though to mix it up I might do the Ink Plus Visa, as it’s a different card product and different issuer.

  5. Hey Lucky –

    your ink bold link appears to be broken. Plus is working, but I need the Bold (already have the other) 🙂

    Will use your link as soon as it’s live!

  6. How hard is it to get this card if I don’t really have a business? I tried applying for the Ink Bold last October and they declined me, quoting “need to see more history of my accounts”. I had 3 other cards at that time and all used heavily and paid off each month. Since then I have left Chase untouched. Not sure if I should try again, especially that I just got two new cards with two other banks this month.

  7. I had the Ink Plus Mastercard and cancelled it last Oct. Is it possible to apply for the Ink Plus Visa now and get the bonus again?

  8. Ben — I sent you a message on Facebook about some information I need asap. Thanks much!

  9. @ lucky – thanks, link used and applied 🙂

    Damn “further review” status…last bold (MC) was cancelled a few months ago, can’t remember if that one was instant or not. I’m confident on the recon front, it’s just a pain in the arse

  10. After attending the FTU this past weekend in Seattle we’re ready to give this a whirl and used your link. Thanks!

  11. how long do you think this is going to last? I was waiting for the 60K to apply but I might need to wait a month or so because I just got the hyatt card with chase!

  12. @ Camilo — I honestly have no clue. Last time it was for a set amount of time, though this time they didn’t clarify, other than to say that it’s “limited time.” Sorry I don’t have more info!

  13. Hi Ben,
    I have both cards now but have been planning to cancel soon before annual fee hit in July.
    How long after I cancel would I be able to reapply??? Is that allowed?

  14. @ Matt — Chase cards generally aren’t churnable, so you can only earn the bonus once per card. That being said, did you sign up back when they were issued by Mastercard, or are they both Visas? If they’re Mastercards then the Visas they are issuing now are considered a new product.

  15. Approved via your link for a $18000 credit line with a $125 revenue LOL!

    Keep up the great work, you’re getting paid Lucky!

  16. Hi Ben, great info from your sessions at the FTU; much appreciated. Question: I have the Ink Plus Mastercard & the Ink Bold Visa. Can I now apply for a second Ink Plus since it’s a Visa, which is a different product?

  17. Please update us if you are able to find out how long this will be around. I need to change my Ink Bold MC to Visa and make plans for my next churn if this will be around still.

  18. I got the ink plus a few weeks ago. I sent a secure message asking them to match the higher bonus, and they’ve already responded. They WILL give me the 60k.

  19. Just a FYI for everyone. I got an Ink Chase card ~2 months ago (bonus not yet posted) and an Ink Bold (through Lucky’s link) 3 weeks ago. Sent secure messages to Chase and got the higher bonus on both cards.

  20. Well, seems Chase is getting tougher on approvals. I applied for the Ink and got flat out rejected. Even got told that the cards I have I shouldn’t have gotten because I have no business income. They seem to be really cracking down on personal side business without any demonstrable income. The guy also asked what my OfficeMax purchases were for… My first denial 🙁

  21. Like Jim & Chris, the secure message worked for me as well. Got my Ink Bold about six weeks ago. Easy money!

  22. @ Old Flyer — Thanks for attending! Yes, you can get the Ink Plus Visa if you’ve only previously had the Ink Plus Mastercard.

  23. @ Curtis — Rumor has it that it will be around until May 31, though that’s just a rumor. I’ve heard nothing directly from Chase.

  24. @ Ben, re: @ matt’s question in #25. I currently already have both Ink Mastercards. Should I be able to get an Ink Visa too?

  25. Hi,
    Just got chase SW personal and business cards two months ago. How long should I wait to apply for Ink Bold? Already have Ink Plus. Thanks for your help.


  26. I can unfortunately echo @Franklin’s statement – got off the recon line with a rather curt analyst (after a fun 45 minute queue) and despite mid 6 figure income, 1 previous and 1 current ink card, and 4 inquiries in the past 6 months (6 in the past 9 months, but a total of 17 in the past year), I was flat out denied. Only my 2nd denial from Chase ever (had one last year that was a letter denial that I didn’t follow up on until >30 days later and when I called that time they said I could re-apply and they’d be able to close an existing card to approve it, so I don’t know if that one can really be considered a full “denial” 🙂 )

    Interestingly, this analyst actually started listing off itemized officemax transactions from my previous closed ink card asking if they were for gift cards – I answered honestly saying that they were running a promotion that week offering a discount on gift cards, and that the normal purchases I made at officemax (legitimate business purchases) ended up cheaper by purchasing the gift cards first at a discount, then using those to purchase the items I would have otherwise purchased with the card. He said “so, manufactured spending?” and was pretty rude about the whole thing, put me on hold again, and came back with the denial. I asked about reallocating or closing existing cards and was met with a firm negative.

    I don’t take it personally of course – it’s all business and comes down to the numbers they crunch on whether they’ll be left holding the cards if a debtor skips out on them, but it appears they’re moving past the standard formula for approvals and if they see patterns of what appear to be what they consider manufactured spending, it weighs in their decision more than it has in the past. Not sure if they’re dealing with a high volume of similar instances, but I’m guessing they might be given how much of an ass the rep I dealt with was (and the substantial wait time). Wondering if it’s worth it to try again in a few days – something tells me they have their heels dug in.

    Oh well, on to the next game!

  27. Ben- Why do these cards plus Sapphire get 90% of your spend? United miles after the devaluation are not that great. What do you mainly redeem Chase pts for?

  28. @ Lucky…

    So to follow-up my earlier question, my Ink is a Mastercard and InkBold is a Visa (my applications were just before and after the switch obviously).

    Do I have to cancel my existing Ink MC before applying for the new Ink V? As mentioned, I’ll be cancelling the Ink MC anyway to avoid the annual fee.


  29. @ John — It’s all about Hyatt and Korean Air, as far as I’m concerned. Hyatt points are so valuable as a Diamond member, especially since they have Points + Cash redemptions, and I love the redemption opportunities through Korean Air for first class.

  30. @ Matt — Generally not, they’ll probably be willing to approve you even if you have the Mastercard. That being said, can’t hurt to cancel it either. No right or wrong method there, in my opinion.

  31. FYI, this is a great time to get the cards because there are rumors — I think it was mentioned during FTU — that Chase will stop doing 5X bonus in office supply stores and/or decrease annual limit (e.g. from $50K to $20K). However, there’s hope that existing cards will be grandfathered.

    Given that Chase analysts now seem to be extra picky about MS, perhaps there’s some truth to them attempting to stop MS through any means.

  32. Can somebody tell me when The Chase Ink card started being offered by Visa instead of Mastercard? I got my Chase Ink card in November 2012 but cancelled it and can not remember who it was issued by. Thank you.

  33. Has anyone had any issues or any problem getting approved when applying for a Chase Ink Bold or Plus card as a sole proprietor?

  34. I applied for my wife through your link and she was approved after Chase verifies her address. Her first business card with Chase.

  35. I applied for both cards on the same day, as a sole proprietor. We have a business with rental properties. After about 10 days, I got a phone call. They asked me several questions about my business, and WHY I wanted two different cards. I explained how I wanted to separate the expenses out, and that I actually wanted more cards. They said they could approve me for these two, but no more. After two weeks, I still don’t have the cards, but I am approved. My husband, who only applied for one, got approved. This was kind of weird that they called me and asked all these questions, and this card is taking a long time to get. But it seems like a great deal and a good card.

  36. Hello, I’m a bit new to all of this and I have a question: when the terms state that the bonus miles are awarded if the spending goal is met within 3 months, does that mean the points are awarded at the 3 month mark or are they awarded when the spending goal is met (even if that happens before the 3 month mark)? Thanks!

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