Earn Triple Miles With Hyatt Gold Passport

Last week both Hilton and Starwood announced their global summer promotions. What makes them unique is that there’s no “gap” in promotions for them this year. Their current promotions end on April 30, while their new promotions begin on May 1, 2014. Aside from that they’re not especially rewarding, unfortunately… not that we should expect anything great in the way of promotions over summer anyway.


While Hyatt hasn’t officially announced a global summer promotion yet, they have just announced that they’ll be offering triple miles on eight airline partners this year.

Hyatt triple airline miles promotion dates

The promotion is valid for stays between May 1 and August 31, 2014. Hyatt’s current Endless Possibilities promotion runs through April 30, 2014, for what it’s worth.

Hyatt triple airline miles promotion details

Through this promotion, Hyatt is offering triple airline miles with eight airline partners, starting with your third eligible stay.

Hyatt ordinarily offers 500 miles per stay, so this means that you’ll earn 1,500 miles per stay starting with your second stay. You can earn bonus miles through your 15th eligible stay at most — unfortunately for stays beyond that you can’t earn bonus miles. This means you can earn a maximum of 14,000 bonus miles through the promotion, or a total of 21,500 miles.


As usual with Hyatt, there are no excluded properties.

Hyatt triple miles promotion registration

Registration is required with your preferred airline prior to your stay:

In terms of the actual process of earning miles instead of points, you can either inform them at check-in that you’d like to earn miles instead of points, or otherwise can call Hyatt Gold Passport once your stay has posted, and they can adjust it.

Does it make sense to earn miles in lieu of points?

With Hyatt you earn five Gold Passport points per dollar, and if you’re a Diamond member you earn a 30% bonus, for a total of 6.5 Gold Passport points per dollar.

It’s worth noting that if you choose to earn airline miles in lieu of Gold Passport points, you’re still eligible to earn the Diamond welcome amenity bonus, the bonus for closed club lounges, etc. You just don’t earn the actual 5-6.5 points per dollar spent.

So for a quick one-night stay it could make sense to credit to an airline. I value American miles marginally more than Hyatt points (as of now), for example, so for a stay of under $200 you’d theoretically be coming out ahead earning miles as opposed to Hyatt points.

And you certainly can “mix up” your stays, and earn miles on one, then points on another, and then miles again on the next.

Bottom line

This is a nice promotion for someone that frequently makes short and cheap stays. Hyatt historically has a “gap” between their first and second “global” promotions of the year, so here’s to hoping they have something else good for us in the coming months.

Will you be taking advantage of this and earning miles in lieu of points?


  1. What if you do a Miles + Cash stay? Instead of getting half the Hyatt points as usual, would you be able to get the full airline miles?

  2. Did anyone else get an ‘Invalid Promotion Code.’ when registering via the links to airlines programs?

  3. Also getting “Invalid Promotion Code”. This is for United, so guess I should be used to this! 🙂

  4. Could you, on your first stay choose/earn point, and then for your 2nd stay choose/earn miles, to get the 1,500 miles?

  5. @ Kai — I believe you have to choose to earn miles for the first stay as well — it only kicks in with the second stay where you choose to earn miles.

  6. Ah, gotcha. And I guess paying with Hyatt card will offset a little of the points you are not earning, although at 3x, maybe its not the best option. 🙂

  7. @ Kai — Though you earn those points anyway, regardless of whether you collect miles or points for your stay.

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