Last Chance For Uber Double Referral Credit

Uber is one of those companies that just makes life better. When public transportation in a city isn’t good, I used to get really frustrated by the lack of options and taxi “mafias,” though for the cities in which Uber operates I love them. They have Uber Black Car, which is the “standard” service and a bit more than a taxi, while they also have UberX, which is usually cheaper than a taxi. And thanks to the instant feedback loop (you rating the driver and the driver rating you), service is excellent across the board, in my experience.

Uber has a pretty cool referral program, and historically the bonus was $10. That means the person being referred gets a $10 bonus and the person doing the referring gets a $10 bonus after the person they’ve referred has taken their first ride.

So far this year Uber has doubled their referral bonus, so both the person doing the referring and person being referred get a $20 bonus. Anyway, this double referral bonus will finally be going away this weekend. Tomorrow, Friday, April 25, is the last day to receive $20 for referring someone or for being referred. Of course the promotion could come back at some point, but for now the bonus will decrease.


So if you sign up for Uber now you will be given a $20 credit. You can sign up using my referral link or feel free to post your link below and people can sign up through there. Once you’ve signed up with a referral link you should immediately see the $20 credit in your account.

Alternatively, if you have an Uber account, be sure to refer your friends by tomorrow so that you can maximize the bonus you get and the bonus they get. $20 is more than enough for many Uber rides, so make sure you get all your friends to sign up through your links — I’m always amazed by how many people haven’t yet signed up for Uber.


  1. Here is my referal link for $20:

    I tried Uber recently for the first time, it was in Brussels, the ride to the airport from city center cost me 16 euros, while train would be 17 euros for two, and the taxi would be about 40 euros.

    Too bad Uber is being banned by local authorities in some cities, like Vancouver, ostensibly to protect local taxi and limo businesses.

  2. Here’s mine:

    I have used it in both the USA and France and it can be both less expensive or more, important to double check if they are doing surge pricing or not with the cost estimator before ordering one, if you are on a budget.

  3. Here’s my Uber link if you want to give it a try!

    $20 Credit. Can be used over multiple rides. Tried it for 1st time in DC, can’t believe how easy it was!

  4. Hey Lucky,

    Just signed up with your referral link, so thanks for that.

    Wanted to ask, can you apply a second promo code to your new account (Hipmunk code for an additional $25), or will that not work?

    Thanks in advance.

    Also, my code is I2BXA

  5. This is the very best code to use for the very best people – you!:

    Use it today! Or, tomorrow!

  6. @Lucky,

    It didn’t work when I tried right after I registered, so I wonder if there is some kind of waiting period. Might try again in a week or so. I can report back if I remember. Thanks though!

  7. Lucky, just made it before midnight. The $20 has already credited, good for me & good for you too! Thanks.

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