Second Citi Executive AAdvantage Card Sign-Up Bonus

Update: This offer for the Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard® is expired. Learn more about the current offer here.

For nearly three months now, Citi has been offering a 100,000 mile sign-up bonus on the Citi Executive AAdvantage Mastercard. The card does have a $450 annual fee, but between the 100,000 mile sign-up bonus, $200 statement credit (which you get with your first statement), and Admirals Club access, I’d say it’s a no brainer to apply for this card.


Back in late March I reported that I applied for a second Citi Executive AAdvantage Card, based on reports from people saying they were not only approved for the same card again, but also received the sign-up bonus associated with it.

Well, I’m happy to report that it worked. I completed the minimum spend quickly, and in the past couple of days received the sign-up bonus on both my first and second Citi Executive AAdvantage Cards (I took my sweet time meeting the minimum spend on the first one).


As I mentioned in the last post, if you’re thinking of picking up a second card, with Citi applications you’ll want to wait at least eight days from your first application before applying for another Citi card, and 65 days from the first day before applying for a third Citi card. So that means if you want to pick up a second card, wait at least eight days between Citi applications.

I had no trouble getting approved for the second card. I had to call in, but the representative didn’t have any questions about why I wanted multiple cards and approved me on the spot. Of course I can’t guarantee the same will be true for everyone, so be sure to check this FlyerTalk thread for the most up to date information.

Now to figure out how to burn my American AAdvantage balance before they decide to devalue the program again. And also to decide if I want to pick up a third card…

Have you picked up your second Citi Executive AAdvantage Card yet? Third? Fourth?


  1. Do you know if you get multiple cards, can you also get multiple 10,000 EQMS after spending $40,000?

  2. Ben – did you register for this second card after the terms were changed by Citi? The FT thread reports that the terms have changed to now suggest that existing cardholders aren’t eligible for the offer. It’s also in the T&C for the link above: “1 This Citi® / AAdvantage® card offer is only valid for new applicants for a Citi® / AAdvantage® account applied for pursuant to this offer and is not available to existing cardmembers or recent applicants for a Citi® / AAdvantage® credit card.”

  3. Have your bonus miles actually posted to your AA account? I hit the min spend on the first card over a month ago but the miles haven’t posted on my AA account even though the Citi Statement shows them. Customer Service keeps saying it’ll be 2-3 billing cycles but that sounds ridiculous.

  4. Currently working on Card #2 myself.

    @Ben The answer is no. You can only earn the 10,000 EQMs once a year, even if you have multiple cards. Citi simply adds up the total spend between the multiple cards for the $40K.

  5. @ bill — Yes I did apply before they changed that, though seems some are still having luck after that change was reported, no?

  6. Mine haven’t posted either. Probably bc I just hit the spend about 3 weeks ago. Hope it posts when my billing cycle is up this week.

  7. @Danny & @Alex, according to the landing page for the regular version of this card (30K bonus, not 100K):

    “American Airlines AAdvantage® miles will appear as a bonus in your AAdvantage® account 8-10 weeks after you have met the purchase requirements.”

    I would further guess that the 8-10 week clock actually starts at the end of the billing cycle instead of the day you hit the spending threshold. So even if you met spend the first day you got your card, you’ll still have to wait until Citi kicks out a statement, and another 8-10 weeks after that. I’m in the same situation, and I would guess this applies to people who have never had a Citi AA card before. Those who have Citi AA cards either now or in the past probably see their bonus posted immediately, but that’s just a guess.

  8. @Brian From what I’ve heard from FT, if you have multiple Exec cards, it counts the TOTAL purchases of all of them towards the 40k line, so no — you can’t earn additional EQM sign multiple cards.

  9. I haven’t been able to tell whether people applying for the second card have been receiving the 100k bonus for that second card if their application was filed after the T&C was changed. (As in, people who applied for the card before the T&C was changed but then triggered the bonus after the change have succeeded.) Are there reports of people applying after the T&C change and still getting the bonus? I haven’t seen those…

  10. Every new application is for a new account.

    And it is a long standing Citibank policy that if you don’t qualify for the bonus you are applying for, they will simply reject your application. In which case they don’t even do a credit inquiry.

    If you get the card, and do the minimum spend in time, you will get the bonus. Only every single time. 😉

  11. @brian — you can only get 10k EQM once no matter how many cards you have. AA doesn’t know (or care) which card you have used. So if you put 40k each on two cards, AA would only see 80k total and give you 10k EQM. However, this also means if you have two cards you can split the 40k spend between them. So, I spent $10k on card 1 for the 100k bonus. Then I put $30k on card two and got the second 100k bonus and also got the 10k EQM.

  12. Lucky–Did you cancel your first card for a refund of the annual fee as some people to be doing?

  13. Lucky, can you tell me more about the statement credit? Is that for airfare only? On American only? Any carrier? Or just any misc. purchases whatsoever? Thanks.

  14. Make sure you spend 10,250 on the card. I spend 10k exactly and waited for the points to post. I then found out a few days before the three months was up that the 450-200=250 yearly fee did not count towards the 10k spent.

  15. @Danny, @Lucky

    We also had the miles not posting issue…my acct was ok, but my gf didn’t get hers. We called Citi, and they said it was up to AA to verify the account#. AA customer service wasn’t sure what to do, so she opened up a case. The miles posted during the next statement, but I’m not sure if the calls were needed, or if the miles would’ve posted on their own. It was an odd case, in that this was her 3rd Citi AA card, and we had no issue on the other 2.

  16. I’ve looked around and have yet to find an answer. If I cancel one of my Executive cards will the spend still go towards the 40k EQM bonus spend or do I lose that spend once the card is cancelled?

  17. Lucky, given what others are saying about the T&C’s saying this offer isn’t available for “recent applicants for a Citi Aadvantage card”, does the fact that I applied for and got the 50,000 point Aadvantage platinum mastercard about four months ago screw me over here?

  18. Frohe Ostern!
    Is this card a candidate for my next card? I have a single purchase in the high four digits coming up in July. Will the card come with an initial limit that would allow to do this? Otherwise there is no way for me to get close to 10k within three months.

  19. @ Douglas — My guess is that if you complete the spend it would count, but I’d make sure that had posted prior to canceling the card.

  20. Hit the $10K spending over a month ago and still nothing on my AA account. This doesn’t smell good!!! 🙁

  21. Ben, I finished on card #4. I haven’t heard if anyone has gotten a 5th card yet..

    BTW, only 1 10K EQMS, doesn’t matter how many cards you have.

  22. Lucky, if you were a buyer for the USAir at 1.1 cent per mile in the 100% transfer bonus, isn’t it a no brainer to get card number 3?

    I have 3 cards; my next one will be my wife’s 3rd card. Without CVS VR, I have to go slower.

    Mileage not posting is unfortunately common, there is a FT thread about it. Seems like the advice is to send a message to AA telling them to confirm your account is linked to the credit cards (give them the last four digits of your cards); they will link them and then have you request Citi resend the miles over. For me, I could see there was an issue because on my statement, it said that the miles sent to AAdvantage were 0 even though on the next page of my statement, the miles earned were correct.

  23. I think they are correcting the problem of miles not posting. My first statement on card 2 showed the bonus but with 0 miles reported to AA. I sent an email to AA and heard nothing back. My second statement just closed and I got all the miles.

  24. @ beachfan — Oh yeah, it would be totally worth it if I knew I could get the bonus. But would I really get it for my third card if I applied now?

  25. @ evan — Ultimately I made a payment for something using a major payment “facilitator,” so it cost me just under 2%, but was still worth it to reach the minimum spend.

  26. @ DTS — I got a credit line that would be high enough to make a purchase like that, so if you usually get fairly high credit lines then this card should be no different. Good luck!

  27. @ Andrew — No, it shouldn’t at all. If you don’t have this specific card you’ll definitely be fine, in my opinion.

  28. Lucky, I signed up for the 50k citi card in late January and I have yet to rcieve anymiles in my AA account or even my monthly spend miles. Citi says I should have recieved the 50k plus my monthly and that its AA’s problem. AA says it takes 8-10 weeks. Its been much longer. Have you heard of it taking this long? I need these miles to book a flight!

  29. @ Siso — I’m not sure what exactly the problem is, though many have reported their miles not posting. Not sure why, sadly.

  30. I called Citi why NO miles had posted, not even the regular purchase miles (it’s been two weeks since the second statement). They said that they were waiting for AA to confirm my aadvantage #. For some reason that took two months, and I should see miles post soon.

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