Avianca LifeMiles Introduces Lifetime Elite Status

Via the LifeMiles website:

Avianca and LifeMiles reward the loyalty of their most valuable members making the Elite benefits permanent for them through CENIT, a special recognition that allows you to keep enjoying year after year without losing your Elite status, if for any reason, you can´t fly with the same frequency

Which are the requeriments to earn the CENIT recognition?

  • Being a LifeMiles or it’s previous programs member for 15 years or more
  • Be 60 years or older
  • Have historically accrued a minimun of 1 million qualifying flown miles in your account

When you reach one million qualifying miles (miles flown with Avianca and AeroGal, plus fare family bonuses offered by each one) you will earn the LifeMiles Gold Elite status permanently. Also, when you reach two million qualifying miles, you will earn the LifeMiles Diamond Elite status for the rest of your life.

What else should I know?

If you are recognized as a CENIT* member, the minimum status that you will earn in LifeMiles is Gold Elite. However, if you accomplish the requirements to reach or maintain the Diamond Elite status, you will enjoy the benefits of this status.

Otherwise, if you are recognized as a CENIT**, you will earn the Diamond Elite status for life.

When you reach this recognition you will receive your welcome kit, with an exclusive CENIT* or CENIT** card.


Ultimately lifetime status is better than no lifetime status, though this must be one of the least lucrative lifetime status programs out there. Not only do you have to be a member for 15 years, not only do you have to be 60 years old, but the 1-2 million qualifying flown miles have to be from travel on Avianca and AeroGal, and not from travel on partner airlines.

Here are the full terms & conditions of lifetime status.

(Tip of the hat to Loyalty Lobby)


  1. you just can’t let anything go..can you? Such a douche…inner peace comes from acceptance. Try it

  2. Ben, sorry for the oddity of my fellow human being commenting above. Your content is appreciated. Best of luck on your new adventure. Hope you have a great day and an enjoyable weekend! Jeff.

  3. Lucky I’m a bit busy today so can you please do the math for me and let me know how many trips from LAX I’ll need to make to get this? I’ll get started next week.

  4. @Buddha and here I thought you just trolled *my* blog! My suggestion is that trolling multiple blogs is probably taking up too much of your time and hindering your quest for inner peach.

  5. Is it possible Buddha along with the other neg. comments from other posts are driven by bloggers from non-boardingarea sites? I just dont understand why there is all the hostility. I find the 60yr old requirement hilarious!

  6. With the exception of the age minimum of 60, I respect Avianca’s view of loyalty. Perhaps my definition of loyalty is old-school but being a LifeMiles member for over 15 years and flying Avianca/AeroGal metal for over a million miles is definitely loyalty in my book. Perhaps loyalty isn’t overrated for Avianca — if you’re over 60? 😉

  7. Maybe they specify age 60 to avoid having to dole out benefits for the next 50 years? Frankly I don’t understand why they bother–I suspect that lifetime status is the next thing we’re going to see disappear from these programs. You think people are howling about no-notice devaluations now?….

  8. @ Gary, 6 & 7, above: So I should not continue my search for Inner Peach? I might as well stop trying to Visualize Whirled Peas.

  9. To those of you like me who were confused by “CENIT”, apparently it’s Spanish for “Zenith”.

    Anyhow, I can kind of understand 15-year requirement (SPG Lifetime Platinum is 10 years, for example) but not sure about age. Even if you start flying in early 20s and only get credit on Avianca, you can achieve 1MM or 2MM way, way earlier.

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