US Airways 100% Share Miles Promotion Returning?

Get your credit cards ready, folks! The bottom of the Dividend Miles page on has the following ad (if you don’t get it initially, refresh the page a few times):

US Airways Buy Miles Promo

Unfortunately the “share miles” page on doesn’t make reference to any bonus yet. So it’s possible that the ad is a glitch, or more likely than not the promotion is actually coming this week.

US Airways Share Miles Promo

For those of you not familiar with US Airways’ 100% bonus on shared miles, it’s the single most lucrative opportunity out there to generate miles, at a cost of just 1.1 cents per mile. This is different than US Airways’ typical 100% bonus on purchased miles, whereby you can purchase miles for ~1.88 cents each.

The last time US Airways offered this promotion was in December. Historically through the share miles promotion you get a 100% bonus when sharing miles. The cost to share miles is one cent per mile, plus a 7.5% tax, plus a $30 transaction fee. What this means is that if you transfer 50,000 miles from one account to another you’d pay a total of $567.50, and that account would then have 100,000 miles. So basically you “generated” 50,000 miles at a cost of $567.50, which is just ~1.13 cents per mile.

Historically 50,000 miles (pre-bonus) is the most number of miles you can transfer into a single account during a promotion. That means you can transfer 1,000 miles into an account 50 times, 25,000 miles into an account twice, or 50,000 miles into an account once — the choice is yours. You can transfer as many miles as you’d like out of an account, though. Accounts also have to be at least 12 days old to take part in the promotion.

Anyway, lets cross our fingers that they actually bring back this promotion tomorrow. Now that US Airways joined OneWorld there are still plenty of lucrative award redemption opportunities.

(Tip of the hat to Carolina Travel Girl)


  1. Hi,

    My wife and I have USDM accounts which I opened recently (they will be old enough) but we don’t have any balances.

    Is there a way we can take advantage of such a promotion? Do we have to buy some full price miles first or how else can we work it?


  2. @ Dale — If they do indeed offer the promotion, you could either buy miles at normal price, you could transfer points from Starwood, or you could try to find someone willing to share miles with you.

  3. Lucky – does the requirement for 12-day-old accounts apply to the account you take the miles from, send the miles to, or both?

  4. I just shared 50000 miles with another account. The 50000 has posted but not the bonus….. Is there usuall a delay for the bonus miles. I do not remember that from the promotion in the past.
    What should i do?

  5. So I’m screwed?
    I see the landing page offer!
    Is it that when you choose the amount of miles, the +”X,000 amount ” must appear?
    It is now April 7 everywhere but Hawaii, I gather.

  6. @ elsie — The landing page is there but the promotion isn’t live. When the promotion is live the actual purchase page reflects the bonus. In your shoes I would take screenshots of the landing page and then call or email Dividend Miles and see if they can reverse the transaction given the circumstances.

  7. I also tried to share miles but the bonus offer didn’t show up on checkout. Last December it showed “50,000 + 50,000 Bonus” on the checkout (I made a snapshot of the screen). So best to wait until you see that showing upon your payment processing at checkout.

  8. How strict are they with enforcing the at least 12 days old account ? Anyone has any experience to share?

  9. Very strict on the 12 days and thats why they now only keep the share promo open a very short time!

  10. Hi Lucky, I don’t have enough miles to take the advantages of this promotion but I have some booked award tickets. Whether I can cancel my booked award tickets to redeposit the miles back? The point is that the redeposit of the mile is instant or not?

  11. @ Chris — Redepositing award tickets typically only takes a few hours, but keep in mind you’d pay a redeposit fee as well, which would make this less lucrative.

  12. Hi Lucky,

    Just to confirm, i see its live, if someone shares 50,000 miles with me they pay the $557.50 and then I share them back and pay the same and we both end up with an additional 50k miles.

    So basically we are buying 50,000 miles each for the 557.50?

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