British Airways Award Fuel Surcharges Going Up?

Man, I thought the $1,000 in taxes, fees, and fuel surcharges I’ve paid for a roundtrip British Airways first class award ticket were a lot. Apparently I got off easy. Really easy.

Per the Reward Flight Zones page on


I’ll be doing what I can to avoid Zone 2 and Zone 5! šŸ˜‰

(Tip of the hat to Charles)


  1. An April Fools hack maybe?

    You know funny thing is it wouldn’t even surprise me at this points. BA is so far out of touch on these charges already.

  2. I’m paying about $500 in fuel surcharges to fly to and from Europe this summer on BA in premium economy. That’s not terrible given flights on the comparable itineraries would cost $2000 in coach (especially since I redeemed Arrival miles against them). But any higher would have had me searching for other redemption alternatives.

  3. BA still being all sketchy with their money grab.

    What is the current status of the fuel surcharge lawsuit? Has the price of oil gone up and this is a price increase so they can say in court their surcharge is tied to the price of fuel because look we changed it recently to reflect market conditions.

  4. Anthony, have you considered the 25K avios RT to Europe (via boston to ireland) and avoiding YQ on Aer Lingus?

  5. Jin,

    I checked Aer Lingus for my desired dates, and there was no availability. I will continue to check.

    I also have a flight on AA reserved via Alaska miles with no surcharge. However, that flight is in coach and overnight in the uncomfortable new 777 cabin. I’d pay $250 to fly in premium economy during the day.

  6. Geez, this would’ve been a hilarious April 1 joke but I guess it’s real — clicked through on the link and got the chart with same wacky amounts.

    P.S. BA’s award booking tool is still broken insofar as IAH-DFW routing is concerned. Still not showing any AA flights šŸ™

  7. @John
    Lawsuit is ongoing. This may in fact be a response to it as note there are no longer any references to fuel surcharge. We now have delightful “Carrier charges”.

  8. Damn,
    I shouldn’t have asked for my credit limit to be raised to $1,500,000. Now I have a ticket with over $1 mill in surcharges.

  9. Will these increased charges only be when flying BA or will it apply for partners like CX as well?

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