1,500 Bonus Miles For Joining airberlin topbonus

airberlin’s topbonus program is offering new members up to 1,500 bonus miles for joining by April 27, 2014:

  • 1,000 award miles as a welcome gift
  • Up to 500 additional award miles for selecting “email” as the form of communication and registering for the topbonus communication.


The terms for the offer are as follows:

  • The mileage promotion is aimed at people over the age of 2 who are not yet members of the topbonus Program and who are resident in a country in which the topbonus Program is available.
  • To take part, register for topbonus by using the promotion link. Registration is free of charge. If you submit your topbonus registration form by 27th April 2014, you will automatically be registered for this promotion.
  • The bonus of 1,000 award miles will be credited to the topbonus account only once for each member after the end of the promotion period.
  • A credit with up to 500 additional award miles depends on your choice of communication method (email or post) and your agreement to receive special offers and promotions from topbonus and/or topbonus partners. The credit will also be awarded after the end of the promotion period.

It’s always nice to get miles just for joining a program! For what it’s worth, the one major challenge with airberlin topbonus miles is their expiration policy:

Your award miles remain valid for 36 months, expiring at the end of the quarter in which they were collected.

That’s pretty restrictive for those of us looking to just credit the occasional flight to airberlin.

And in case you’re wondering about the rather bizarre ostrich in their banner:

Since when has an ostrich been able to fly?

It has always been thought that an ostrich can’t fly. But as a topbonus member the dream of being able to fly will come true even for an ostrich. Join us in welcoming our ostrich, our newest passenger, who is all set to support our topbonus infrequent flyers.



(Tip of the hat to Loyalty Lobby)


  1. Yeah Don’t really recommend people doing much other than getting the 1500 miles. was a member when i was living in Germany and Tried doing some redemptions. General wait times in their call centres are at least 20 mins plus, not to mention the YQ they charge is often more than more than what the actual carrier charges should you want to do a one world redemption. availability is also often worse than what you see on British Airways’ website. Take the 1500 and just let them sit there… no point in crediting to them to Avios is heaps better.

  2. @Rob,

    Just checked and you can’t do anything with them on points.com. You can’t even transfer miles between accounts unfortunately.

    Signed up for the bonus miles, not sure I’ll send up doing anything with them though.

    My points for signing up posted instantly, but my points for the e-mail newsletter didn’t. Guess I need to wait until the end of the promo period.

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