Giveaway: Airline Amenity Kits, Pajamas, Ducks, And Swag!

In less than two weeks I’ll be vacating my apartment and moving into hotels full time. It’s simultaneously terrifying and exciting, and frankly I haven’t done nearly as much planning as I should have. One thing is for sure. I have way, way, way too many airline goodies, from amenity kits to pajamas to other swag. So over the next week or so I’ll be running several giveaways so I can hopefully get rid of all this stuff.

The winner of this particular giveaway will get the following:

To enter just leave a comment below letting me know which airline’s premium product you would most like to try. You have until 11:59PM PT on Thursday, April 3, 2014, to enter, at which point I’ll randomly pick a winner (one entry per person, please).


Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!


  1. I’m tempted to try BA’s new First Class on the A380 as a lot people are saying that this is (besides LH’s seperate bed) the best seat for sleeping.

  2. One of my goals has become to go Mile High Bar Hopping. I want to review every business or first class bar available right now. I’d like to judge the drink selection, quality of food, attentiveness of the bartenders, and the quality of the scene. Heck, no need to really leave the airport… Food, bars and beds on board, and airplane lounges with spas are all I need. Given this, I most want to try the Emirates premium product, followed by Korean Air and Virgin Atlantic.

  3. Sadly I don’t live in the US, but if I can have a say, it would be Fiji Airways’ Airbus A330. There are not many reviews across the Internet, and CX does a codeshare, along with the fact that I really want to try an angled lie flat seat (I’ve only tried the fully flat bed in the past, all times on CX, and the recliner, on a few different airlines). Not to mention that Nadi is one of the places I really want to go to.

  4. A follow up question about Emirates. Say I meet an alluring, world-traveling woman at the business class bar on board. How difficult is it to get two people into that shower spa?

  5. Bangkok Airways flight to USM, followed by starwoods properties in Samui. Aeroplan offers great redemption value from North Asia to Thailand/Singapore in Premium cabin except SA doesn’t offer very limited availabilities to USM. Bangkok Airways is a boutique airline offer everyone lounge access and it can be booked on using JAL JMB via spg transfer to take me to USM.

  6. Emirates for sure! I think they fly a couple fifth freedom routes I would like to try. Thanks Ben!

  7. I’ve never done business class on an American carrier so from that list I’d like to try DL.

  8. I´m saving my miles to tryp the Lufthansa Frist Class one day since I read quite a lot about it (including your review) and I guess it´s really a must-do for any travel geek!

  9. I would really like to try Lufthansa’s A380 (Frankfurt-Houston) or B747-8 (Frankfurt-Mexico City). Greetings!

  10. The LH F pajamas … to bring back the wonderful memories of what probably will end up being my one and only flight in the seat-with-a-separate-bed F configuration (747) … and the FRA FCT.

  11. It’s got to be a shower on an emirates A380!! Nothing is going to beat that for a dream for a while!

  12. I would love to try the Emirates first class product, particularly on the A380. Obviously the suite looks awesome, but the on-board shower is what makes me really want to try it out!

  13. I’m torn between wanting to try the egg tarts on Cathay Pacific first and basking in the bling in an Emirates suite.

  14. I love flying and would like to try as much as i can! If have to pick one, Lufthansa would be in mind now, whether it is on a 747-400,8 or A380.

  15. Aiming for AF la premiere at the moment. In the future I hope to try Qatar and Etihad’s A380 products and… hopefully… Virgin Atlantic’s A380 as well (presuming they don’t cancel their order.) In less than 2 weeks? Will you be at FTU Seattle at end of April?

  16. Like there’s any doubt…Emirates A380 F!

    (Though SQ A380 suites class is a close second)

  17. I would be on cloud 9 if I had enough points to fly Cathay pacific first class. With the demise of not being able to use credit cards at the office supply stores and cvs it won’t happen. I’ve only experienced first class once on KAL and it is prob my last. Winning the amenity kits and pjs will feel like I got to fly first class lol within spending the money!

  18. I’d like to try any premium cabin that offers a shower. I guess that limits it…

    If you randomly picked my name, move on to someone else, because I really don’t need any more of this kind of stuff cluttering up my house!

  19. The goal is to fly Emirates first class from JFK > Dubai! Really looking forward to that shower!

  20. I’d love to fly Lufthansa first, but with the United devaluation that looks less and less likely. Cathay Pacific is my second goal!

  21. I’ve never had any first class experience and I would love to have the Korean first class. Thank you!

  22. Lufthansa duck lst choice
    Cathay Pacific lst class ammenity kit

    Really would like any PJ from any airlines

  23. They don’t have a premium product, but I still want to fly Buffalo Air and Kenmore Air. I’d take old piston pounders over a first class bed anytime!

  24. EK First class, but more taking a shower at 30k feet. Thanks in great part to you, I shall be doing this this november.

  25. Lufthansa first class had traditionally been my aspiration product of choice, but after reading your review of Korean first class on the A380, I have a new #1 contender.

  26. Delta’s lounge – despite the changes, I travel alone most of the time, so they didn’t affect me much

  27. I really want to try Lufthansa’s first class. I’ve read about it so many times and it just seems absolutely wonderful!

  28. I would love to try Swiss First class. Since you can’t redeem miles on them, i guess it is a forbidden fruit at the moment

  29. Garuda Indonesia first class would be terrific based on the one trip report I’ve read. Thanks as always Lucky for the great blog!

  30. I’ve never flown first class on any airline, but would love to fly Lufthansa, departing Frankfurt, for the over-the-top ground service.

  31. Really wanted to try Qatar Airways 787 in business class – but since I’ve already booked myself a ticket, I’d go with Qantas A380 in business class. Preferably on the fifth-freedom route from DXB to LHR. I won’t cry if I’ll only find availability in first class, though it’s a pretty open route if booked months in advance.

    And I’m interested only in the Delta Tumi amenity kit – to go with my beautiful Tumi T-teck.

    Great giveaway!

  32. I would love the CX F amenity kit since the one time I flew CX F, I gave the kit to my wife. Thanks!

  33. I’d really like the Korean amenity kit. I have not flow Korean, but the kit looks really nice. I like the zippered bag types of amenity kit as they are so useful.

  34. Emirates First Class. Not only for the suites and the only airline with showers in the sky, but for the ground experience as well. I know Lufthansa FCT is a cut above the rest in every way but from what I’ve read about the new Emirates First Class lounge in Dubai, including your report, that would be an amazing experience.

  35. Honestly? Aeroflot President class. Mmm. Caviar.

    Of this list? LH First to Frankfurt. For the first class terminal, naturally.

  36. Oh man! My BFF and I both collect these so it’s hard to choose! I guess I’d go with Delta since I don’t have one of those and I love Tumi.

  37. My LH ducks are getting lonely… I’d love to make them happy and give them a new brother or sister.

  38. I’m dying to try Transaero’s Imperial Class… I’m not sure this dream will ever come true!

  39. Wait–you’re going to fly the winner on their choice of airline premium class? 😉

    I pick EK first.

    Ummm….are those LH pajamas previously worn?

    Hmmm…I will miss your Seattle stories.

  40. Singapore would probably be my first choice. Although I’ve never been in any first class, so I’ll take any of them.

  41. Would love to try Cathay’s or Emirates’ first class — the longer the flight the better!

  42. Cathay’s premium product since I’ve never had the opportunity to fly with them yet

  43. I would like to try CX F. I have been to their lounge in HKG and it looked really good. I am wondering how they are up in the air.

  44. I’d like to try Cathay First Class although I’m really more like your parents so I’d be satisfied with any upgrade from economy (with a lap infant and a preschooler who prefers Mommy’s lap to his own paid seat, no less).

  45. Would really like to try the Cathay Pacific Business Class. Maybe with a US Airways redemption now that we can…

  46. Definitely hope to get a chance to try first class on the Emirates A380 and go through the A380 hub. Good luck and have fun living in hotels full time. I did it for a 16 months. It was a great experience. I still enjoy my friendships I made hotel staffs and fellow travelers.

  47. El Al’s new product with ‘faux leather’. Just kidding…seriously would love to try SQ F as read so much about the experience but have yet to try.

  48. Proababy Transaero or Oman Air first class, because they are nearly impossible to get with miles, and they sound really nice. Especially the couch/double bed on Oman air, and the transaero hard product looks really good.

  49. After reading all about your travels on Lufthansa, that is the one airline I would love to fly and try out their A380 in Business or First.

  50. Would love to try Qantas Business or First, as I’d love to go back to Australia with my wife.

  51. All of your posts on Lufthansa have me drooling to fly them. I’ve got a flight booked on Lufthansa First in October and can’t wait to experience it! (Managed to sneak it in before the United devaluation too!)

  52. emirates looks amazing as the kids say “ballin”
    the shower, the over the top jazzy gold suites!

  53. Some lufthansa pajamas would be nice since I’m flying them business class this summer.

  54. They were out of ducks when I was at the LH First class terminal in December. Took my bath duckless, still got clean, just not as much fun.

  55. I would love to try any of them, since I’ve never had a premium swag kit before! The TUMI stuff looks nice.

  56. Emirates stuff would be awesome as I don’t fly them or any of their partners so I normally wouldn’t even be able to see any of their stuff…

  57. Lufthansa, but TAM and Korean are more likely, since Easter Island and Oz are the two places I’ll be going soon.

  58. I would like to try Korean 1st class, or maybe Emirates.
    Or the private jet that you flew from Seattle to San Diego

  59. Korean Air – as I probably would never accumulate enough points to get in their F cabin.

  60. I don’t have enough points to fly LH in first class, but I’d love to be able to wear pajamas like I do

  61. We are finally going to try LH First from YYZ to MUC thanks to you. We are really looking forward to it.

  62. Would love to try the Emirates First Class items! Bling Air is one airline that I’d like to fly for sure!

  63. Would love to try the new JAL premium seats on the 787… those angled flat were hideous!! can’t wait to get on a full flat.

  64. Sign me up for the Lufthansa pajamas, please!

    So they come with a top AND a bottom? How very Berlin.

  65. Oh, I didn’t read the goddamn instructions. Let me try this again:

    Air France La Premiere, s’il vous plait!

  66. Garuda Indonesia. They seem like they have a fantastic operation going on and only a few TRs so far

  67. I would say LH 747-8 first class is my most aspirational product, specially because that would be the best way to get on board on a 747 for the first time. 🙂

  68. Wow, 353 replies! Nice, Ben! I’m in for the chance at a Lufthansa duck, and as such, would like to try Lufthansa First. I’ve flown intra-Europe First with them but their international product looks amazing. Not just the cabin, but the entire ground and lounge experience as well. Perhaps I’ll have to try what you did a while back, flying back and forth between MUC and FRA just to ‘live’ in the lounges. 🙂

    Good luck with the hotel move!

  69. BA is the first airline I flew “across the pond”. I’ve managed to be upgraded to their version of business once, but would dearly love to try their First Class – esp. on the A380, but any of their planes would do!

  70. I’ve only flown longhaul premium once, and it was Lufthansa business class. I was sad it was on a route that first wasn’t available because I really wanted a rubber ducky.

  71. Personally I would be keen to try swiss offering of first class on their ZRH-LAX and ZRH-SFO route . Haven’t seen their review anywhere but swiss hospitality is such nice even in economy class can’t imagine to try them on their first

  72. EK, Emirates First Class is on my bucket list. JFK to DXB is my plan. Would love it to be part of RTW Star Alliance 4 continent ticket.

  73. I would love to try the Singapore Airline First Class cabin service with the private cabins and turn over service

  74. EK in A380 Shower Suite Ticketed in Oct 14 SYD-DXB-JFK 🙂 best wishes on getting packed and moved out

  75. I would absolutely love to try out Korean air. It has not been well traveled or reviewed in the blogosphere and it seems super cool!

  76. Lufthansa first class on a 747-400. That’s at the top of my bucket list and almost seems unattainable.

  77. I would love to try Korean Air’s First Class product, and an amenity kit would be a nice foray into that experience!

  78. For some odd reason, I’d love to try Garuda Indonesia’s new First Class service since I’ve read a lot of good reviews about it.

  79. I’d like to try Singapore Airlines First, but even business class sounds great. Saving my Amex MR points for this.

  80. I’m going to have to say Lufthansa. The 747 bed and seat being separate would just be too much to pass up.

  81. Hi,

    I would be interested in either the PJ or the Delta kit.

    Great and nice offer of you ! A pleasure to follow your adventures 🙂

  82. I want to do the AA First on the new 777’s. I want to see a US based airline being able to compete in the world wide market.

  83. I would like to try out AA’s new First on their 773. Always have enjoyed AA but have never experienced their premium product.

  84. Hi Lucky! I would love to try the Cathay F product.

    Your blog has been such a great inspiration to me the past 2 years… and I have managed to upgrade myself successfully on CX but I don’t have enough miles for F! 🙁

  85. While others appeal to me as well, I have wanted to try Singapore since I first heard about it.


  86. Cathay Pacific F to the Philippines.

    I’ve only flown F once with United :/ so I live vicariously through your blog.

  87. I would like to try CX first class. I have flown both EK and SQ suites and I would love to see how CX compares.

  88. What??? I’m soo excited to hear about your hotel living adventures. Can’t wait!

    As for premium cabins, I’m definitely looking to experience TAM’s new first class. I think it looks amazing!

    Best of luck Lucky!

  89. It’s a tossup between Emirates F on the A380 (for the suite/shower/bar/bling) and EVA Air’s Hello Kitty flight in J, because… well… Hello Kitty!! 🙂

  90. Emirates first class with the shower is the one I’ve been eyeing. It’ll probably be one of my first redemptions with AS.

  91. I have to go with the Cathay Pacific swag 🙂 I have Hong Kong trip coming so it would be fitting for the trip!!! Best wishes my friend on this new journey taken

  92. Assuming this isnt an April Fools
    Lufthansa 1st class for their legendary ground experience at Frankfurt and for their service & product in the air as well. Fancy car to the aircraft and then a great 1st class product as well, what could be better (well apart from adding a shower to their 1st class cabin)

  93. Damn it Lucky, did we all just fall your April fools day prank??!! Good one! Haha. EK for sure.

  94. Cathay Pacfic seems to be highly regarded by you and other bloggers so put me down for that.

  95. I have never gotten any ammenities sets — so it would be a treat to try any of them. 🙂

  96. I’d love to try Air France first class, but I also love the look of Delta’s Tumi amenity kit!

  97. Based on your reviews and my desire to visit South Korean, I would most like to try Korean Air – never flown them before.

  98. I would love to try Emirates but any of these would be greatly appreciated since I’ve never flown first class!!

  99. I would love to fly singapore airlines. My Father-in-law used to fly them often and always had good things to say about them!

  100. For sure, Qantas A380 First Class. Would also love to visit the SYD F Lounge. I have heard so much about it!

  101. Lufthansa First Class and their FC Terminal, thanks to you. I want those rubber duckies. Wait, but there’s Emirates FC, Cathay Pacific FC, Singapore FC… Darn you, Ben…

  102. I would love to win the Cathay Pacific First Class Amenity kit.
    Thank You!!!

    Bing fan here 🙂

  103. Hi!!!
    Korean myself here and I would like to have the Korean Air First Class Amenity Kit!!
    Thank you so much

  104. I would love to try Cathay’s First Class! Do they serve caviar like Lufthansa FC? mmm.. Caviar…

  105. I have to say that I really enjoy reading your blog, Lucky. With all the info you and others have provided,…I hope that the upgrade gods are generous and I get my First class seats on Cathay on May 23, ORD to HKG.

  106. lucky…you are entering a brave new world! As a parting gift, I would truly appreciate the Delta Tumi BusinessElite amenity kit.

  107. Would really like to try Cathay Pacific’s premium product! Your reviews make it look amazing!

  108. Emirates 1st Class of course A380!!

    Nothing beats getting “giddy” in the 2 person max shower!

  109. Hello Ben!

    I’d definitely would try Lufhansa First Class , specially since they have just upgraded the GRU-FRA route with the B748!

    Hope your packing is going great!

    Cheers from Brazil

  110. I’d like to try ANA First Square.

    Nice to see all these readers coming out of the woodwork…

  111. Lufthansa First, just for the FRA terminal, or Emirates just to take a shower in the sky!

  112. Hi Ben,

    I’d to try Singapore Airlines first class suite SQ2 from HKG to SFO
    Thanks 🙂


  113. Would awfully love to try SQ12/11 suites class 🙂 best service and great hard product.

  114. Toss up between EVA Hello Kitty Business Class, Garuda Indonesia First Class, Emirates F on the 380.

  115. Sadly, I’ve never flown LH, and hence, haven’t (probably won’t) have a chance to experience their FC and infamous First Class Terminal Lounge as I’m primarily One World. The new AA and Delta Business Class configurations seem worthy of a try too. And, of course, Eva’s Hello Kitty is still on my Bucket List!

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