US Airways Dividend Miles Earning Rates For OneWorld Carriers

Now that US Airways is officially in OneWorld, they’ve published their Dividend Miles earning rates for OneWorld carriers, and unsurprisingly, the accrual rates mirror earning rates for American AAdvantage members.

Earning Dividend Miles for travel on OneWorld

As you’d expect, the majority of fares are mileage earning, with a few exceptions for deep discount economy fares on some carriers, as follows:


US Airways Earning Rates AA


US Airways Earning Rates Air Berlin

British Airways:

US Airways Earning Rates British Airways

Cathay Pacific:

US Airways Earning Rates Cathay Pacific


US Airways Earning Rates Finnair


US Airways Earning Rates Iberia

Japan Airlines:

US Airways Earning Rates JAL


US Airways Earning Rates LAN

Malaysia Airlines:

US Airways Earning Rates Malaysia


US Airways Earning Rates Qantas

Qatar Airways:

US Airways Earning Rates Qatar

Royal Jordanian:

US Airways Earning Rates Royal Jordanian

S7 Airlines:

US Airways Earning Rates S7

TAM Airlines:

US Airways Earning Rates TAM

Earning Dividend Miles for travel on some Star Alliance carriers:

As was previously announced, US Airways Dividend Miles will also be continuing relationships with a few Star Alliance carriers, including:

As you can see, relationships with four of those carriers are terminating in the coming months. So really that leaves Aegean, Air China, Shenzhen Airlines, South African Airways, TAP Portugal, and Turkish Airlines.

While this post is about accruing miles through US Airways, I should mention that if you want to redeem miles on one of the above carriers, you can’t do so in conjunction with an award involving OneWorld partners — you can only redeem US Airways miles for OneWorld partners or their other partners, but not both. You can mix their non-OneWorld partners on a single award, though, meaning you can fly Air China in one direction and EVA in the other direction, for example.

US Airways won’t be partnering with American’s non-OneWorld carriers

American AAdvantage partners with about a dozen airlines that don’t belong to OneWorld, including Air Tahiti Nui, Alaka, El Al, etc.

US Airways Dividend Miles will not be partnering with these airlines, so there’s no way to redeem US Airways miles for travel on any American partner airlines that they don’t directly partner with.


Eventually American and US Airways miles should become transferable between accounts, at which point you’ll be able to use US Airways miles for travel on those partners.

Bottom line

No real surprises here at all. Which is a good thing…


  1. Others may certainly disagree, being located near an airport that USAirways dominates, naturally they dominate my flying. I agree that service on USAirways is below average but in many cases have a superior hard product compared to choices available. As much as I would like and enjoy great service, I can live with it being able to relax and enjoy the flight. Great service can only make up so much for a poor hard product. The question these days in an imperfect world is what is the acceptable trade off.

  2. Thanks Lucky. For my purposes this is the greatest post in the history of the Internet. Way better than what any of those eggheads at Bern tried to do in the early 90’s.

    Seriously, all this in one place. You the Mang! Hope you enjoyed your weekend at the home haunts. Have a great week.

  3. hi Ben,
    can we combine US Air itself and their former *A partners?

    LGA-DCA US Air
    IAD-JNB South African

  4. Now the game is trying to get a US Airways agent to allow you to book a flight to Europe via Brazil to get BA flights without the surcharge.

  5. Can we mix AA with non-OW partners (using US miles)? Wasn’t sure if AA was a special case…

  6. Does anyone have any idea why there’s a short grace period for four *A carriers, i.e. why US didn’t drop them immediately? Is it due to some contractual obligations? Just seems weird…

  7. Lucky,

    So do you recommend crediting miles to US or AA? I mean wouldn’t it just be easier to credit it to AA instead?

  8. @ Ginny — Depends which airline you’re actually flying. How much do you fly and are you crediting miles from American/US Airways flights, or from other carriers?

  9. Lucky,

    Sorry for being vague, I meant to say, other carriers, such as other carriers that are part of One World.

  10. @ Ginny — Since earnings rates are the same and the miles will eventually be combined anyway it shouldn’t really matter. I would credit to whichever program you’re closer to achieving status with.

  11. Any idea if you can still earn dividend miles on flights (like Singapore Air) AFTER July 31st if booked now…?

    In other words, book now and travel in Dec gets miles or not?

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