Applied For Second Citi Executive AAdvantage Card 100K Bonus

Update: This offer for the Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard® is expired. Learn more about the current offer here.

The credit card sign-up bonus of the year is no doubt on the Citi Executive AAdvantage Card. The card presently has a 100,000 mile sign-up bonus after spending $10,000 within three months. While that’s a high minimum spend, it’s one hell of a credit card sign-up bonus. That’s especially true since I consider American miles to be among the most valuable mileage currencies (my personal valuation is ~1.8 cents per mile).


The other catch is that the card has a $450 annual fee, though it comes with a $200 statement credit with the first month’s statement, so in reality the annual fee is $250.


Why is Citi offering such a big sign-up bonus on the Executive AAdvantage Card?

Probably because as of March 22, 2014, American Express Platinum cardmembers no longer get access to American Admirals Clubs, so this is now the only credit card that comes with Admirals Club access. So it’s not surprising that they’re trying to gain market share in the “premium” credit card market and incentivize people to sign-up now.

Earning the sign-up bonus on the Citi Executive AAdvantage Card more than once

Shortly after the offer went live in late January I applied and was instantly approved. What’s interesting is that there are many reports from people that had success being approved for a second card. Not only that, but everyone I’ve heard from that has completed minimum spend on the second card has also received the 100,000 mile second sign-up bonus.

So I decided to apply for the card again yesterday, without canceling my previous card or anything.

In general with Citi applications you want to wait at least eight days from your first application before applying for another Citi card, and 65 days from the first day before applying for a third Citi card. So that means if you want to pick up a second card, wait at least eight days between Citi applications.

My experience applying for a second Citi Executive AAdvantage Card

So yesterday I decided to apply for a second Citi Executive AAdvantage Card, and got an “Application Received” message upon completing the application. For what it’s worth, I believe this is standard when applying for a second card.


I called the phone number on the “Application Received” page and was quickly connected to an agent that took a few minutes to review my application and then came back and approved me for the card. She didn’t even mention that I already had the card, and didn’t make me switch around credit lines, even though I already have lots of credit with Citi.

Others report having to switch around credit lines, though oddly they don’t seem to question people on why they want a second card.

There’s some risk in applying for a second card

As of now I haven’t seen reports of anyone not receiving a bonus on the second card. Admittedly a lot of people have applied for a second card, though haven’t yet reached the $10,000 minimum spend. Of course things can change, and ultimately the potential downside is one credit pull and $250. To me that’s worth the risk for a $1,550 “reward” ($1,800 worth of miles minus the annual fee of $250 after factoring in the statement credit). I’d recommend keeping an eye on this FlyerTalk thread about the 100K sign-up bonus to get a sense of the most recent data points.

Have you applied for the Citi Executive AAdvantage Card yet? Have you applied for a second Citi Executive AAdvantage Card? If so, what has been your experience?


  1. I got my third card already. I had the first card for a year, applied for the second and then a third. I already got the bonus for the second card, now waiting to complete spend on #3 🙂

  2. Yup, I applied for (and received) a second card a couple of weeks ago. I have almost completed the minimum spend (thanks to yesterday’s and today’s trips to CVS!). We’ll see if I get the second bonus.

  3. Ben, quick question: so the call center that handle the Citi Exec AAdvantage applications processing are open on the weekend?

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  5. Lucky, I’ve had the Citi Exec Visa for ~3 months now. Is there any risk of losing the bonus (which already posted) if I cancel the card now and shift the credit to my other Citi cards?
    Also, what’s the likelihood that canceling now gets me 75% of the $450 fee back?

  6. call center open on Saturday. Applied for my lst card yesterday and then read about the rumor of VR going cash only….and I was hoping for MS to meet 10k spending…

  7. My wife and I each got the AA Executive Card about a month ago. We applied through the 100k mile sign-up bonus link and have spent a lot on the cards already but haven’t seen the $200 statement on either account yet. How quickly did you get your $200 credit? Should we be worried that they gave us the wrong offer, i.e. 60k miles and no credit? If they did, we’d be out 80k miles and $400 total.

  8. My first statement hasn’t closed yet, but my wife’s did (with only the $450 yearly fee). It looks like other people got $200 off the $450 fee on the first statement even if they hadn’t used the card yet. She didn’t get the credit. Is that a bad sign, and how could I fight it if they don’t give me the correct bonuses?

  9. @ Matt — I’d suggest just having her call the number on the back of the card and ask which offer she’s enrolled for. I’m sure it’s correct.

  10. @ danny — Just under two months. Not intentionally, but because I didn’t realize till recently that it was possible to pick up a second card.

  11. You should also mention CVS won’t accept credit card for VR soon so readers won’t get too excited to jump in and find they can’t complete high spending requirement….

  12. Sorry Lucky but I may have missed this somewhere – if I already have 2 Citi Personal cards (Visa + MC) am I still eligible for this?


  13. Myself and Partner are working on card #3 for this promotion, card #3 I had to move from CL around but was able to it. I’ll get the 10K spend done and sit back and wait a week to see what CVS is doing.. I just might go after card #4.

  14. Lucky, there’s a thread on FT about some (not all) AA cards not posting the miles earned. Wanted to know if you had any thoughts, experience, or concerns with this? Thanks.

  15. @ Brian L. — I’ve only had good luck so far and don’t know anyone personally that didn’t have miles post, so don’t really have any thoughts there. Hope that’s not the case!

  16. I got miles posted for my first executive card. For my 2nd got the statement that said miles earned 110 k, miles transferred to AA :0. Called AA, citi , they tell me to wait. So that’s my story.

  17. This may seem a little sidetracked and disjointed after I re-read it but here goes:
    No offense, I’m just wondering whether everyone is using 100% manufactured spending to do this.
    Speaking as a member of the “Previous unsatisfactory relationship” club at Chase, there seem no clear rules for what will happen to multiple card recipients and the risk may be more than not getting miles. FYI, I suspect someone listened to all the calls I made to Chase. If Avianca can tie your calls to your account and listen to all of them, Chase certainly can, and so can Citi.
    I guess if you manufacture spending for a long time and nothing happens you become emboldened.
    I legitimately charged tens of thousands in hotels, airfare, and goods and services with Chase, and had a huge balance earning 0% interest in checking (upper 5 figures with no activity), so I guess I really did have an unsatisfactory relationship with Chase–I was letting them use my money for free.
    In any case,this all just seems too easy–or maybe carried to too great an extreme, and I am just suggesting the level of comfort some seem to have is beyond reasonable. I didn’t manufacture any of the spending for my AA card, but I am not criticizing those who do. If you win it doesn’t hurt me. The people who get these cards after reading blogs who can use the miles effectively is still small.

  18. Wow! They’d really let you get this offer multiple times — crazy generous 🙂 Good luck to everyone!

  19. Lucky, I have Citi Platinum Visa Signature for 7 month, Citi Platinum World Mastercard for 6 month, and Citi Executive Mastercard for ~2 months now. All personal. Do you think I can get another Citi Executive Mastercard? Thanks!

  20. In looking at the Flyertalk link posted at the top of this piece, possibly some bad news: “New as of 3/30: there is a new ad on this site, it links to a landing page with the following language “*This Citi® / AAdvantage® card offer is only valid for new applicants for a Citi® / AAdvantage® account applied for by May 15, 2014, pursuant to this offer and is not available to existing cardmembers or recent applicants for a Citi® / AAdvantage® credit card.”

    So mileage may very well vary (see what I did there? 🙂 ) by when one registers for additional cards.

  21. Lucky, can you clarify for me – I believe I have read that you can still only earn 10K EQMs through spending 40K in a calendar year on one Executive card – that you cannot earn 20K by spending 40K on each of two cards. Is this your understanding? I ask because I actually could throw enough business spend on two separate Executive cards.

  22. Hi Lucky,

    1. I signed up thru your link.

    2. I have a friend who if I need to, I can send money to on paypal (yes it would incur me a fee) but if I had to do that to meet the requirement and they paid me back, thats still considered a purchase yes?

    3. When applying for a 2nd card, do you say its for business? I applied for my first today (4/2/14) approved immediately. I also printed out all the correspondence incase I had to show I signed up for 100K.

    Thanks!! 🙂

  23. Are you saying I can apply for this card and reapply for another of the same card without canceling the first one?

  24. Is the link attached to apply for the CC legit?
    Can someone give me the 6-digit Referral Code so i can register. This Credit Card is a no-brainer for those who sell AA Miles.

  25. @ Evan — Yep, and you don’t need a referral code. That’s just if an Admirals Club agent referred you and you want to give them credit.

  26. Has anyone applied for a second card recently without canceling the first card? I’m seeing conflicting information on different sites as to what to do. Thanks!

  27. I would like to know that too. Has anyone applied for a second card recently without canceling the first card?

  28. @ Gary70 — There are still plenty of reports of people being approved for a second card without cancelling the first.

  29. When you guys get the 2nd card, are you cancelling the 1st after you verify you have met the spending requirements and have gotten the miles transferred into your account? I just applied for a 2nd card and was approved. just want to make sure I am handling this correctly.

  30. I have two active Citi Executive AAdvantage cards and there are four of us travelling. I know I can bring two guests with me into an Admirals Club… but what about the third guest?

    Could I use card #1 for myself and two guests, and then present card #2 for the 3rd guest?

    Could I hand card #2 to my friend and let him use it?

    I don’t recall having to present ID when entering an Admiral’s club. They are two separate cards each with club membership. It’s either than or he could just buy a one-day pass.


  31. @ Scott — Technically you can only bring in two guests regardless of how many memberships you have. The other person will have to present a boarding pass and/or photo ID in addition to the card, so the card itself won’t do it. That being said, you might get a nice agent that is willing to make an exception.

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