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Back in December Hyatt announced the details of their spring 2014 promotion, entitled Endless Possibilities. While it’s no longer the days of Hyatt’s Faster Free Nights promotion, this is still a fairly lucrative promotion compared to what else is out there.


What makes the Endless Possibilities promotion unique is that you have the choice between earning free nights and earning bonus points. The promotion is valid for stays through April 30, 2014, though you have to register for the promotion by March 31, 2014.

What I recommended was to wait until as close to the deadline as possible to register, so you could decide which version of the promotion works better for you based on the stays you made, given that it’s retroactive.

Now that we’re only a few days from March 31 I figured I’d post a reminder to register so that no one misses out on the rewards. The registration links are as follows:

So which version of the promotion should you choose? Here are the options and my thoughts:

Earn Free Nights

  • The first earning option is to earn one free night at any Category 1 through 4 Hyatt property worldwide after every five nights of eligible stays.
  • You can earn a maximum of four free nights through the promotion.
  • The free nights have no blackout dates and are valid through July 31, 2014.

Earn Bonus Points

Alternatively you can earn 5,000 bonus Gold Passport points after the first five nights, and then further tiered points after every five additional nights, as follows:


So if you max out this promotion you earn 50,000 bonus Gold Passport points for 20 nights, which is an average of 2,500 bonus points per night.

Which is a better value: free nights or bonus nights?

If you go the route of earning bonus points, you’ll earn an average of 12,500 bonus points for every five nights, assuming you max out the promotion. Due to the way the promotion is tiered, in reality you’re earning fewer bonus points on a per night basis if you stay fewer nights, as follows:

  • 5 nights: 1,000 bonus points per night (total of 5,000 bonus points)
  • 10 nights: 1,500 bonus points per night (total of 15,000 bonus points)
  • 15 nights: 2,000 bonus points per night (total of 30,000 bonus points)
  • 20 nights: 2,500 bonus points per night (total of 50,000 bonus points

Meanwhile the free nights can be redeemed at up to Category 4 properties, which usually cost 5,000-15,000 points per night. So if you can max out the promotion and actually redeem your nights at a Category 4 property you’d be better off going that route.

For most of us, however, the reality is points offer a lot more flexibility since they don’t expire (assuming you have some account activity) and can be redeemed at any category property.


So my recommendation would probably be to go for the free nights if you’ll have 10 or fewer nights, since the opportunity cost of those Category 1-4 hotels isn’t as high. That’s because if you stay a total of five nights (which is enough for one free night) the alternative is to just earn 5,000 points, while if you stay a total of 10 nights you’d only be getting of 15,000 points (compared to two free nights). If you’ll have more than 10 eligible nights, I’d likely go with points.


  1. I’m registered for nights. I can use every single night at the PH Siem Reap where I already have points nights held–I’m just swapping in free nights as fast as I earn them, so they’re same as points. If you can use the free nights at Cat4s, then 60k points sure beats 50k points.

    This is a nice promo. I’m MRing at least 5-10 nights for this and it’s working out handsomely. If only I’d been around during FFN… 😀

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