American Cheap Business Class Fares To Buenos Aires

Back in February American had some awesome business class fares between Los Angeles and Buenos Aires, which priced at about $2,000 roundtrip. This allowed you to route via New York and fly American’s A321T aircraft.

What really makes discounted business class fares on American so attractive is that they let you upgrade to first class from any paid business class fare when using systemwide upgrades. As an Executive Platinum member I receive eight systemwide upgrades per year, and I’d say it’s a pretty awesome value to be able to book a discounted business class ticket and fly in first class, even if American’s first class isn’t the best in the world.

Anyway, American is back with some more great business class fares to Buenos Aires, though this time out of New York. They have business class fares available as low as $1,645 roundtrip, though this fare is only available for tickets issued today.


You can easily route through Dallas for a few thousand extra miles. In terms of the fare rules, the fare is widely available through December 9, 2014, and a Saturday night minimum stay is required. Other than that there’s tons of flexibility in terms of what you can do. A similar fare is available after December 9, though is about $200 more, which I’d say is still a great deal for peak holiday travel to South America.

Unfortunately the best aircraft American flies to Buenos Aires is the 777-200, which features angled seats in business class.

American 777-200 business class seat

That being said, if you can use systemwide upgrades to confirm a first class seat, I’d say that’s a heck of a value.

American 777-200 first class seat

Anyway, this is a deal I’d take advantage of in a heartbeat if the route were operated by a 777-300ER, though Buenos Aires isn’t in my immediate travel plans, and I’ve done enough flying on the American 777-200 to take a pass.

Also keep in mind that premium fares are great for completing AAdvantage Challenges, given that they’re based on the number of points you accrue in a 90 day period, which are based on the type of fare class you’re booked in).

(Tip of the hat to the Good Deal Premium Fares thread on FlyerTalk)


  1. Thanks for the info.

    Why only valid for tickets issue today?

    Hopefully LAN, which operates a much better biz product, at least the hard element, will match

  2. The system let me put seats on hold until 3/28. With the ticket by 3/27 – – i’m assuming I’m OK. Has anyone had a bad experience with this?

  3. nice… been looking for an excuse to get to EZE… even if I have to take myself LAX-NYC it’s worth it. thanks Ben…

  4. Looks like you can route through ORD and DFW. Good for 20,500 elite qualifying points if my math is right. Routing through LAX bumps it up to about $3,600 unfortunately.

  5. You can also go to EZE from MIA for a similar price. There is also great availability (as of the 28th). Great deal.

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