Alaska vs. Delta Drama Continues — Double Miles To London!

I am unashamedly a huge fan of bad reality TV.

But there is nothing on TV right now that compares to the rapidly escalating squabble between Alaska and Delta in Seattle. This makes the drama between Todd and Mama Joyce (Kandi’s mom) on the Real Housewives of Atlanta look non-existent.

For those of you not totally up to speed on the Alaska and Delta drama, lets recap the “battle in Seattle:”

It got serious in 2012 when Delta announced huge international expansion out of Seattle, which Alaska was justifiably excited about, since they were being tapped to provide the feed for that international service.

But it seems Delta had a bit of an epiphany, and said “hmm, why should we be outsourcing all this domestic flying to Alaska, when we could do it on our own?” So they’ve announced huge domestic expansion, and at this point are serving almost all of the major routes that Alaska does as well.

To get back at Delta a little bit, Alaska announced additional expansion in Salt Lake City, with additional nonstop service from Salt Lake City to four destinations, including Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose. Obviously they’re a much smaller airline so can’t “retaliate” nearly as much.

Meanwhile both airlines have been offering tons of promotions, and Delta is even offering Washington residents double redeemable and Medallion Qualifying Miles for flights out of Seattle for the remainder of the year.

So they’re supposedly partners, though they’ve been trying to run one another out of business in Seattle best they can.

But Alaska’s latest salvo has to be the dirtiest of them all. Delta is launching nonstop service between Seattle and London Heathrow this week. And to celebrate, Alaska is offering double miles on flights to London, as long as you fly British Airways.

What makes this so funny is that British Airways isn’t even offering their own members double Avios on the route.

Double Miles to London

The Quickest Way to London is the Quickest Way to Earn Miles

Fly British Airways nonstop service between Seattle and London through June 15, 2014, and earn Double Mileage Plan™ Miles.

British Airways nonstop service from Seattle is not only one of the best ways to get to and from London … it’s also an easy way to rack up miles towards Elite Status and your next award trip.

To earn Double Miles, simply register your Mileage Plan™ number prior to your first qualifying flight, and travel between March 24, 2014, and June 15, 2014.

See the World with Mileage Plan™ – Global Partnerships, Global Rewards.

Learn more about the benefits of Mileage Plan™ Elite Status.

Not a Mileage Plan™ member? Enroll online today.

Offer Terms & Conditions:
* Registration is required prior to your first qualifying flight. Registration must be completed on or prior to June 15, 2014. Double Miles offer is valid only on qualifying paid nonstop flights from March 24, 2014, through June 15, 2014, between Seattle (SEA) and London (LHR). Flights must be marketed and operated by British Airways. Flights must be flown in A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, O, Q, R, S, T, V, W, or Y class of service. Flight miles must be credited to your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ account in order to earn Double Miles. All travel must be completed by June 15, 2014. Not valid on free or award travel. Double Miles will not count towards Mileage Plan™ Elite Status. Please allow four to six weeks for miles to be credited to your Mileage Plan™ account. All terms and conditions of the Mileage Plan™ program apply. Offer subject to change without notice.

I think Alaska’s actions here can best be summed up by NeNe…


Your move, Delta!


  1. Man this battle IS getting dirty. Alaska’s trying to cut the legs right out from under Delta before they can get their new service off the ground. (Oh, and thanks for the Nene meme. LOL)

  2. Delta used to have a larger hub operation in SLC and large operation DFW – they abandoned those hubs – looks as if now that’s come back to bite them… and they deserve it.

    Also – Alaska Airlines, you guys are the MAN! 🙂

  3. Now I’m really curious to know what is so terrible / special about P, U, X, and Z fares. 🙂

  4. Alaska is a client of ours and always found them to be fantastic and just generally nice/good people to work with. And having lived in Seattle for a couple of years, found their service to be just as good. They genuinely try to provide the best service, even if their hard product isn’t great. Sometimes, their people can make more of a difference for a customer than lie-flat seats.

    I believe Alaska was quite honorable in their agreement with Delta. Unfortunately, Alaska found out – much like most of us frequent flyers – that Delta isn’t necessarily the honorable type. Good for them, I say. I don’t consider it dirty to undercut Delta’s service. I consider it comeuppance. At the very least, I hope Delta stumbles.

  5. I think they should have specified AS ticket numbers
    That would have helped them a lot
    I see AS going to OW soon

  6. WTG AS it’s about time. I hope you expand to the Midwest so I can use your services more and DL less.

  7. It’s gonna be an extra gloomy year in Seattle with all the shade being thrown.

  8. @ DaninSTL — Look at the T&Cs – it’s a good way to get Alaska EQMs because it’s a longhaul flight, that’s all.

  9. Last night I was chatting with a friend who works for AS and he mentioned their partnership agreement with Helta expires in 2015 (although he’s not sure exactly when in 2015). So it looks like Delta and AS are stuck wearing their “get along” shirt:

    and we the customer reap the benefits of their little battle a while longer, but it’s probably a safe bet that after their contract expires it will not be renewed.

    Out of curiosity I just did a quick search for award seats on Alaska’s website for SEA -> AMS , a direct flight on Delta that serves as one of their European gateways. In my brief perusal the direct flight on Delta didn’t appear. They’d rather route you via Dubai on Emirates. So it’s possible Delta has already cut back on award space for Alaska customers. My search was by no means comprehensive so this is just speculation.

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