Asiana A380 Schedule: Los Angeles As Of August 15, 2014

Asiana sure has been drawing out the process of making their first A380 route official. Back in January I wrote about speculatively locking in Asiana A380 first class award space, given that their first A380s were expected to be delivered by the second quarter of this year.

Then in February they announced that their first A380 destination would be Los Angeles, and then a few days later announced on their Facebook page that the A380 would begin longhaul service to Los Angeles as of July 30, 2014. Despite that announcement they didn’t actually update their schedule… until today.

Via, Asiana has finally officially announced their A380 schedule:

Seoul Incheon – Tokyo Narita 13JUN14 – 14AUG14 1 Daily
OZ102 ICN0900 – 1110NRT 388 D
OZ101 NRT1310 – 1540ICN 388 D

Seoul Incheon – Hong Kong eff 13JUN14 6 weekly
OZ745 ICN1950 – 2240HKG 388 x4
OZ746 HKG0040 – 0510ICN 388 x5

OZ746 operates with A380 from 14JUN14.
From 17AUG14, A380 operates OZ745 on Day x16 from ICN, Day x27 from HKG

Seoul Incheon – Osaka Kansai 24JUL14 – 14AUG14 1 Daily
OZ112 ICN1045 – 1225KIX 388 D
OZ111 KIX1425 – 1615ICN 388 D

Seoul Incheon – Bangkok 25JUL14 – 13AUG14 5 weekly
OZ741 ICN1830 – 2205BKK 388 x24
OZ742 BKK0110 – 0845ICN 388 x35

OZ742 operates from 24JUL14 to 14AUG14

Seoul Incheon – Los Angeles eff 15AUG14 1 Daily
OZ202 ICN1450 – 0950LAX 388 D
OZ201 LAX1220 – 1720+1ICN 388 D

So the regional flying isn’t really surprising. To do training flights they’ll first be flying the A380 intra-Asia, to Tokyo Narita, Hong Kong, Osaka, and Bangkok.

Then their first longhaul A380 destination will be Los Angeles, which will be served daily by the A380 on OZ201 and OZ202 as of August 16, 2014. It’s two weeks later than I had hoped, but at least it’s official now!


Per ExpertFlyer, here’s the first class seatmap:


Then here’s the upper deck business class seatmap:


Then here’s the forward A380 lower deck economy class seatmap:


And then here’s the lower deck rear economy class and upper deck rear economy class seatmap:


Definitely one of the higher density A380s with 495 seats, which is 88 more seats than Korean has on their A380s (though they also have lots of onboard amenities). To put this into perspective, here are how many seats each A380 operator has on their version of the plane:

  • Air France: 516 seats
  • British Airways: 469 seats
  • China Southern: 506 seats
  • Emirates: 489 seats
  • Korean: 407 seats
  • Lufthansa: 526 seats
  • Malaysia: 494 seats
  • Qantas: 484 seats
  • Singapore: 471 seats
  • Thai: 507 seats


  1. Seoul to Osaka is at most a 90 minute flight. Is it really necessary to put a 380 on that route? Would assume they’d be better off with multiple flights a day on a 737 or A320 than just one on a 380, no? I’ve flown the route a couple times on Korean Air and believe it’s usually a 320

  2. @Alex – It’s just for three weeks for crew training. They’re not keeping it on that route.

  3. So I am on a F award in late August HKG – ICN on OZ on the red-eye. It is currently served by a 747 and I am seated in the F section although only business class service will be offered. How can I determine if my plane will be swapped to one of these a380s?

  4. reserved seat 2E and 2F for our A380-800 in November. Is this good or should we book 1E and 1F instead?

  5. Tocequeville – go to and do a flight search. The A380 is loaded into the schedule.

  6. I have a award booking from ICN to JFK, will change it to LAX then catch a intra flight to JFK. Only issue is United/Ana are showing the old timings for the flight and not the current schedule. Guess my best try would be to call and change the booking? Any suggestions?

  7. @ Alex — If I’m not mistaken the pilots need a certain number of touchdowns on the aircraft to be fully rated, so this is an easy way to accomplish that.

  8. @ Tocqueville — Do a “dummy” booking and see what aircraft it shows as for your date. Best I can tell the flight is operated by an A380 through the end of the schedule.

  9. @ sil — Well we haven’t seen actual pics of the cabin yet, but 2E & 2F sounds good to me. 1E & 1F will likely be right “under” the stairs, so row two will probably be more spacious. Good choice.

  10. @ AH — Well unless it’s the connection that causes the issue, you could always book now and then once the schedule change is loaded modify the booking.

  11. True, just not a fan off the change fees but been waiting to travel on this A380. I think Ill give it a day or so for system wide schedule changes. So looking to entertain myself with a US air agent. Thx for the feedback Lux

  12. Well since its a route change for now I would have to pay it one time. Sad part is getting from LAX to JFK is showing no seats which means Ill have to connect via diff city. Atleast it will give me a fair chance to review our domestic buss class product. BTW you all pumped for staying out of hotels rest of the year?

  13. awesome I have oz201 booked, also on that trip currently booked for new Thai F on the 747 and new LH F to YYZ.

    Thanks Ben for the always handy updates on availability/changes.

  14. From what I’m hearing, Asiana seems to be cutting F services – recently eliminating secretarial service at airports (not sure I’d need this). They are also differentiating between F revenue and F award tickets by eliminating hotel rooms for ICN layovers, concierge security after check-in, and flight-ending gifts for those on award tickets.

  15. I booked ICN-LAX in F in November using UA miles because of your previous advice but my UA reservation still shows a 747. I’m assuming that will change some time soon?

  16. @ Mark — United doesn’t always update the record when there’s an equipment change. If you have your Asiana PNR their site will likely be more accurate.

  17. I wonder if in their training they’ll teach the pilots to actually fly the plane or just how the Auto Pilot function works?

  18. So my hkg – icn in late august which still remains on the 747 Asiana just opened up 3 seats in F which I snagged for my F award. this flight was only marketed as economy or business before. so if you are on an Asiana inter-Asia F award, check your flight true first class may be available.

  19. @ Bill — Based on the seatmap there may be a very small seating area at the front right of the upper deck, but it looks like that’s about it.

  20. The blocked seats (denoted with an “X” in the seatmaps) are actually blocked for airport control, not sure why. So if you’re flying 1st, for example, the only two window seats available are 3A and 2K. Yes, I called Asiana and verified this. So two out of six window seats in first class can be confirmed before the flight date; after that, you’ll need to ask at the check-in counter.


  21. @ TravelinWilly — Yep, Asiana is absolutely ridiculous with the number of seats they hold back for airport assignment. 🙁

  22. So, assuming the scheduled dates line up (since OZ741 is only 5 days/week), it would be possible (after Aug. 15) to do LAX-ICN-BKK on 2 A380s – OZ201 connecting to OZ741 (with just over a 1:10 layover)?

    Any thoughts on how hard/easy it will be to book business class via Star Alliance?

  23. @ Lucky — Thanks. For me, it’s going to require some real maneuvering to hop onto this flight. May just have to wait until LAX-ICN.

  24. Lucky is always right! 🙂

    P.S. Am I the only one that finds it super-strange that Korean is a huge outlier when it comes to 380 capacity? They have 62 less seats than next closest airline!

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