First Look At US Airways’ New Interiors

With the American and US Airways merger underway, I’m sure we’ve all been wondering what their new aircraft interiors will look like post-merger. Well, it looks like we have a preview here:

Not surprisingly, the video was produced by the same person as Rebecca Black’s “Friday:”

And Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food:”

And Nicole Westbrook’s “Thanksgiving:”

Isn’t the internet an awesome place?

And now I need a drink…

(Tip of the hat to Dennis)


  1. LUCKY STOP POSTING USELESS VIDEOS ON YOUR BLOG….waste of everyone’s time. Do you not remember a short while ago asking people’s opinion on populating the bog with more videos, and the result was a resounding NO!!!! We don’t need another TPG variation. Stop with YouTube.

  2. Sometimes, when I read these posts with those videos and references to your movie/TV shows preferences, I wonder if spending so much time in the air flying across the globe is really that healthy of a hobby for your sanity… 😉

  3. How about you guys read before watching the video, “Not surprisingly, the video was produced by the same person as Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday'” should’ve been a tip off that it wasn’t something serious. And Barry, the video question was in reference to him taking video of his travel, not random youtube videos.

  4. @ Ben Hughes, You get to decide what’s on your blog and Lucky get to decide what is on his blog!

    Lucky, Keep on posting whatever you want!!!!!!!

    Complainers will always complain!

  5. Key takeaways:
    1) More legroom, with blocked middles for baggage for VIPs
    2) Car service – no fancy mercedes or porches
    3) US Airways will now fly to Egypt and China
    4) In flight audio will now be added

  6. No, it’s not okay to post these kind of videos….look, to simplify this for the peons, it’s a DEVALUATION of the blog. You all get that, right? A devaluation? When you’ve banked on a certain product for a certain while, and all of a sudden with minimal notice, the value decreases down the crapper. Such is the way this is heading. Must we sign a flyertalk petition, no more YouTube videos?

  7. Does anyone else notice this grown man? He magically appears in every video surrounded by little girls. A little awkward eh?

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