Deceiving Hotel “Packages”

Hotels often have special “package rates,” which can include things like free breakfast, internet, bonus points, late check-out, dining credit, spa credit, etc.

Sometimes bundled hotel rates can represent a great deal, other times not so much (especially if you have elite status, in which case you may already get the benefits available through the package).

A friend was pulling up rates at the new Hyatt Union Square New York, and noticed the “Uber-ific NYC Package.” It’s $10 more per night than the Hyatt Daily Rate, which seems like a pretty reasonable premium to pay.


But when you pull up the rate rules, here’s what the Uber-ific NYC PackageĀ includes:

Uber Black Card for a $20 Uber Credit: Free Wifi:4pm Late Checkout: – VALID 31OCT13-31MAR14 – Uber Credit valid for new users only – Blackout Dates: 31DEC13, 30JAN14-03FEB14 FEATURES: – Uber Black Card with a $20 Uber Credit for use by new Uber car service users: Uber service must be booked through downloaded app and is based on availability


So the package actually has the potential to be really valuable — you get late check-out and free internet, which I’d value at over $10 per night if I didn’t have Hyatt Diamond status.

But the Uber credit itself is a $20 credit valid only for new members…which sounds an awful lot like the standard referral program.

I’m feeling really generous this weekend, so I’ll be offering an “Uber-rific Package” promotion as well!

I can’t promise when I’ll regain my sanity and change my mind, but in the meantime if you sign up for Uber through my link now you will automatically be given a $20 credit. As a special bonus, if you use promotion code Hipmunk you’ll be given an additional $25 off your first ride.

And you don’t even have to stay at the Hyatt Union Square. Oh, and I get a $20 bonus when you take your first ride as well. šŸ˜‰

Crafty sales manager at the Hyatt, eh?

(Tip of the hat to Chris)


  1. Hyatt only charges $10 for internet? That would be on the low end of what most of these expense account hotels charge.

  2. Oops. I see I misread your comment about the value of internet and late check out! I wish there was a way to edit comments. šŸ™‚

  3. I always thought it would be really smart of hotel bellmen to have some preprinted cards with their referral codes on them to hand out to tourists when cabs are unavailable. Would get so many free credits for personal use!

    Especially in a city like SF (at least before all the car services came in), cabs used to be impossible to find and a bellman could have made many a happy customer by introducing them to Uber

  4. I’ll get in on this too and offer my own “Uber-rific Package” with a $20 Uber referral credit to new users:
    The same special bonus applies where youā€™ll get an additional $25 off your first ride, if you also use the promo code Hipmunk!
    Generosity abound today! Ahahah!! šŸ™‚

  5. Nah, tried that once. Their system works via phone number so unless you have another number, that won’t work. And I tried both google voice and Burner numbers and neither worked as well

  6. I signed up for uber through your link and they are saying I only got the hipmunk credit. Let’s see if they fix this.

  7. @ Jackie — The $20 credit didn’t post to your account as soon as you signed up? Keep in mind with Hipmunk it’s not an actual credit that posts to your account, but rather a discount that’s automatically applied on your first ride.

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