Hyatt Visa Credit Card Nights Now Bookable Online

The Hyatt Chase Visa Card offers a sign-up bonus of two free nights at any Hyatt property worldwide, and then on your account anniversary each year you get one free night at a Category 1-4 Hyatt property.

These free nights have always exclusively been bookable by phone. While that’s slightly annoying in 2014, it wasn’t a big deal since these awards aren’t capacity controlled. Instead as long as there’s a free night award redemption available (which can be searched online, and which should be available as long as the hotel is selling a standard room) you can also redeem these certificates for it.

Anyway, it appears as if Hyatt recently added the functionality to book these free nights online. Now when you access these awards by logging into your Gold Passport account and clicking on the “My Awards” header, you should see a “RESERVE” button listed under these awards. Previously they only listed the phone number you should call to make a reservation.


This will bring you to the search page where you can enter your desired destination and dates, and it will show you whether there’s availability or not.


Interestingly, while you can redeem all nights from the credit card online, I can’t redeem the free night certificate I got for visiting 50 Hyatts recently online, which I assume is coded in a similar way to the free nights you get as a sign-up bonus for the Hyatt Visa.

Now if only Hyatt would allow Points + Cash bookings to be bookable (or at least searchable) online. While all of these free night certificates don’t have blackout dates, Points + Cash does, so it would be awesome to be able to search online rather than to wait on hold as the agents search availability across a wide range of dates.

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  1. I think it has been available like that, at least since the middle of last year. That is when I reserved my room and was able to do it online.

  2. It’s been like this for a while. The issue has been that you can only book one night at a time. You’d have to call in to get two nights under one reservation (and even then, it still shows as if it’s two consecutive one-night stays, albeit under one confirmation number).

  3. I tried using those certificates at Park Hyatt both online and by calling. Both told me there’s no availability but there are still standard rooms for sale online. I’m confused as you said they are not capacity controlled?

  4. @ murtuza — To the best of my knowledge it has to be redeemed for a stay by the expiration date, and not just be booked by then.

  5. @ PM — Therein lies the problem. They’re not selling standard rooms anymore (which would be Park King or Park Twin), but instead only premium rooms. The lowest room category I see is a Park Deluxe King. So if they open up Park King or Park Twin rooms you could redeem points or free night certificates there.

  6. I have found that this functionality does not always pick up available award space.

    If you search online to use your Hyatt free night certificate and are told that no rooms are available, that doesn’t mean no rooms are available.

    Search for award nights as though you were using points. If those are available, the Hyatt free night cert will be bookable — and you’ll need to contact Hyatt to do it.

    Recently I used my free night cert at the Hyatt Place Austin Downtown (room rate ~ $289++ IIRC). When I searched online to use the cert it told me the hotel was sold out / only Diamond guarantee room nights were available. But since searching the hotel without mention of the free night cert showed award space, I had Hyatt make the booking for me.

  7. I’m pretty sure when I called, they told me the Free Night Certificates come out of the same pool as the Points and it’s capacity controlled. At the time they were still selling Park King but wouldn’t let me book even with a Diamond status. I just hope it will become available as the date approaches. Thank you!

  8. What’s the best strategy for booking a 4 night stay using two free nights and two paid nights with suite upgrades? I’d rather not have to switch rooms after two nights.

  9. @ Tom R — As a courtesy sometimes hotels will leave you in the suite the whole time, though that’s not always the case. You’re probably best off booking the paid nights with suite upgrade first, and then the free nights after. Again, all comes down to the hotel and how generous they’re feeling.

  10. Also, Priority club has this as well (click on the “Free Night Status” button on the left after logging in – I’ll do anything to keep from calling them. And remember, if you haven’t used your night up, you can actually book consecutive nights since award nights are given the statement date of the month and the night expires the end of the same month. Comes in handy at places that require 2 nights consecutive booking (Hyatt Santa Barbara during late summer weekends comes to mind).

  11. I have two of these cards (spouse and me) so we have 2 free nights to use. Has anyone tried using their free nights at the end of the year, right before the next set of anniversary nights are awarded. This would allow 4 straight nights in my case. Is this possible?

  12. @ Dwayne — Assuming it works with the expiration date (which I’m not sure it will, since I believe they expire around the anniversary) that should be fine.

  13. How quickly do the free nights post to your account? I just applied for and received my Hyatt card. Completed the minimum spend earlier today.

    How quick before the nights are credited to my account?


  14. I got my 2 Award Nights right after I met the $1,000 minimum spending. It was about 1 week after I met the limit the nights were deposited into my Hyatt account. It was very fast within 20 days from when I applied for the card on the website.

    The credit card offer fine print says this “After qualifying, please allow 10 days for your Free Night Award(s) to post to your Hyatt Gold Passport account.”

  15. Pretty excited that i was just able to book a night at the Park Hyatt New York! I have been waiting for space to open up and just saw it tonight. I didn’t realize I could book online, but i remembered this post.

  16. Hi,

    Wonder if you would provide the link for the free night reserve button?

    As i don’t have mine at the awards page and I am outside US now call would be expensive. Thanks

  17. You have to be logged into your account. If they aren’t showing up maybe you haven’t received them yet. It takes about a week after you meet the spend limit.

  18. My account is showing that I have certificates, but the ‘RESERVE’ button appears to be missing! Has it been taken away? Or perhaps just an issue with my account?

  19. “My account is showing that I have certificates, but the ‘RESERVE’ button appears to be missing! Has it been taken away? Or perhaps just an issue with my account?”

    Same thing was happening with my account. Try making a normal 1 night reservation. After checking the Show Hyatt Gold Passport Points & Awards box it should say Free Night over the select box that is usually under the 12,000 or 15,000 Points/Night next to eligible rooms.

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