$45 Credit For New Uber Customers

Uber is one of those companies that just makes life better. When public transportation in a city isn’t good, I used to get really frustrated by the lack of options and taxi “mafias,” though for the cities in which Uber operates I love them. They have Uber Black Car, which is the “standard” service and a bit more than a taxi, while they also have UberX, which is usually cheaper than a taxi.

Uber has a great referral program, and right now if you’re referred to join Uber, both the person referring and the person being referred get a $20 credit.

So if you sign up for Uber now you will automatically be given a $20 credit. You can sign up using my referral link or feel free to post your link below and people can sign up through there. Once you’ve signed up with a referral link you should immediately see the $20 credit in your account.

After you create an Uber account, log into your account and go to the promotions page, which can be accessed through the navigation bar at the top of uber.com.


Once there, enter promotion code Hipmunk, which will give you a $25 discount on your first ride. Note that this won’t appear as a balance in your account, but instead it will be applied towards the first ride you take. You must take your first ride before May 1, 2014, to be eligible for the $25 discount off your first ride. Furthermore, it’s available for US accounts only.


In order to take advantage of this promotion code your first ride needs to be before May 1, 2014, which leaves just under eight weeks.

If you’re still not sold on Uber there’s no reason to not at least give them a shot. $45 in Uber credit will get you pretty far, and is even good for multiple rides.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. Help a fellow frugal traveler out. Use my Uber code, 4q4ia, and get $20 off your first Uber ride. Redeem it at uber.com/invite/4q4ia.

  2. Hi Lucky, thanks for the tip! One comment maybe worth adding; this offer appears to be valid for US service only.

  3. Is it possible to start a new account again (to use this offere)? I already have an account at uber.

  4. Signed up via your link Lucky. $20 is in my account. Tried to apply “Hipmunk” immediately after the $20 posted and received the following reply “A new user promotion is already applied to your account”.

    Has the promo changed?

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