Last Chance: Tumi Alpha For Over Half Off

On and off for the past few weeks there has been a hell of a deal available through Amazon on the Tumi Alpha International 20″ Carry On, whereby the $595 carry-on could be had for ~$286 all-in.

While Tumi luggage is overpriced, at over half off I think it’s a great value. They sold out within hours after the first time I posted about it, then the deal came back and it sold out again within a day or so of me posting about it.

Anyway, it has been around again for a few days, and my guess is that this is the last chance. The reason the bag is on clearance is because Tumi is coming out with their new “Alpha 2″ line, and they’ve actually stopped selling the Alpha International 20” on their website altogether (which is a new development in the past couple of days).

The new Tumi Alpha 2 International 20″ Carry On, which retails for $595+, is kind of puzzling. The exterior identical to the previous version, and the features seem to just about be identical as well. There is a slight difference in the finishes of the interior, but they don’t seem significant to me. The new bag is supposedly lighter, though the shipping weights are 11.8 pounds for the new bag vs. 12.1 pounds for the old bag — not really much of a difference!

Tumi Alpha 1 vs 2

So my concern at first was that ordering the Tumi Alpha International (which has always been Tumi’s top of the line carry on) now would be like ordering an outdated product. After looking at the new bag I’m convinced that’s not the case at all.

With that in mind, if you do still want to grab the Tumi Alpha International for over half off (and this is probably really your last chance since Tumi has stopped selling the bag directly in the past couple of days), here’s how:

First of all, sign-up to receive Amazon Fashion emails.


By signing up for these emails you’ll immediately receive a coupon via email for 20% off your next purchase which is valid for 30 days. While the terms state it’s only valid for clothing items, in practice the coupon also works on luggage.



Next, put the Tumi Alpha International 20″ Carry On in your cart, which is available for 40% off.


After you add the bag to your cart, go to the check-out page and add in the promotional code you received via email under the “gift cards & promotional codes” section:


Once you enter the code you should see the updated price reflecting the initial 40% discount and then 20% discount on top of that, for a total of over a 50% discount.


Bottom line

This is exactly the bag I have, and I thought I was getting a hell of a deal when I bought it a few months ago for just under $400 while it was on sale. ~$286 for this bag is as good as it gets, and this won’t last much longer.


  1. I ordered one when you posted last month. The wheels and handles are different, plus the feet are on the cover section on Alpha 2, so more stable when extended, I couldn’t find reliable weight info. Anyway, the suitcase doesn’t become obsolete like gadgets, weight would be the only worthy consideration for me. 🙂

    A nice deal I found too late was the Alpha 2 International was also on sale as preorder for 3 days at the same price in mid-February. Shows up with camelcamelcamel.

  2. Wheels and particularly the wheel-and-handle frames take up a ton of volume. I recommend getting a rectilinear backpack to maximize carry on space instead.

    This guy at really opened my eyes and changed my strategy several years ago.

    I use a Red Oxx SkyTrain bag which retails for about $250.

  3. but it says Product Dimensions: 23.5 x 15.4 x 11.4 inches

    and united says carry-on is 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches

    A fail in two dimensions. Can stick with my 19″.

  4. Worried about ordering an outdated product?!!? Its a freaking suitcase, not some piece of advanced technology. Although I am sure the newer model might have a few extra bells and whistles, I highly doubt it will be nearly twice as good at holding your stuff. The only reason to spend a couple of hundred dollars more to buy the newer model is if you are superficial and just want the new thing because it is new. Then again, if you are buying Tumi luggage in the first place you might be that sort of person.

  5. I have been checking inventory the last couple of days and saw that it just went out of stock this morning. It says the typical Amazon thing that more would be on the way, but if Tumi has stopped selling them directly, then that may have been it.
    However, if someone still wants something Tumi with the 20% off code, there is this nice leather briefcase at a big discount –

  6. hanks to you, I got in on the deal the first time. I bought one for my wife … but she doesn’t want it as she want’s one with spinning wheels.

    I have a Kirkland, which I love, but that also doesn’t have spinning wheels. Any out there that you know of with spinning wheels that are top quality?

  7. I wish Tumi would get with the program and start making bags with multi-directional wheels. I used to be a Tumi-only guy, but while living overseas where EVERYONE had the spinner rollaboards, I swore off Tumi until they updates their product line.

    @beachfan: I have decided that it’s just easier to buy cheap spinners and update every two years or so. I bought a Tommy Hilfiger (or Ralph Lauren…can’t remember) spinner rollaboard for $60. It lasted about 20 months. When the handle finally gave out, I just went and bought the same one. I’ve had the second one for 2 years now. It’s been all over and so far has held up. I think it may be just easier to treat them as quasi-disposable as opposed to searching high-and-low for a high-end spinner that’s likely to be overpriced.

  8. Turns out Tumi’s new Alpha International Lightweight Carryon has spinning wheels.

    Style #: 28520

  9. @adam: What happens if it breaks while you’re on a trip? My first bag, back when I was a newbie, was a cheapie. It broke when I was overseas on a business trip and I didn’t have the time to shop for a new one.

    I’ve only bought good-quality bags since then — my current checked bag is about 20 years old, has endured a helluvalot of punishment, and is just now showing signs of wear.

  10. @ WanderingEntrepreneur — Sorry, wish I had ideas, though don’t know of any bags I would consider to be similar. Maybe this one will go back on sale, stay tuned.

  11. I was in NY for business trip and ordered it to have it delivered to me at hotel. I am based in Asia and Amazon doesn’t deliver tumi to Asia. I liked it so much that I wanted to place an order for another one but unfortunately item is no longer available. Oh well I am glad that i got one at lease. Thanks for letting us know the deal.

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